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JavaScript Frameworks for Desktop & Mobile. Build HTML5 Apps for Any Browser.

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Java Component UI Library for Google Web Toolkit What is Sencha GXT Sencha GXT is the fastest, most powerful way to create rich web-based applications using Java. Sencha GXT uses the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) compiler that allows you to write your applications in Java and compile your code into highly optimized cross-browser HTML5 and JavaScript. Sencha GXT takes GWT to the next level, giving you high-performance widgets, feature-rich templates and layouts, advanced charting, data loaders and stores, and much more.

iPhone Emulator for Windows Web Image MobiOne Studio Build cross-platformmobile apps in minutes more details CQRS : A Cross Examination Of How It Works About 3 years ago I went to a talk given my some dude on CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation). At the time I thought mmm that's a neat idea, but I could not really see how it applied to my every day job. So I kind of forgot about it a bit. 2 years or so pass, and the place where I work hired this new dude, turns out it was the guy that did the talk on CQRS. That person is Ashic Mahtab whom I have now had the pleasure to work with. Working with Ashic on a day to day basis spiked my interest in CQRS again. Building Your First PHP-Based Mobile Application In Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP select File | New | Flex Mobile and PHP Project to create a new Flex Mobile and PHP project. Figure 5: Create PHP Project dialog Call the PHP project PHPMobileService and be sure to set the appropriate web root and root URL for a local application server, and validate the configuration (see figure 5).

Studio - Mobile Application Designer mobileFX Studio has a unique and powerful WYSIWYG Page Designer for designing scrollable variable-height Pages, with Rich Text Styles, Images and User Interface Controls. In a Page you can add both inline and absolute positioned elements, matching the esthetics and lay-outing demands of modern mobile applications. A fundamental requirement was to offer methodologies for designing applications for almost every screen size. For that reason mobileFX Studio has a Theme Composition Tool with Image Anchoring and Image Skinning features, helping developers design Pages with unified look and feel for any Screen Size.

Plug-in for Eclipse - The easiest way to get started with Vaadin development is to install the Vaadin Plug-in for Eclipse. You don't need to download or install anything else but the plug-in to your Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (Ganymede or newer) to start development. Learn more about the features. Download and install To install the plugin: Free, open-source framework The Adobe USA site has been optimized for users within the United States. If you live outside the U.S., we recommend that you visit your local site for the most relevant information, including pricing, promotions, and local events. United States Canada - English

c# - Entity framework with repository and Unit Of Work pattern and POCO architecture - is this right? This is my architecture to EF4 using repository pattern and unit of work pattern with POCO. I believe I made some mistakes. Here is the architecture: I have a solution with 5 projects: MyApp.CommonMyApp.Data.EF4MyApp.Domain.CompanyMyApp.Domain.TransmissionMyApp.Web In addition, I am using StructureMap in this application in order to inject the data layer.

Support A wide range of options. Whether you need the kind of support provided by ongoing access to Sencha engineers or just ad-hoc help with a problem every now and then, we’ve got you covered. From training and Professional Services to paid support subscriptions to our knowledgeable and enthusiastic Sencha community, there’s not a problem that can’t be solved. Get help from peers and assist others through Sencha community resources: Getting Started with Android Studio Before installing the Android SDK, you must agree to the following terms and conditions. Terms and Conditions This is the Android Software Development Kit License Agreement 1. Introduction

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