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Auditions, Open Casting Calls, Acting Advice, and Reviews

Auditions, Open Casting Calls, Acting Advice, and Reviews
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3,000+ Voice Over Talents Online Open Casting Calls, Free Monologues, and Acting Auditions | Ace Your Audition The Complete And Utter History of My Life In Voiceover - Archive - Recording Software [Obligatory Disclaimer: I am not an accountant. The information in this article is general and based on my experience. Please seek the advice of a qualified accountant when making important decisions about your taxes.] You had great year. So, you go to your tax appointment in high spirits, thinking about that Caribbean vacation you’re going to take with your refund check. Not gonna happen. Your accountant runs the numbers. According to my accountant Joe Howard at Chuck Sloan & Associates, this is a fairly common scenario. So be aware of this potential problem. You can also simply send in both federal and state quarterly estimated payments to help make up the difference, or just put extra money aside in a bank account (but be careful, the government may require certain minimum quarterly payments depending on your income). Be aware, plan ahead, and consult with a qualified tax professional to be safe. See also my previous article Taxes For Voice Actors Tax resources online:

AMERICAN THEATRE | Beyond Training: The Role of Theatre Educators The University of Michigan's "Maize & Blue on Broadway" concert honoring Brent Wagner. (Photo by Jenny Anderson) On May 16, 2016, hundreds of alumni of the University of Michigan’s musical theatre program gathered at the August Wilson Theatre on Broadway to celebrate Brent Wagner, the department chair, on the occasion of his retirement. Many months of planning went into the two-and-a-half-hour evening of songs, sketches, and speeches dedicated to Wagner’s three-decade career at the school. “What was valuable about that was that people were coming together to celebrate their relationships,” says Wagner. The evening was more than an homage to Wagner, who built the BFA musical theatre program when he arrived in 1984. “That was transformational to me,” he says. So he didn’t. In building the BFA curriculum all those years ago, Wagner fought for musical theatre to have a rightful place in higher education. Even on top of that, college performing arts programs can hold super-exclusive status. | #1 Voice Over Marketplace for Voice Over Talent Failing to Understand Together: What Is Theatre Seeking In Current Affairs? | The Theatre Times From the ‘crisis play’ to the ‘memorial play’ to the ‘Syria play,’ current affairs are doing well in theatre. And yet this is not a matter of course for a medium that likes to invoke its slowness with regard to the flow of information that washes over us daily. But perhaps today, Kristof Van Baarle argues, we have a greater need for stories than for information. It was impossible to avoid this spring: the ‘Syria play’ conquered the theatre. Efriede Jelinek’s Die Kontrakte des Kaufmanns. Theatre as a space for truth and insight, and as a place of community: two parameters that we can use to look at the relation between current affairs and theatre. In search therefore of a community with which to share that malaise. If we interpret this correctly, information in this sense is anything but community-stimulating: the current news reporting rather seeks polarization and sensationalism without itself assuming any responsibility. SINCOLLECTIEF’s Reizen Jihad (2015). [2] Op.cit. p. 89.

Fees - What To Charge? Ask Client Questions - Paul Strikwerda VOICE OVER FEESHow Much Should You Charge?First Ask Client These QuestionsPART 1 By Paul Strikwerda Voice Actor If you don’t know what your clients want and need, you’ll never be able to give it to them. Throughout my career I have really tried to educate potential clients. "How much do you charge for a two-minute voice over?” As if we’re talking about a pound of sugar or a gallon of milk. I really can’t answer that question, but if you think you can, I’d like to know: Based on what? In the absence of specifics, most people start making things up. Take it from me: Do not assume you know what your clients want. Amateurs make assumptions. In the wonderful world of voice overs there are many variables to consider before you can come up with a quote. Here's what you need to know before accepting the gig. 1. Is this a project you can handle, technically and artistically? Mediocre demos decrease your chances and give you a bad rep. Advice: Only run a race you believe you can win. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 9.

Be SpectACTive | Be SpectACTive! is a European project based on audience development