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Thinking of U and I -

Thinking of U and I -
Rich user interface components By building your application from the hundreds of polished components that are available, you can focus on designing the best user experience. Built on HTML5 Lightning fast rendering and modern web technologies let you move even the most demanding applications to the web platform with ease. No need for installations or plug-ins. Looks matter Your application is percieved to be as good as its user interface. Use one of the amazing themes bundled with Vaadin or create a tailored look and feel for your application.

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Vaadin Features[edit] Vaadin uses Google Web Toolkit for rendering the resulting web page. While the way Vaadin uses Google Web Toolkit could lead to trust issues – it only operates client-side (i.e., in a web browser's JavaScript engine) – Vaadin adds server-side data validation to all actions. This means that if the client data is tampered with, the server notices this and doesn't allow it. Vaadin's default component set can be extended with custom GWT widgets and themed with CSS.

Android open source move could boost Java and aid in legal battles with Oracle Google's planned mobile operating system, which has been referred to as Android N, will leverage OpenJDK APIs rather than Google's own Java implementation alone. The move has been praised as good for Java overall and might help the company in its ongoing legal battle with Oracle. Oracle has griped that Android violates Java copyrights and patents. OpenJDK provides an accessible open source version of Java.

RHSD - Innovation with Color This post imbues the importance of innovation with color in data visualization, offers a variety of resources and reference materials, and encourages personal innovation with color as absolutely vital to moving your visual communication of data forward in Tableau. The effective use of color is fundamental to the visual communication of data. As our eyes take in color, they communicate with the hypothalamus, which in turn signals the pituitary gland. Then, on to the endocrine system, the thyroid gland signals the release of hormones. 15 Javascript Web UI Libraries, Frameworks and Toolkits Almost all of the rich web applications that we currently see on the web today rely on a subtle set of UI controls, libraries or frameworks (or toolkits) that not only greatly simplify application development, they also provide a consistent, reliable, and highly interactive User Interface. What more could you ask for? Currently, there are a wide varied range of Web UI frameworks covering varied languages – for today we will focus on Javascript Web UI libraries. Not all libraries are suited for every project, but most developers will still rely on a single UI framework, a faithful friend they will always turn to in times of need…

Plug-in for Eclipse - The easiest way to get started with Vaadin development is to install the Vaadin Plug-in for Eclipse. You don't need to download or install anything else but the plug-in to your Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (Ganymede or newer) to start development. Learn more about the features. Download and install To install the plugin: Select Install New Software... from the Help -menu Add new update site: Eclipse 3.5 and newer: Eclipse 3.4: Visual Designer not available in the Eclipse 3.4 version. Java: The once and future king of Internet programming What is Java to you? A programming language you learned in college? The lingua franca of corporate IT? Would you believe that Java is poised to dominate the next explosion of the Internet?

How Colors in Business Dashboards Affect Users' Decision Making Contributed articles By Palash Bera Communications of the ACM, Vol. 59 No. 4, Pages 50-57 10.1145/2818993 Comments Business dashboards help users visually identify trends, patterns, and anomalies in order to make effective decisions.1 Dashboards often use a variety of colors to differentiate and identify objects.2 Although using colors might improve visualization, overuse or misuse can distract users and adversely affect decision making. This article tests this effect with the help of eye-tracking technology. Back to Top Key Insights

Web UI Frameworks Worth a Try We have been used to the fact that every second site looks like Twitter. That's because of their awesome Bootstrap UI framework. We've seen CSS frameworks before, but all of them were narrow enough to solve one problem at a time.