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FREE premature sleeping bag. Baby Cocoon Knitting Pattern. Here are my instructions for knitting a baby cocoon.

Baby Cocoon Knitting Pattern

Note the short row shaping at the back edge, to accommodate the baby's head. I don't have a baby handy to model this for you (my son is 12 now, 5' 9" tall, so he's a bit too large!) , so I took a few pictures with one of my son's stuffed animals in it to give you the idea. Toasty Sleeper v2. Mrs. Brak s Drawstring Bottom Baby Kimono with Raglan Shaping Revised 5 27 08. Hazelnut - Knitted DROPS bunting bag in ”Eskimo” or "Andes". - Free pattern by DROPS Design. To get the measurement tape to be 100 % accurate, you have to print out the pattern in full scale (and not use the print option "fit to page").

Hazelnut - Knitted DROPS bunting bag in ”Eskimo” or "Andes". - Free pattern by DROPS Design

Instructions to BabyDROPS 18-2 Need help? Read more at the end of the pattern GARTER ST (back and forth on needle): K all rows. SEED ST: Row 1: * K1, P1 *, repeat from *-*. Row 2: K over P and P over K. Comfy Angels Nest. Snuggly Baby Cocoon 10 14 2014. Snuggly Baby Cocoon. Work Sock Baby (Monkey) Snuggler pattern by Shelley Hilton. Snuggler 3. Acorn Swaddle Sac and Cap knitting pattern. Swaddle Sac and Acorn Cap Needles show in size 7 circular, four double point needles(various size needles from size 5-10 can be used depending on size desired and to accommodate bulkier or finer yarn) can also be don on straight needles with a seam.

Acorn Swaddle Sac and Cap knitting pattern

Yarn: Approximately 1 skein (5-7 ounces) worsted weight yarn shown in ecospun plus 1 skein (less than 3 ounces) of light bulky weight yarn (shown in Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends) for acorn hat Swaddle Sac Cast on 60 stitches (worsted weight yarn) place marker to mark the beginning of the round (continue moving it to beginning of next round) knit rounds (stockinette stitch) until “tube” measures approximately 16 inches. WEB Caron SimplyBaby K SimplyCutePullover. WEB BERNAT SOFTEEBABY K LittleGnomeHat. WEB PATONS KROYSOCKS K WorkItOutBaby. Free Pattern for a Polar Bear Motif Knitted Hat - Full of Beans (And Sausages) ‘Ed, will you please just tell me what you would like for your birthday!!’

Free Pattern for a Polar Bear Motif Knitted Hat - Full of Beans (And Sausages)

‘Ummmm…I want a hat with bears on it, to remind me of Canada and I want it to be slouchier than the last hat you knitted me’. Yup, my brother gave me a real challenge on this one! But no fear, I took out my faithful yellow notebook with the squared paper and set to drawing the most appalling bears ever seen. One actually resembled a kangaroo somewhat…maybe I can use that one for a later purpose! Finally, though, I hit on my bear pattern and I was pleased with it, now I just had to incorporate it into a hat pattern! Sadly, I forgot to take photos of the hat before I sent it and that was a BIG mistake as it very nearly didn’t make it to Edward – for some reason he didn’t get it until a month after his birthday.

Juneau Fair Isle Hat – Free Pattern. April 3, 2008 by RunningYarn This hat was inspired by the beautiful land and seascapes of Juneau, Alaska.

Juneau Fair Isle Hat – Free Pattern

While spending time there as winter approached, I realized quickly that my ears were very cold in normal beanie hats; I was desperate for something thick to snuggle my ears! Thus, the Juneau hat was born. The fair isle pattern reflects the mountainous islands in the bay, or sound, with the mountain sides ending at the ocean shore. The ear flaps represent one shore, looking over waves, then across to another mountain across the bay. Level: Intermediate to Advanced. Simple Pinwheel Beanie. April 3, 2008 by RunningYarn Hats are great.

Simple Pinwheel Beanie

I still love to make them. Instant gratification projects :) The basic beanie is the next step up from a scarf for beginners. The very first thing I made as a novice knitter was a hat not unlike this one. Even though it’s not too hard, I was so pleased with myself making a fitted wearable item; I think it was all the “fancy decreasing” and knitting in the round. Snow Bear Fair Isle Hat – Free Pattern. April 3, 2008 by RunningYarn This hat was inspired by a friend who requested a “cutesy hat with ears.”

Snow Bear Fair Isle Hat – Free Pattern

Adding ears to a hat pretty much guarantees cuteness. By Request: A Purple Hat - Jess: Knit Climb Java. Lucky for me, my daughter loves going to the yarn store.

By Request: A Purple Hat - Jess: Knit Climb Java

Twice as lucky, my local yarn shop owner (Myra at Woolbearers) doesn't mind my daughter. Amiya loves to run around the shot and point out all the pretty colors. On our drive to the shop a few weeks ago I asked Amiya what color hat she wanted. Log In / Join the Lion Brand community to get free knitting and free crochet patterns and more! Log In / Join the Lion Brand community to get free knitting and free crochet patterns and more! SN0116. Balls to the Walls Knits: Baby Bear Hooded Cowl. I think we've probably all seen some version of this hat, what with the ears, the hood, and the cute kid poking out and all.

Balls to the Walls Knits: Baby Bear Hooded Cowl

So here, by request, let me present my version: the Baby Bear Hooded Cowl, which knits up quickly on size US 10 needles and with chunky weight yarn. Of course, it's not just kids who deserve to look this cute, so I've also sized the thing from toddler to adult. Make one for your husband! He'll love it, I promise (note: my promise does not constitute a legal, binding agreement. In fact, make one for your husband at your own peril. Paper turtle chart. Blooming Rooster. Put A Bird On It! I'm currently obsessed with "Portlandia," a new tv show on IFC that pokes fun at Portland and all us peculiar Portlanders that take ourselves so darn seriously.

Put A Bird On It!

One of my favorite episodes so far begins with Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisen putting birds on everything and calling it art. They paint, stitch and glue various birds on plain items and call it art. I just couldn't resist designing a rustic, kinda Anthropologie meets Portland Tree Hugger slouchy hat and putting a rather large bird on it. Angry birds hat v2. Little bird hat. Other Patterns - Knitted Doll. This little doll is quick and easy to do and turns out like a cute, fat gingerbread lady! Knitted Doll. With 4mm needles and Double knit (light worsted weight) cast on 16 sts.

Work in stocking stitch throughout (knit one row, purl one row). Work 20 rows. Other Patterns - Knitted Doll. Little Teddy Knitting Pattern. With 4mm needles and Baby Double Knitting. Garter stitch used throughout (knit every row) Cast on 8 stitches and work 16 rows. Break off yarn and cast on 8 stitches and work 16 rows to form other leg. Knit across both legs (16 sts) and complete 8 rows. Sleepingbagwithhood. Sleepsack. Cuddles Patterns. Cuddles Links Introduction Guidelines for Cuddles Items Monthly Drives Cuddles Patterns Patterns for other organisations. Cuddles Patterns. Aran Cabled Baby Bunting by Jwrobel - Craftsy.

Basic Skills Necessary: cables, circular knitting Pattern Description: This pattern is the perfect start to your newborn's life. Comfortable, soft, and cozy it is destined to become a treasured family heirloom. Sizing for 0-3 mos.Finished measurements are 10.5" across (21" around), 19" from the top of the bunting to the toe. The pattern includes complete instructions to knit this cocoon style bunting in a gorgeous organic cotton. Wishbones. Loop-stitch Cable 1. Lorgnette Cable. Pretty Little Cables. Variable Cable. Traveling Cable, Left. Aran Honeycomb. Cherry Blossom. Knitting Stitch Type/Appearance Catalog. Roman Rib. Eyelet Mock Cable Ribbing%C2%A0Fingerless 1. Honeycomb pattern. Eyelet Mock Cable Ribbing Stitch Fingerless Gloves- FREE INSTRUCTIONS. NSAD K82 EyeletMockCableRibbingStitch. Eyelet-mock-cable-rib. Cable Leaf Baby Booties. Patons Astra500927 01 kn set.en US.

Marianna's lazy daisy days: Cabled Baby & Toddler Hats. This is the cutest little cabled baby hat! Top Tip - if you are new to cabling - then do it this way ........c4f = cable 4sts (to the front). You do this by slipping 2sts on to a cable needle and holding this at the front of your work - then knit the next 2sts - before knitting the 2sts from the cable needle. Materials 2. Free Knitting Pattern: Martha Stewart CraftsTM/MC Merino Cable Pattern Hat. CabledBabyHat. Red Hot Mitts. Cabled baby hat pattern – Pattern Duchess. I promised you something romantic for today. And here it is. Cables. Baby Cabled Baby Slouch. Baby cable scarf. Chain Cable Knitting Stitch. Knitting Patterns & Hand Knits for Baby by PreciousNewbornKnits. White and Pink Hat for a Girl by KnittinKitty - Craftsy. Basic Skills Necessary: knit, purl, knit 2tog ( decrease 1 st), yarn over purl 3tog ( for the flower) NicuT Bonnet. Picotpreemiesox. HatTreeElfSox. HolidaySox2003. HolidayHats2003.

Swirled Ski Cap. Puerperium Cardigan RAV. HatPoppies. MaryJaneSox. SnowHatSox. Hollydayshat. Hollydayssox. SoxPoseyToes. StripedRibHat. Patriot2Hat. Patriot2Sox. Patriot2Sweater. Petalhat. MiniMitts. HatHappy. BabyHatSwirl. Stripedribsox. Helpful links. Hand Knitting Links If you want to start up the Knitting Guild for Beginners again, you'll have to call the Amherst IT department and have them reset the password for you. The website, as far as I know, is still being stored on the UNIX server. This is a list of the links, by needle size needed, so you can pick a project by what you happen to have. Unlisted patterns aren't specific to a needle size. Do Some Good in the World. DaisyHat. DaisyCard. DaisySox. Newborn Wrap Diaper Shirt. Check out Bev's BLOG ~ Bev's Journeyings for knitting, crochet, recipes, and news! Hdc Preemie/Newborn Wrap Diaper Shirt Copyright 2009 Michelle Fullington Shirt in photo stitched using Bernat Baby Coordinates and a G hook.

I have included the newborn instructions following the preemie instructions. Changes in yarn and hook size will affect finished size. Increasing/decreasing the starting chain by 4 will also give you infinite sizing options. LIL PUNKIN SLEEP SACK AND CAP. PICOT KNOT SLEEP SACK. Pattern tested by Virginia, thanks. 27 inch circumference, 20 inch length. Knitted-baby-onsie-by-fiber-fervor. Tiny onesie. Baby Leggings. ACCORDION SLEEP SACK AND CAP. Aunt-B's DIAPER SHIRT. Premie Baby Kimono. Stoke and Staffordshire My Pages - Ray of Hope Premature Babywear.