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14 Homemade soap recipes — Bohemian Revolution

14 Homemade soap recipes — Bohemian Revolution


Solid Perfume Tutorial - Great for Gifts and Traveling! We travel a lot, and the limit on liquids requires me to cut back on the beauty supplies I bring with me. My perfume is one of the items that I usually choose to ditch. I am always concerned about the bottle breaking, and saturating all my clothes. Easy Soap Making Recipes Nothing’s more fun than sharing and swapping a good recipe. Here are a few of our favorites for making everything from skin nurturing soaps and scrubs, to solid perfume and more. Share your recipes by using the “comment box” at the bottom of this page. Gardener’s Soap Recipe

How to Make Paper Lanterns - Cute Round Oriental Style Looking for instructions on how to make paper lanterns? My husband designed an easy template for making paper lanterns in a cute round shape. They look a bit oriental, don’t you think? These “lanterns” are purely decorative and aren’t designed to have a lamp inside them, but they do make great festive decorations. Homemade Holidays: Crock Pot Candles Growing up in my house, we always made our own holiday gifts. We were pretty poor, and I suppose it was our only option. But it was never presented to me like that (I didn’t even know what ‘poor’ was, really, and I had a stupendously fabulous childhood full of ‘thing finding’ and ‘government cheese’. But that’s another story.)

Always a Crafty Girl I had a very nice Christmas day, but now that Christmas is over, I am sad the season will soon come to an end. But my sister Lou will be visiting this week through New Years, so Christmas and the holidays will last a bit longer here at our house.

How to Make Your Own Lotions and Bath Products - Frugal Mom : Frugal Mom Making your own lotions and bath products is actually a lot easier than you might think. With a few ingredients purchased at your local supermarket or natural health store, you can be on your way to creating them right in your own kitchen. Homemade bath and beauty products usually cost much less than the ones you buy in the store, and you will have the benefit of knowing that the ingredients are safe for you to use on your body. You can make fabulous gifts for friends and family.

Cucumber Handmade Soap Recipe Cucumber juice has long been used as an astringent face-wash, and in these recipes it works as a mild cleansing agent and skin toner. Cucumber Soap Recipe I 1 & 1/2 c. clean rendered tallow1 c. cucumber pulp1/2 c. vegetable oil3/4 c. cold soft water1/4 c. lye flakes1/2 tsp. wheat germ oil or vitamin E oil (external use)2 drops clove EO (optional) Peel and grate cucumber until it’s very fine. Melt tallow and add the cucumber. Keep on lowest heat for half an hour or on back of wood stove for several hours. FREE EASY ORIGAMI FLOWERS « EMBROIDERY & ORIGAMI Origami Money Flowers: Origami Money Flowers | Simple Design Learn how to make free simple origami money flowers from US dollar bill or any other currency that you have. Currently providing step by step origami Easy Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make an Origami Flower

Survival Bow Making Instructions By Jason Knight The following bow making instructions will help you construct an effective bow in a relatively short amount of time. A quickie bow is a fast-made bow for immediate use in a survival situation. It is carved from a sapling or branch of a tree. Ucreate Parties Hi, I’m Lisa Storms and I’m excited to be a guest at Ucreate today! I have a crafting blog called … wait for it … Lisa Storms []. Pretty creative, right? It’s a mix of crafting from parties, kids crafts, holidays, scrapbooking, cards, home decor, school lunches, sewing, to anything else I can make happier with some glue and a sequin or two. Or fifty.

60 Beauty Products You Should Make Yourself and Stop Buying You can save a bundle on beauty products when you make them on your own at home. Some of these recipes show you how to use simple ingredients that are low cost, while others show you how to stretch out high-quality ingredients so they last longer, saving you money that way. 1. Coconut Oil Honey Hair Mask Coconut oil and honey combine to make a mask that your hair won’t soon forget. The richness of the coconut oil, combined with the antibacterial nature of the honey give this a consistency that feels amazing while applying it, and leaves your hair feeling amazing.

Easy Chocolate Soap Recipes - Facts About Chocolate These chocolate soap recipes are easy and fun. Most use a simple melt and pour soap base. Before attempting these recipes, check out the chocolate soap preparation tips on the previous page. Chocolate Soap Recipe #1 1/2 tsp cocoa butter 1/2 tsp shea butter or mango butter 2 lb clear coconut melt and pour soap base 1 tsp olive oil 1/2 cup goat’s milk powder 2 Tablespoons chocolate fragrance oil 1-2 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder Melt the butters and soap base.

V and Co how to: jersey knit bracelet - StumbleUpon i don't know what it is about this time of year that makes me just want to have my bare feet in the sand, be watching the sun setting into the ocean, and breathing in the warm salty air of the i get older, more and more i find myself missing that place i used to go to almost as a teen. (my skin doesn't miss it. as a matter of fact, i now wish i listened more and DID put SPF on my face...hindsight is 20/20). my mom calls me from her walk on the beach almost every morning...*sigh*yeah, i get a little homesick around this time of the year. heck on my pinterest my "dreaming of summer" has the most pictures in it. ah yes. i miss my ocean. case in point. this bracelet, brought a flood of memories, not because i used to have one like it but because i can totally see me wearing it by the beach, not caring that it's gotten salty and wet, because i can totally make another one in like less than 5 minutes flat when i get home. *sigh* okay...

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