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Best ways to sell your stuff Best ways to sell your stuff When to use auctions, consignment shops, Web sites, or yard sales to turn your unwanted things into needed cash Last reviewed: July 2009 Are your closets and cupboards bursting with possessions you no longer need? Tim Luke, an appraiser and auctioneer in Hobe Sound, Fla., who stars in HGTV's "Cash in the Attic," says, "From my travels around the country, I'm convinced that the average household has $1,000 to $2,000 of potential cash in stuff that they don't use." The key to successfully selling your castoffs, obviously enough, is finding the right market for them. So make room in a corner of your garage and fill it with the possessions that you want to unload. Yard sales Called garage sales, yard sales, or tag sales, some people adore this American institution. Best items to sell Yard-sale shoppers are likely to snap up clothing and small household goods at bargain prices. Don't underestimate the importance of "portable." The process Your cost Online sales Print the pre-paid FedEx SmartPost shipping label and packing slip provided by ValoreBooks. This shipping label will allow you to drop off your package at any convenient FedEx location or Post Office. Prepare your items for sellback Books Books may not be accepted for sellback if they exhibit: - Severely damaged book cover, binding, or pages - Severe water damage - Excessive writing or highlighting - ISBN different from ISBN that was quoted - Missing CDs or discs required with the book ELECTRONICS Backup and remove all personal data Disable passwords, screen locks, etc. Important: Please do not send in items that you do not own, or that you have rented from ValoreBooks or another rental provider. Shipment item list: Intermediate Algebra (6th Edition) by Elayn Martin-Gay ISBN: 9780321785046 Item ID: 4364234 Sell Back Quote $51.40 Used Quote valid until 08/11/15 Shipment Total: $51.40 If you do not have a printer, please write all information clearly.

Remove Image Backgrounds Free & Fast - Background Burner - Bonanza Sell Everything — What I Learned Today It was a dream opportunity. In March 2013, my co-founder and I agreed to join MetaLab. I would be joining as Director of Labs to head up a new product division. Before signing the deal, João (my co-founder in Obsorb) and I spent two months in Victoria. Once I knew I’d be joining MetaLab, I assumed I’d just pack up and take everything with me. With that shock, I started seriously playing with the idea of selling everything and buying new once I got there. The first few days back in St. This time, I would act on those feelings. “You are not your things.” “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” - Tyler Durden, Fight Club Below are just a few of the benefits I discovered throughout the process. It’s cheaper than you think In Victoria, I bought new furniture — TV, couch, bed, kitchenware, etc — and still had cash left over from the sale of my old stuff. Style refresh Finding what’s important to you Less to worry about Nostalgia More space A few smiles

Selling Your Old Textbooks - Tips and Resources Updated January 21, 2016. If you are interested in selling your old textbooks for cash, using online resources will help you get the right price and the sale. One common error people often make is to price the book too low just to get rid of it or too high and no one buys it. Timing Is Everything Knowing the best time to sell your textbooks online will give you the competitive edge and help you sell your books at the highest prices. Figuring Out How to Price Your Textbooks Search online stores that specialize in used textbooks to help decide how much money you can ask for your book. continue reading below our video Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Browse your local bookstores and compare prices. Popular Sites Offering Used Textbooks Include: Listing Your Book to Sell Online Find the ISBN number usually found on the back of the book. Listing the Condition of Your Book - Honesty is the Only Policy Below are guidelines to help you determine what best described the condition of your book. Shipping Options

Nadia Eghbal : How to Live in San Francisco on I recently came across Elizabeth Yin’s blog post pointing to growing examples of people living very happily and comfortably on small salaries and describing how she lived in Tokyo on less than $30K/year. I’ve had a similar experience here in San Francisco, where I’ve lived on <$20K/year in the 3 years I’ve been here. I feel very strongly that you don’t need a high income to live wherever you want, and Elizabeth’s post inspired me to finally write about it on here. I’ve done this the right way and the wrong way, so I thought I’d share both of my experiences. Read along and see whether you can guess why one was better than the other. The Wrong Way: 2010-2011 When I first moved to San Francisco in 2010, I came for a fellowship that paid a small stipend for the 9 month duration. Wanting to manage my stipend in the most efficient way possible, I created spreadsheets like this: And this: And micromanaged every spending category to the dollar to make sure I didn’t waste anything. Or start a company.

Make an Extra $50/Week Working for I recently read about a service Amazon provides called Mechanical Turk which intrigued me. Unlike other online sites that look for contract help, the Amazon Mechanical Turk service seemed to offer easy to accomplish tasks that could be completed by almost anyone with a computer. Little to no experience is required for many of the money earning assignments. And that sounded like something perfect for anyone who needed some help to make some cash in exchange for doing some work on a flexible schedule. The more I read about Mechanical Turk the more I came to believe this might be a good resource for my friends and readers to make some good side income with little effort. Now don’t get me wrong, when I talk about a side income, I’m thinking in the $50 a week range but hey, for anyone living on a tight budget, that kind of money means you can treat yourself to something nice instead of dipping into an already tight budget. The Mechanical Turk Article - Home library management web app Sell Possessions Effectively Without Using eBay or Craigslist Selling a lot of things at once can be a daunting task, no matter how you choose to do it. Many like the yard sale route which always seems to be pretty effective. However, that option isn’t always available. Sometimes you don’t live in a prime location or it simply isn’t the season for yard sales. Yep — I created a blog dedicated to selling my possessions. eBay and Craigslist are both great for many different, specialized cases but they couldn’t handle everything I needed to sell. Here are some steps to help you set up your own: Decide what you want to sell as well as take photos of the items. That’s basically it. This is in no way a promotional stunt for my own blog so I won't be linking it here. Good luck with the digital yard sale! (2nd image: Flickr member CaptPiper licensed for use under Creative Commons.)

How to Become a Mystery Shopper Updated February 18, 2015. What is Mystery Shopping: Mystery shopping, also known as secret shopping, involves posing as a regular customer in order to evaluate the goods and services that a business provides. Your findings are reported back to the client, and used to improve their services. How Mystery Shopping Works: A business hires a mystery shopping company to evaluate their services; and the mystery shopping company, in turn, hires shoppers to perform those evaluations. Shoppers are given a list of things to evaluate/note during the shop. how long it takes to be greetedspeed of servicecleanliness of the locationcompliance with company standards – dress code, signage, greetings, etc.listening for specific services to be offerednames/descriptions of employees continue reading below our video Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% After completing a shop, the shopper submits her evaluation and receipts. What Types of Businesses Use Mystery Shoppers: How to Find Mystery Shop Assignments: How to Avoid Scams:

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