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Dream yards... with a challenge for you

Dream yards... with a challenge for you
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Fabriquer de la galalithe ou pierre de lait DEFI : A partir du lait, comment fabriquer de la galalithe (ou pierre de lait) ? Niveau : Cycle 3 Classe : C.E.2 c - Mme Sylvie Braut - Ecole élémentaire Paul Bert (Antony) Libellé : A partir du lait, comment fabriquer de la galalithe (ou pierre de lait) ? MatérielPour des groupes de deux élèves : lait ½ écrèmé ou entier ; acide acétique (vinaigre blanc) ; présure ; pots ; cuillère pour recueillir le caillé ; filtre (chaussette ou collant épais) ; moule (coupelle en plastique, en alu) ; un moyen de chauffage (micro-onde) ; une essoreuse à salade (4 ou 5 pour la classe). Situation problème Lors de notre séjour en classe de découverte à Samoëns (Haute-Savoie), nous avons abordé le sujet des produits laitiers en goûtant des fromages (en utilisant nos 5 sens), en visitant une fruitière (fromagerie) et en fabriquant du fromage frais lors de cette visite à la fromagerie. Question posée par les enfants : Mais Comment fait-on pour obtenir de la "pierre de lait" ? Hypothèses des élèves Déroulement des séances

Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Difficulty Level: We are making Mediterranean inspired little sail boats with lateen rigging – a single triangular sail on a relatively short mast.What you will need: - download pattern - large cereal box - scissors - scotch tape - ruler - exacto knife - newspaper- 2 colors - wall paper paste - paint brushes - paint - skewers. dowels or twigs- string - heavy duty thread - needles – various sizes - fabric - buttons - glue Related Craft Tutorials Please enable JavaScript to view the <a href=" Submit Craft Tutorial If you want your craft tutorial to find on Craftuts site use submit form. Submit

Suspended Snap Lamps: Endless Modular Lighting System These are the lights that never end – they just go on and on my friends … at least until you choose to cap them or complete a circuit. Debuting at ICFF 2011, these modules present infinite possibilities for snapping together your own custom-curved, go-anywhere modern hanging chandeliers. A series of semi-cylinders attaches one to the next, end to end, some continuing straight while others let you bend and twist as desired. Jason Miller is a Brooklyn design native with a sense for timeliness and timelessness alike, famous in part for antler-shaped and other quirky-but-contemporary lighting systems.

Tutorial: Sew a business card holder | Quilt in Progress If I can make something, I don’t see the sense in buying it. I needed a business card holder, and so I set about figuring out how to make one of fabric. The shape is like a folded strip, with a front lip that holds the cards in, a bottom edge that determines how many cards fit, a backrest for the cards to lean against, and a support leg to hold it upright. First, I looked through my stash. I would need a fabric that says “quilt” to people, and I found this cute heart blocks fabric in really bright colors. I found a scrap of fusible stiff interfacing, and my ribbons. Measure two pieces of fabric approximately 5 inches wide by at least 8 inches long. Fuse each on the back side with interfacing. I wanted the front lip of the business card holder to have the design facing upward, so the fabric for the back side of the item has the design upside down. Place the two pieces of fabric with right sides together. Cut two lengths of ribbon to 2 inches, and two lengths of ribbon to 3 inches.

A Beautiful Mess: HOME TOUR Hi friends! I'm so happy to invite you in for a little tour of my laundry room! I've spent the last few months obsessing over this teeny tiny space. Weird, I know. I've never really put this much effort into making a laundry room a pleasant place to be. Before: ha! Now to show you how we fixed all that: First, let's talk about color. We mixed a strong dose of black and white pattern and print into the design as well. Yesterday Emma shared the laundry basket shelf that she built for me. So I posted a few sneak peeks of this laundry room makeover on instagram and I got approximately 8 million comments about how it looks like the swan is pooping. Anyway, the jar of laundry pods has been a helpful solution already. On the opposite wall my dad helped us install peg board. Something that isn't pictured that I still want to mention is a second pegboard just outside our laundry room in the mudroom that is now being used to store pots and pans. Here are a few more photos of the room.

Des bijoux à base de poupées Barbie et Ken démembrés Des bijoux à base de poupées Barbie et Ken démembrés Des bijoux assez étranges réalisées par la créatrice Margaux Lange, à partir de visages ou de membres de poupées Barbie et Ken découpées… Certain sont très réussi ! (et d’autres doivent être dur à porter…) Margaux Lange / Etsy Riječ je završio Blok Igra Liquid Lamps When you're a performance artist, creating the right ambience in your show is everything. It all starts with lighting. So two years ago, my partner and I decided to build a lamp that would capture the aquatic theme of a show that our company, Radiohole, was putting on. We were also looking for a dynamic effect, so we ran a pump from a fish tank to blow bubbles in the oil, making it look as if it's boiling from the bulb's heat. Materials All of these, except the aquarium air pump, can be obtained from McMaster-Carr, for convenient one-stop web shopping. A vapor-tight fixture with a half-inch hub. A basic air pump, the kind used to aerate an aquarium. Clear quarter-inch PVC tubing. A length of three-wire 18awg SJOOW cord. Nylon liquid-tight strain relief with flex fitting. A 3-prong male plug.A couple of 18awg wire nutsLight-viscosity mineral oil. Tools Drill with a 9/32 bitScrewdriverWire strippersUtility knife See page two for detailed assembly instructions.

C.R.A.F.T.: C.R.A.F.T. # 72: Drawer Organizer--Part 2 PART 2: Building the organizer In case you missed PART 1 on how to get organized. Materials: Balsa Wood, excel blade, excel mini saw, pencil, yard stick, sand paper, balsa wood We ended up using 2 pieces of this…it happened to be 50% off at Hobby Lobby! Remember my plan for the drawer: Well, it changed a tad. Measure the length of your drawer. It is better for the piece to be too big then too small. The 2 long pieces are wedged in. I found these little plastic feet in my junk drawer and stuck them on to create the perfect fit! Our balsa wood is 3″ wide… so we cut 1.5″ slits in the horizontal and vertical pieces… the pieces fit together like a puzzle piece. Just for fun, here is the before: And here is the marvelously delicious after: Hallelujah, I can find things, and everything has a home.


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