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Where do you stand in your industry?

Where do you stand in your industry?

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Can you rank journalists by authority on Twitter? PeerIndex thinks so The latest attempt to try and scope out the credibility of Twitter's users comes from Peer Index, which has ranked what it says are the most authoritative journalists on the service. I have to put modesty aside and say that at the Guardian, we've really done rather well. My esteemed colleague Charles Arthur, currently slaving away in the labyrynthine, sweaty, migraine-inducing techno-gadget-hell that is CES, has pipped me to the post with a 'Peerindex' of 81. I scored 79. What does that mean? What is this 'peer index' of which you speak?

LinkedIn contre Viadeo : fonctions similaires, stratégies différentes 1 - Des fonctionnalités très proches « Linkedin et Viadeo sont les réseaux les plus aboutis au monde, avec peut-être l'allemand Xing. Ces plates-formes sont fonctionnellement assez proches », estime Jean-Pascal Szelerski, directeur de l’ De fait, la liste des fonctionnalités communes est longue : gestion d’un réseau de contacts, groupes de discussion, petites annonces, questions posées au réseau ou encore, annonce d’événements.

Google Buys Jambool: Social Networking Battle Begins Google has purchased virtual currency platform Jambool, a move that will fuel Google's reported foray into the social networking world. Jambool's Chief Executive Vikas Gupta and Chief Technology Officer Reza Hussein confirmed the deal Friday on the company's website. "We are excited to announce that Jambool is becoming a part of the Google family today," the founders write. They add, "The game has only just begun." BALLE Leakage Calculators How self-reliant is your county or zip code? What are the opportunities for job-creating, leak-plugging new businesses? How self-reliant is your town in food? Where can you find the nearest local bank or credit union?

Involver: The Web's Most Trusted Social Marketing Platform Oracle Oracle Solutions Social Relationship Management Measuring social performance is difficult but essential Every area of business activity revels in its own management phraseology. Sustainable business is no exception. Terms like "walk the walk", "win-win" and "enlightened self-interest" litter the field's growing lexicon. None have captured the minds – and lips – of sustainability executives more than the "triple bottom line". First coined by business responsibility guru John Elkington back in the late 90s, 3BL (for real insiders) captures the balance between companies' social, economic and environmental performance.

Linkedin vs Viadeo, 3ème Round : Gratuit ou payant ? Le 3ème Round commence … qui sait, ce combat ira peut-être au bout des 15 rounds, il s’agira alors de compter les points !!! Après la comparaison des profils sur Viadeo et Linkedin ( 1er Round), puis le comparatif complet (origine, Taille et répartition géographique, modèle économique, profil type des utilisateurs, … 2ème Round), je vous propose aujourd’hui de regarder d’un peu plus près ce qui est gratuit et payant (Abonnements sur chaque site) en termes de fonctionnalités. Il est d’ailleurs surprenant qu’une telle information n’apparaisse nulle part, ni du côté de Viadeo, ni de celui de Linkedin ! Du coup, place aux « on-dit » !

The Verticalization Of Professional Networks Begins: Is It A Threat To LinkedIn? This note is from BI Research, a new tech-industry intelligence service. The service is currently in beta and free. To learn more and sign up, please click here. the currency of sharing Cosa sono i "dropis"? I "dropis" sono crediti di baratto. Non li puoi comprare: li puoi guadagnare scambiando beni e servizi con altre persone. Quanto vale 1 dropis? 1 dropis vale 1 euro, quindi un bene o un servizio a cui daresti un valore di 20 euro potresti offrirlo a 20 dropis. Non puoi, però, comprare dropis usando gli euro: i dropis ti possono venire dati solo da persone che, come te, scambiano beni o servizi online.

PromoTweets - Promoções, concursos, sorteios e descontos no Twitter Promoções: Produtos, Concursos, Sorteios e Descontos No PromoTweets você acompanha as promoções postadas pelo Twitter , mesmo que você não seja um seguidor do promotor. Agora só falta começar a ganhar! Como? 10 réseaux sociaux à découvrir Quand vous pensez réseaux sociaux, vous citez Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, ou Flickr. Moins souvent ou plurk. En réalité, l’univers des réseaux sociaux sur Internet est immense. Dans son livre, Les Réseaux sociaux sur Internet 26 Tips to Enhance Your Experience on LinkedIn With more than 85 million users and “a new member being added every second,” LinkedIn is often regarded as the premier social networking site for business professionals. Companies also see LinkedIn as a valuable place to promote their products and services. Let’s explore LinkedIn together and see if you can identify new ways to enhance your user experience by considering the topics discussed below. As I’ve done in the companion pieces to this post, 26 Twitter Tips and 26 Facebook Tips, I’ll introduce LinkedIn Tips from A-Z. These tips will reference both personal and company perspectives. But before we get started, let’s go over a couple of LinkedIn basics—who’s on LinkedIn, creating your LinkedIn profile and developing your list of LinkedIn connections.

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