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DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet

DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet
As the month of love approaches, we thought we’d combine friendship and hearts into one Valentine’s Day themed tutorial: a heart patterned friendship bracelet! Using some candy-colored embroidery floss and your familiarity with the chevron friendship bracelet, you’ll be able to whip up one of these tokens of love in a heartbeat. You’ll need:2 colors of embroidery flossscissorstape or clipboard Creating a heart pattern involves just a simple modification to the chevron patterned friendship bracelet. Start by cutting 4 strands of each color, at about 24 inches each, for a total of 8 strands. Alternate the thread colors before tying them together in a knot. Separate the threads into 2 sets, 2 of each color on each side. Start on the left side with the outermost strand (shown here in red) and make a forward knot by creating a 4-shape over the 2nd strand (shown here in blue), loop it under and back through the opening. Pull up and to the right to tighten. Mirror the step on the other side.

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DIY Woven Charm Bracelet You might remember our woven chain bracelet tutorial, one of our favorite DIYs to date. As we’re starting to get a taste of spring, we’re revisiting this oldie but goodie with some minor adjustments – this time with delicate chain and the addition of mini skull charms. So grab some of that embroidery floss and let’s get weaving! You’ll need: Start by cutting 8 strands of embroidery floss, with each strand measuring four times the length of the curb chain. * Pearl & Ribbon Accordion Necklace DIY * Fashion * 1″ Ivory Bark Ribbon {about 2-1/2 yards} …glam it up for Fall with velvet ribbon!* Large Pearls* Needle/Gutermann Thread {Eggshell} * Snip pearl string for loose pearls

DIY Market Bag With Earth Day just around the corner, we’re turning to artist and environmentalist Chris Jordan for inspiration. In this large-zoom photograph he has captured 1.14 million brown paper supermarket bags, the number used in the US every hour. And did you know that 2.7 billion plastic bags are used every day worldwide? Floored by these staggering numbers we were motivated to do a quick and easy DIY, recycling an old t-shirt into a reusable fringed market bag. We hope that it will also inspire you to use less plastic and paper! DIY Braided Rhinestone Necklace A couple of weeks ago, we turned some vintage earrings into a pair of shoe clips. Inspired by Jolita‘s Mourning Necklace, we’re transforming vintage chains into pretty statement necklaces for spring this week. Sometimes antique rhinestone necklaces are just a tad too short and a bit too dainty so adding a bit of texture and color is the perfect way to add some much needed oomph.

Beaded Lace Medallion Lace goes with so many things, and making lace from tiny beads allows it to be more sturctural – an easy choice for jewelry. This project doesn’t make use of any particular beading stitch, it’s mostly just a counting project. Once you understand how it goes together it would be very easy to invent different patterns and sizes. You can also stop at any point in making this version if you want a smaller piece of lace. Supplies: - seed beads – these are size 15 but size 11 would work just as well - beading needle – I use size 10 - OO Nymo or similar beading thread - sharp scissors Row 1 Thread the needle with the longest doubled strand of thread that you’re comfortable working with.

Tutorial: Double Duty Dry Erase Board I am constantly writing notes and messages to myself to help me remember what I have going on for the day. But my office is also my bedroom, so an ugly dry erase board is just not an option. I’ve been thinking about solutions to this problem for a while, and at one point considered Idea Paint, but eventually changed my mind. I wanted something that could pull double-duty, and that’s when I came up with this…an idea for a pretty dry erase board that serves as wall art when not in use.

Wooden Gems Try This: Wooden Gems Today's tutorial will set you back a couple of bucks and ten minutes, and in the end, you'll have a handful of little gemstones ready for whatever projects your imagination can scheme up. Read on for the easy step-by-step and few ideas for how to put these little beauties to use. MATERIALS: wooden rectangles, pencil, fine tip paint brush, craft paints in colors of your choosing, black, and white ONE: Begin by sketching the facet lines as shown.

7 Paint Recipes You Will Love Fingerpaint is real quick and easy to make. Here are a few tried, tested and perfected fun paint recipes that we’ve collected over the years. Finger-painting is a great activity if you do not mind to get your hands a little dirty. These paints are great to capture little hand and foot prints or to create everyday works of art and crafts without the fuss of washing paintbrushes. Simply rinse paint from hands under running water with soap. Some of these recipes are so yum-delicious you won’t mind sticking your fingers in your mouth!

DIY Découpage Floral Bag When H&M asked us to DIY a boho-inspired item for their summer issue, découpage was the first thing that came to mind. Honestly, does it get any better than customizing a simple handbag with a brilliant floral print? However you create it, it’ll be satisfying to know that you’ve designed yourself a one of a kind bag! You’ll need:a handbagcotton fabric with a large floral patternpainter’s tapeMod Podgecraft paint2 small plastic dishes2 brushesscissors Start by taping off the edges and hardware of the handbag. Make an Anthropologie-Inspired Bead and Chain Necklace Home » $1 and Free, Accessories, Fashion, Headline, Tutorials, Wearable Crafts 25 April 2011 35,139 views 15 Comments by rhonda When it comes to things I need to destash, costume jewelry is pretty high on the list. I've been given a large quantity of it over the years, and I also keep an eye out for it at yard sales and estate sales. I went surfing around the Anthropologie website looking for inspiration because their styles lend themselves well to reusing old jewelry bits.

Wooden Snowman Craft Tutorial happy wednesday, crafters!! hope your week is going great. well, i am excited to show you this month’s Craft Kit! these snowpeople {is that a word?? DIY Macrame Bracelet Growing up by the beach in Southern California, the ability to knot a macrame bracelet was practically a right of passage. Although those days are long behind us, we’ve never forgotten the ever-so-simple square knot technique. This time, however, we’re replacing hemp and wooden beads for more updated elements like colorful nylon cord and glossy metal charms. Happy knotting! Glue Gun Cabochons Do you have any of these little silicon molds that you use with resin and clay? The one below is one of my favorites…. (Check out the cute bows, or stars, or letters!) I don’t always have enough patience for clay baking or resin hardening… I just used my glue gun:

How to Make Adjustable Squiggle Rings - The Beading Gem's Journal Is making rings the final frontier for the beginner jewelry maker? The difficulty is often the sizing of the rings and perhaps the wire wrapping too. But it need not be a challenge. Making the ring adjustable might just do the trick. This clever squiggle ring video tutorial by Mark Nelson of Rio Grande works because of its simple construction. He made sizing easy by first using a piece of copper wire to set the length of wire needed for the actual ring.

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