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Dream yards... with a challenge for you

Dream yards... with a challenge for you
Hi everyone! Welcome back to yet another riveting Junkers United, where 11 junkers gather ’round to show you what they’ve made out of… you guessed it… junk! If you’re new here, I’m Donna, a self proclaimed junkaholic and welcome to my little junk haunt where I share everything from rusty stuff, to things I rust […] Welcome to Party Junk 234 – reclaimed wood projects Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello everyone! Ready for my most favourite topic ever? Let’s talk about reclaimed wood projects!

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Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Paper Mache Boat Pattern Difficulty Level: Suspended Snap Lamps: Endless Modular Lighting System These are the lights that never end – they just go on and on my friends … at least until you choose to cap them or complete a circuit. Debuting at ICFF 2011, these modules present infinite possibilities for snapping together your own custom-curved, go-anywhere modern hanging chandeliers. A series of semi-cylinders attaches one to the next, end to end, some continuing straight while others let you bend and twist as desired. Jason Miller is a Brooklyn design native with a sense for timeliness and timelessness alike, famous in part for antler-shaped and other quirky-but-contemporary lighting systems.

Daily Dolan Geiman December is such a wonderful time for visiting with great friends and family. Often times, though, the holidays bring some extra stress to our lives making it hard to juggle work, extra visits, holiday errands and baking. Below are a few seasonal root vegetable recipes to help keep you grounded and nourish your house guests. salvaged barnwood headboard Lately we’ve been getting more requests for furniture DIY projects. Luckily this awesome tutorial from Sarah Torrence of 508 Restoration & Design for a salvaged barnwood headboard landed in my inbox, and was just too pretty to pass up. Due to their size and the amount of use they receive, headboards can be intimidating, even if the form is fairly straightforward.

Simply Vintagegirl Blog » Blog Archive » Tutorial: How to Make Lovely Fabric Flowers 29 May 2010 These elegant fabric flowers are very simple to make . . . and only take a few basic supplies. The finished product is delightfully lovely, and at times can look like a real flower! Every flower will turn out differently and that is part of the beauty!

Liquid Lamps When you're a performance artist, creating the right ambience in your show is everything. It all starts with lighting. So two years ago, my partner and I decided to build a lamp that would capture the aquatic theme of a show that our company, Radiohole, was putting on. We wanted to make a lightbulb look like it was submerged in water, so we used mineral oil, a liquid that's clear and nonconductive (we spilled a lot of oil before finally hitting on a fixture that was both portable and leakproof). We were also looking for a dynamic effect, so we ran a pump from a fish tank to blow bubbles in the oil, making it look as if it's boiling from the bulb's heat. The final design of the lamps wound up looking so good onstage that many people asked us about getting them for their homes.

How About Orange Here's a look at our upstairs guest bathroom. Last night I covered an accent wall with removable wallpaper. I love it! This bathroom has a peculiar layout. You walk in past the shower stall on the right, and when you hit the sink, you turn right to get to the toilet. Which is under a lovely arch at the end of a passage that is almost long enough to feel like a hallway. Lace lamp/Doiliy Lamp – DIY We are at our little cottage in Dalarna and we are fixing it up. So we are able to use it even in the winter. (Dalarna is in th middle/north of Sweden. To me and Jenny it’s north but Sweden is a very tall country so I guess we are not even in the middle). Anyway it’s great cause I have the time and space to do lots of DIY projects.

DIY Macrame Bracelet Growing up by the beach in Southern California, the ability to knot a macrame bracelet was practically a right of passage. Although those days are long behind us, we’ve never forgotten the ever-so-simple square knot technique. This time, however, we’re replacing hemp and wooden beads for more updated elements like colorful nylon cord and glossy metal charms.

Corrugated Glow Step #3: Attach the corrugated plastic. PrevNext Roll up the corrugated plastic into a tube, over- lapping the first and last ribs. This material is stiff enough that it will try to spring open again, so be careful!

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