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Reporters sans frontières

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sans titre This page is not available in your language. Slippage at the top Finland (1st), Norway (2nd) and Denmark (3rd) continued to head the index but their performance scores fell. In Finland, growing competition drove media groups into mergers in order to be able to lay off staff. As a result, there was an inevitable decline in the volume of media content available to the public. A collateral effect of the reduction in the number of newsrooms was a loss of independence. Watchdog Newsletter The Watchdog, formerly Flash News, is the MRC's monthly newsletter. The eight-page publication features a letter from MRC President L. Brent Bozell and reviews MRC and activities and projects. Misinfo Nation - Internet Citizen In today’s media climate, it’s becoming harder and harder to tell what’s real and what isn’t. We’re bombarded daily with information — and misinformation — that’s trying to change the way we think about our government, our leaders, and even each other. Misinfo Nation, an Original Short Film from Mozilla We invite you to watch Mozilla’s original documentary short film, Misinfo Nation: Misinformation, Democracy, and the Internet.

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