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Tutorial Tuesday: Deconstructing a man's cotton dress shirt for it's fabric! Hi peeps! So I thought I would show you how I take apart a men's dress shirt for the purpose of using the fabric for quilting. I like using X-L or Large-sized long-sleeved 100% cotton men's shirts as you get the most useable fabric out of them. Here we go! Pick up a men's dress shirt from your local thrift store, or even your husband's closet-just make sure it's one he doesn't wear anymore! I get mine at Value Village, usually when they have a half price sale.

Give it a good wash and dry. You'll be tempted to iron it, but I have found it easier to just start cutting as-is, then give the fabric pieces a nice press afterwards. Start by cutting the collar(with collar-yoke attached), cuffs and button plackets off. Cut off all the sewn edges of the cuffs and collar, removing the collar yoke at this time. Turn the entire shirt inside out and remove the sleeves by cutting them away just below the shoulder seam line.

Here are the back(folded) and sleeves(folded). This is perfect TV work. Fine Natural Fabrics for Everyone par FabricTreasury. Bleeding Quilts - The fix is in - Field Trips in Fiber - Adventures in quilting, hand dyed fabric and other arts. If you never read another word on my blog please read this post. I've done a LOT of testing on fabric bleeding and I want everyone to know my results. If you find the information valuable please share the link to this post and/or to this document. I have another post for FAQ and reader results that you can find here. You can also grab blog button code so that you have a link whenever you need it. If you've been reading my blog for any time you know that I am a little crazy about controlling fabric bleeding in my hand dyed fabrics and in my quilts. My most recent instructions for dealing with bleeding quilts is here. My newest round of testing started with this quilt from Cheryl Kotecki (made from my hand dyes and commercial fabrics) and my Fractured quilt.

When I washed my Fractured quilt (using Dharma Textile Detergent) I had some serious back-staining using my process. Testing the process The quilt wasn't technically ruined. Does it matter if I use soap or dye catcher sheets? Feed Sacks: A Sustainable Fabric History. Last week I took advantage of spring’s bounty and picked daffodils for a friend. For transport, I grabbed a tomato can from my recycling bin — the red orbs on its label provided a nice contrast to the yellow and orange blooms.

I felt a certain smug satisfaction at my eco-chic styling. But a trip to Ainsworth, Iowa, served as a reminder that my weekly sorting of paper and plastic pales in contrast to a time when recycling was a way of life and a matter of necessity. The reminder came at Ainsworth’s Community Center, a former opera house built in 1893. On the last weekend of each April, history teacher and collector Michael Zahs festoons the center’s stage and walls with nearly a thousand feed sacks and examples of the quilts and clothing made from them.

Plenty of quilters have an obsession with these sacks and quilts, and their nostalgic prints and hues are reproduced in new fabrics. Micahel Zahs in front of a feed sack quilt in the Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern. ChromaZone – How To Get To That First Reveal • WeAllSew • BERNINA USA’s blog, WeAllSew, offers fun project ideas, patterns, video tutorials and sewing tips for sewers and crafters of all ages and skill levels. ChromaZone, Paula Nadelstern’s 14th fabric collection for Benartex, will premiere at International Quilt Market in Houston this year. Benartex will give away one set of half yard cuts of the entire ChromaZone fabric line. Read more in this post. Companies like Benartex who design and print our quilt fabrics are called converters, because they convert greige goods into the prints we buy in the quilt stores.

Greige goods (pronounced gray) are raw fabrics before they undergo dying or bleaching. I don’t have an art or textile design background. My degrees are in Occupational Therapy with a Masters in Psych, although I haven’t worked in the field for a very long time. I work with the Benartex Creative Director and Stylist, Ruth Beck, and a clever, creative CAD artist who gets me. My goal is to design beautiful stuff that can be used in a myriad of ways for anyone’s piecing adventure, not just to be used to make kaleidoscopic designs.

From the start, ChromaZone was to be about color. Sewing tips. Designers & Licenses | Cloud9 Fabrics. Florida Row by Row Experience. Find Quilt Shops, Quilting Events, & more - Cotton + Steel. Smart Ways to Store Fabric. Rae’s Big List of Fabric Shops. After last week’s post where I may or may not have slightly bashed one of the major fabric chains (What can I say? Sometimes I grumpy-post. So here’s my official apology: Sorry JoAnn. I figure we’re cool anyway since I ended up at your store again a mere two days later..), I felt I should sit down and talk a little bit about purchasing fabric online and elsewhere. I’m guessing that many of you are in the same place I am: I don’t have a good fabric shop nearby (in a cruel twist of fate I somehow ended up living in a weird Fabric Black Hole where all the good fabric shops are at least a half hour’s drive in any direction), so most of the time when I need supplies, I shop at a chain *gasp*.

And you know what? Their needles, thread, elastic and other notions are perfectly fine and about once I month I end up at JoAnn just because I need some interfacing or something I didn’t have the forethought to purchase elsewhere. SouthWhipstich Fabrics / Atlanta (also online) Rae's Big List of Fabric Shops - Made By Rae.


Kaffe Fassett. Michael Mrowka. How to choose quilt fabrics in five minutes (+ giveaway!) Quilt designer Kathy Brown admits that choosing fabric for quilts has never been difficult for her. (Envious? I admit it. I am.) All she needs is one fabric—a focus fabric, a blender, or any special fabric that catches her eye—and she’s ready to mix and match until the perfect concoction emerges. What makes fabric selection so easy for Kathy? Kathy’s Take 5 approach is simple: take five minutes, choose five fabrics, and in five hours you can make a quilt top. Kathy’s made it easy for the rest of us to Take 5 with 16 new patterns in her latest book, More Take 5 Quilts. I asked Kathy if she had any additional tricks up her sleeve when it came to choosing fabrics to fit her Take 5 quilts. My Quick Q&A with Kathy Brown You have an inspiring attitude about choosing fabrics for quilts—that it really can be just as fun as the rest of the process. Kathy: The main thing I look for is a focus fabric.

Your quilts are always simple to make, but they never look simplistic. 1. 2. 3.

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All About Batik Quilting Fabric. The beautiful look of batik quilting fabric is made through a method of fabric dyeing that uses a wax resist. Hot wax is applied to fabric in a specific pattern, and it masks the lighter color fabric while it is dipped into a darker color of dye. These areas of fabric are protected from the dye, so they will remain the color of the fabric (white or a lighter color). After the first designs are applied with wax resist, you can do another round of wax and dyeing in a darker color to create multicolored fabric.

The Double Diamond Reversible Table Runner & Mats Quilt Kit includes some cream, turquoise and orange multicolored batiks. Batik quilting fabric can be either block printed (pictured above) or hand-drawn (pictured below). Photo via Craftsy member Annick Cottom Hand-drawn Batiks It’s possible to make DIY batik quilting fabrics, such as these wax resist designs pictured above. Floral and Near-Solid Batiks Geometric Batiks Batik Quilt Kits Photo via Craftsy member christineFRD. Free Batik Quilt Patterns. Closing the Geographic Gap™ in Media - HUMNEWS. Credit: Jennifer Micheals House of Style/NigeriaBy Melinda Ozongwu *NOTE: Africa Fashion Week begins today and runs March 7-10, 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa. You can find a schedule and watch a live stream of the shows, HERE. The material that we call African print or wax is a multi-million dollar business. As African as these textiles are, the Dutch companies that produce and sell the majority of our fine wax and lace materials are benefiting off an African industry and potentially destroying its authenticity.

And we, the African customer, are part of the problem. I was once given six yards of beautiful Dutch wax material. It was a kaleidoscope of colour, rich with texture and print. With celebrities like Beyoncé and Kelis wearing clothes by African designers like Lisa Folawiyo (Jewel by Lisa), as well as being introduced to our designers, a growing number of people are being exposed to the beauty and versatility of the African fabric. I would contest that statement.

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DIY Screen Printing: A Technique for Easy Silk Screening at Home. Want to try DIY screen printing? Silk screening at home is an easy way to create unique fabrics and designs. There are several ways to make a silk screen printing frame. All you need is a wooden frame, a piece of fabric from a sheer curtain, and duct tape. You can also purchase frames For the design, many fiber artists like to use freezer paper cutouts to mask off the screen printing screens. But there are other ways to create the design. In the February/March 2015 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, Sue Bleiweiss offers a screen printing tutorial for making hand-drawn screens using two Jacquard® products: Screen Drawing Fluid and Screen Filler and Block Out. How to make a silk screen with these products is a three-step process: 1. 2. 3. Using this technique, there are several ways to apply the silk screen design: 1. 2. 3.

When you're done printing, you can scrub the screen to remove the screen block and use the screen again with a different design. Writing on Fabric: How to Put the Text in Textiles. Is it a coincidence that the word "text" can be found in "texture" and "textiles"? Maybe so. But whether you scribble on background fabric with a permanent pen or make a focal point with 3-D embellished letters, text adds texture to textiles. Here are five techniques for writing on fabric and adding text to your textiles. Inkjet printing. With the availability of commercially prepared fabric and inkjet printers, it's easier than ever to print words and letters directly onto fabric. You can print an array of words, a poem, or a saying, and stitch or fuse them to a quilt. Or, you can use the printed words as a template on which you can add stitching or beading to make the words pop. Fusing. Stamping on fabric. Stenciling and screen printing. Writing on fabric.

Robert Kaufman Printing Process. A Wave of Sewing Jobs as Orders Pile Up at U.S. Factories. The issue wasn’t poor demand for the curtains, pillows and other textiles being produced at the factory. Quite the opposite. The owner, the Airtex Design Group, had shifted an increasing amount of its production here from China because customers had been asking for more American-made goods. The issue was finding workers. “The sad truth is, we put ads in the paper and not many people show up,” said Mike Miller, Airtex’s chief executive. The American textile and apparel industries, like manufacturing as a whole, are experiencing a nascent turnaround as apparel and textile companies demand higher quality, more reliable scheduling and fewer safety problems than they encounter overseas. Accidents like the factory collapse in Bangladesh earlier this year, which killed more than 1,000 workers, have reinforced the push for domestic production. Margaret Cheatham Williams/The New York Times “It withered away and nobody noticed,” Jen Guarino, a former chief executive of the leather-goods maker J.

Mr. Reviving A Southern Industry, From Cotton Field To Clothing Rack. Workers tend the organic cotton plants in an experimental field in northern Alabama. The cotton was used in a field-to-garment project by two noted fashion designers. Courtesy of Lisa Lentz hide caption itoggle caption Courtesy of Lisa Lentz Workers tend the organic cotton plants in an experimental field in northern Alabama. The cotton was used in a field-to-garment project by two noted fashion designers. Courtesy of Lisa Lentz You've probably heard of "farm to table," but how about "field to garment"? It's not just an experiment in keeping production local; it's an attempt to revive the long tradition of apparel-making in the Deep South. Now, Sue Hanback is again working a sewing machine in a cavernous building that was once part of the biggest cut-and-sew operation in Florence, Ala. "I'm gonna five-thread this shirt," she explains, stitching cuffs onto an organic-cotton sweatshirt.

Hanback was last laid off in 2006 when this was a T-shirt factory. Keeping Cotton Local Debbie Elliott/NPR. An Inside Look at How Much Fabric Designers Earn - Quilting, $3.5 billion industry, seeing bolder colors, bling and recycled-bottle batting. Quilting is certainly an art — an art, a craft, a hobby, a pastime, an outlet for creativity, even a form of therapy. But in today's world it is also an industry — an industry that recently returned its annual International Quilt Market to Salt Lake City for a second time and drew hundreds of people from around the world to the Salt Palace.

Not open to the public, the show brought together people in all aspects of the industry, from fabric, thread and notion manufacturers, to book and magazine publishers, quilt shop owners, quilt designers and pattern-makers and more, to give them a chance to see what's new, what's exciting, what's going on in the world of quilting. Gone are the days when quilting was only a cottage industry, when quilts were only made out of necessity. Today, it is a $3.58 billion industry in the United States with 21.3 million quilters, nationwide. Fourteen percent of U.S. households are home to at least one active quilter. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Fabric Recipes, Part 1, with Donna Lynn Thomas.

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Modern designer fabrics, quilting basics, organics, embroidery | Bloomerie Fabrics. Canton Village Quilt Works | Welcome. Pink Chalk Fabrics is your online source for modern quilting cottons and sewing patterns., Cloth, Pattern + Tool for Modern Sewists. Quilt Sandwich Fabrics. Contemporary Cloth | Modern Fabrics for quilting and sewing.

Quilting Fabric - Great selection of discount quilting fabrics- Categories plusColor Family plusFabric Type plusBrands and Designers check3 Sisters10check3 Wishes Fabric11checkA.A Milne and E.H Shepard 1checkA.E. Nathan143checkAardvark Quilts18checkAbby Hersey2checkAbi Hall9checkAdornit30checkADORNit Girls31checkAGF Studio105checkAl Agnew11checkAlex Anderson23checkAlexander Henry292checkAlexia + Rashida1checkAlexia Abegg1checkAlexia Marcelle Abegg120checkAlice Hickey1checkAlice Kennedy21checkAlicia Jacobs8checkAlicia Jacobs Dujets38checkAlison Glass90checkAlisse Courter62checkAllison Harris For Cluck Cluck Sew52checkAllison Hayward1checkAlpine Fabrics62checkAlyson Beaton16checkAlyssa Thomas1checkAmanda Herring50checkAmanda Murphy90checkAmelia Caruso9checkAmerican Jane14checkAmi!

PlusTheme plusFabric Pattern plusWidth Range plusPrice plusCollection plusFiber Content Range plusProduct Features plusUsage plusSpecialty Shop plusAvg Customer Review plusWeight plusDiscount plusBuy More Save More plusSize Description plusPile Length. Thousands of Bolts ... only one nut!: Quilting Fabrics,Quilting Supplies, Quilt Fabric,Kits & More. Fat Quarter Shop - Moda Fabrics, Quilt Fabric, Quilting Fabric, Quilt Kits, Online Quilting Fabrics & FREE Quilt Patterns. Exclusive Quilting Fabric, Quilting Thread, Quilting Kits, Patterns & Quilt Supplies. Shabby Fabrics | Moda Fabric, Online Quilting Fabrics, Quilt Kits, Patterns, Block of the Month. Quilts, Free Quilt Patterns and Designer Patterns: Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

Quilt Patterns, Books and Discounted Supplies for the Quilting World | Laundry Basket Quilts. Open - Amy Butler Design. Print custom fabric on-demand. Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog. HeartSong Quilts is one of the most unique quilt shops in America, and offers visually stunning fabrics along with patterns, quilt kits, notions, books, clearance fabrics, and other cool stuff.

Moda Fabrics - Producer of Quilting Fabric, Sewing Notions, and Home Decor. Hawthorne Threads - Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Michael Miller & More. Pink Chalk Fabrics is your online source for modern quilting cottons and sewing patterns., Cloth, Pattern + Tool for Modern Sewists. Knitting Crochet Sewing Crafts Patterns and Ideas! - the purl bee. Hancock's of Paducah - The world's foremost supplier of fine fabrics and notions. FreeSpirit fabric designers. Anna Maria Horner grew up in a house full of her dad's paintings and with a closet full of her mom's handi-work.

As a kid in the 70's, she passed up the $1.79 Barbie dresses in Service Merchandise, opting instead to create designs from her mother's fabric artist was born. After graduating with an honors fine arts degree in drawing, Anna Maria opened Handmaiden, a clothing and housewares boutique. This store served as homebase for all her fashion and design interests. Here, she also began a line of highly sought after handbags, intricately fashioned from an array of materials, that made their way onto Hollywood's red carpet. Anna Maria has also been exhibiting paintings in galleries throughout her whole adult life. Whether its a cleverly witty birthday card, a ceramic dinnerware collection or a luscious designer textile, Anna Maria's goal is simple: "Create designs that make the consumer feel alive and well". Textile Designers. How do you Design Fabric? - Portabellopixie. Contemporary Cloth | Oakshott, Yuwa, Organic & Hand-Printed Fabric.

Textile Designers: 10 Women to Watch - Shopping Guide. Spoonflower blog. Designer Cotton Fabrics at Great Prices par FabricTree.