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Introduction to Sass for New WordPress Theme Designers As a new WordPress theme designer, you would quickly learn the challenges of maintaining long CSS files while keeping them organized, scalable, and readable. You will also learn that many designers and front-end developers recommend using a CSS preprocessor language like Sass or LESS. But what are these things? Lazy.js - v0.3.2 Lazy.js it a utility library for JavaScript, similar to Underscore and Lo-Dash but with one important difference: lazy evaluation (also known as deferred execution). This can translate to superior performance in many cases, especially when dealing with large arrays and/or "chaining" together multiple methods. For simple cases (map, filter, etc.) on small arrays, Lazy's performance should be similar to Underscore or Lo-Dash.

by Greg Franko Turns this Description SelectBoxIt allows you to replace ugly and hard to use HTML select boxes with gorgeous and feature rich drop downs. Twitter Bootstrap, jQueryUI, and jQuery Mobile themes are supported right out of the box. If you don't want to use these a library theme, then you can use the SelectBoxIt default theme, which closely resembles the Twitter Bootstrap theme. Feel free to customize the default theme to your liking.

turn.js - The page flip effect for HTML5 Turn.js is a JavaScript library that will make your content look like a real book or magazine using all the advantages of HTML5. The web is getting beautiful with new user interfaces based in HTML5; turn.js is the best fit for a magazine, book or catalog based in HTML5. Let's code <div id="flipbook"><div class="hard"> Turn.js </div><div class="hard"></div><div> Page 1 </div><div> Page 2 </div><div> Page 3 </div><div> Page 4 </div><div class="hard"></div><div class="hard"></div></div> Features ✓ Works on iPad and iPhone. ✓ Simple, beautiful and powerful API. ✓ Allows to load pages dynamically through Ajax requests. ✓ Pure HTML5/CSS3 content. ✓ Two transition effects. ✓ Works in old browsers such as IE 8 with turn.html4.js

Dan Palmer Websites have a responsibility to users to accurately tell them how good a password is, and this is not an easy job. If your password is 8 characters long and only formed of lower case characters, you need to make it better, perhaps by adding a number or more characters. If your password is 25 characters long but happens to not contain a number, you shouldn't be forced by a password security policy to add one, you clearly have a very secure password. Complexify aims to provide a good measure of password complexity for websites to use both for giving hints to users in the form of strength bars, and for casually enforcing a minimum complexity for security reasons. Note: I use the term 'casually' because this is only client-side validation and anyone could turn it off. I recommend implementing a minimum length check server-side as well.

Less Framework 4 I called Less Framework "a CSS grid system for designing adaptive websites". It was basically a fixed-width grid that adapted to a couple of then popular screen widths by shedding some of its columns. It also had matching typographic presets to go with it, built with a modular scale based on the golden ratio. SweetAlert A beautiful replacement for Javascript's "Alert" So... What does it do? Default 1 Purpose of this project. After a lot of successful web projects, I found myself writing almost same code over and over again. Sometimes, I copied codes I wrote before, and sometimes I had to create a new one. Even though there are a lot of websites which share web designs, I decided to create one to share layouts.

Badger - Notification Super sexy iOS style badges for jQuery May 14, 2011 Give your users a dose of familiarity with iOS style badges. kiNotice: A jQuery Notification Plugin There are a few ways you can introduce a notification message window to a visitor; at the top, in the middle, or at the bottom of the screen (the side are usually reserved for ads and widgets like social media icons). I for one personally think that the best place to put your notification without the risk of obstructing your visitor’s view of your site is at the bottom of the page, which brings us to the main focus of this article. Serban Ghita developed and introduced a nice versatile jQuery plugin called kiNotice that lets you put a nifty notification box at the bottom right corner of the page. There are eight different styles for you to choose from. Get the DEMO and DOWNLOAD. Below are some random examples and the code you put in your HTML to call in the plugin:

User Interface UI Kit Introduction Gumby v2 is here. You haven't a moment to waste! So many new, amazing features await you! But first a quick crash course on the latest and greatest Gumby Framework. Some things you will need with you on this journey are: Colorpicker and Datepicker for Twitter Bootstrap - Stefan Petre Datepicker Add datepicker picker to field or to any other element. can be used as a componentformats: dd, d, mm, m, yyyy, yyseparators: -, /, . Download & docs

a collection of menus, galleries and web resources Yens tabbed navigation Tabbed menu boxes useful for displaying small amount of information or images. Coda slider Slide text or images with the top tabs or side arrows. Tabbed content slider An elegant way to display small amounts of text or images with top tabs indicating the current 'page' or window. Getting Started NativeScript strips the complexity from native development both in terms of required coding skills and system setup. To get started, you need JavaScript or TypeScript knowledge to implement your business logic, XML and CSS knowledge to design your UI and an idea for a mobile app. You do not need Java or Objective-C knowledge. Once you have your app idea, you can get started in a few minutes.

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