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Bedroom makeover Part 3 ~ "White Trash" reveal :)

Bedroom makeover Part 3 ~ "White Trash" reveal :)

A Beautiful Mess: HOME TOUR Hi friends! I'm so happy to invite you in for a little tour of my laundry room! I've spent the last few months obsessing over this teeny tiny space. Weird, I know. Before: ha! Now to show you how we fixed all that: First, let's talk about color. We mixed a strong dose of black and white pattern and print into the design as well. Yesterday Emma shared the laundry basket shelf that she built for me. So I posted a few sneak peeks of this laundry room makeover on instagram and I got approximately 8 million comments about how it looks like the swan is pooping. Anyway, the jar of laundry pods has been a helpful solution already. On the opposite wall my dad helped us install peg board. Something that isn't pictured that I still want to mention is a second pegboard just outside our laundry room in the mudroom that is now being used to store pots and pans. Here are a few more photos of the room. As a naturally messy person, I'm proud of our new tidy space!

Funky Junk Interiors: 31 Days Blog to Biz / Day 19 - I've got guts to show you THIS! Do you? Last week I challenged you to create something gutsy. Something you’ve never seen before. Something you may be afraid of someone not (gasp!) liking. I wanted to take you out of your comfort zone so you’d be free to experiment and go wild with what you saw in your mind’s eye. Well feel free to go crazy because I did too. sand sand sand sand (cedar strips from something) sssssssst My fav old wheelbarrow got a satin clear coat to ‘protect that rust!’ Clearcoat actually deepens the tone of rust too and makes it safe. Hmmm… purrrrrfect. Can you guess what it will be yet? Predrilling reduces wood splits. Yup! Note to self.. get another drill already, one to predrill, one to screw. Heehee… so weird. This will do! “As what?!?” Here, lemme tell you what it is as I roll you your coffee on my…. uh…. wheelbarrow coffee table! It’s junky, not too big, can be easily moved… … has built in magazine storage …. … and suits my other busted up junk just fine! Is this gutsy enough? Now I want a bigger one.

Upcycled Leather & Rhinestone Jewelry and Design ~ Mens & Womans ~ Sharing Crafting Tips: Creative ways to display your products Lately I've been brainstorming different ideas to make my display interesting for my next craft show. I don't want my booth to look like everyone else's, or it might get looked over. The only way to prevent yourself from having the same old look is to make your own. I recently blogged about a unique shelf I made from a old mannequin. Next up are these trendy boxes I purchased from Michaels. The first one I will show you has a neat design with gold foiling, adding a nice contrast to the subtle print. This box was available in different sizes but the one I bought had enough room for four racks. In these next few pictures you will see what is holding up the bracelets. You might be wondering what is holding up the dowels? I used leather glue.... The placing of the half circles took a bit of planning to make sure the rows would be evenly spaced. I couldn't leave out the cuffs for men. This box was a bit larger than the previous box. I used the same supplies as I used for the first rack.

allconsuming - one life Beyond The Picket Fence: How Did You Paint That? This is probably the number one question I get--how did you paint that, what is your paint technique? Honestly, I am not sure I have a technique, but I will attempt to share with you what I do. However, I do have a disclaimer: I have been painting furniture for a dozen years. My style or technique has evolved and changed and developed over those years, and I am sure it will continue to do so. I also believe that I might have a knack for it, it comes easily and naturally to me--how I paint a particular thing is often a feeling or instinct. I am showing this on a piece of pallet wood--all wood and furniture is different and take the paint and stain differently. As I have said many times, I slap some paint on. I do not clean off my brush between colors, but I do brush it on wood until most of the color is gone. I wait a bit for the paint to dry. When the paint is dry (again, mostly dry anyway), I sand it--sometimes a lot, sometimes very little. I cover the paint/piece of wood completely.

AfriGadget How To: Create Easy Rolled Paper Art Previous image Next image Make some easy, inexpensive art with a shadowbox, scissors, and colored paper! I'm always looking for ways to add a little color and variety to my walls, and it always helps if the materials are super cheap — or even better, just laying around my house! Materials: • A shadowbox frame (I used the 9x9 Ribba from Ikea.)• Lots of colored paper• Scissors• Pencil, paintbrush, nail, or any other slender object to wrap paper around Time: 2-3 hours, depending on size of project 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. MORE DIY ART ON APARTMENT THERAPY:• 10 DIY Wall Art Ideas That Anyone Can Do • It's Easy, Baby: DIY Abstract Art with a Twist • Meg's DIY Wall Art: $10 & 10 Minutes (Images: Sarah Dobbins)

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