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Natasha Tsakos: A multimedia theatrical adventure

Natasha Tsakos: A multimedia theatrical adventure

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A new stage age: why theatres should embrace digital technology Facing the future ... Unlimited's The Moon, the Moon, which invites online public participation. Photograph: Robert Day There was a time, back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when "multimedia" was a real buzzword. In practice, what this meant was a few video screens dotted around a venue, merely the borrowed trappings of technology rather than a geniune attempt to make art or engage audiences in new ways. But the growth of pervasive media and digital technologies is offering theatre-makers and audiences unprecedented new challenges and opportunities.

Digital Drama: The technology transforming theatre "Vidiots, they sometimes call us," admits Timothy Bird. Some people in the theatre industry don't take kindly to the innovations that Mr Bird and his team at Knifedge are introducing to the stage. Innovations like a computer-generated avatar sword-fighting an actor live on stage in his most recent show Pippin, transporting the audience to the world of a computer game. The Choreography of Attention At nearly every VR related conference I’ve been to someone either on stage or in discussions steadfastly claims: You can not edit in VR. Usually this is followed by a quip about teleporting audience members from place to place and how ‘just not real that is.’ I’m not sure how this strange notion got started, but let me assure you: it’s all lies. Lies I tell you! Seriously people. You have to stop saying this.

so good to see an individual so passionate about her craft. the depth she has created in her character is amazing. by shaunaobrien Feb 10

Natasha seems so passionate in her art. It's great how she brings technology to art and really expands the theatre. It's fascinating how she uses the sounds and video as actors to work with. by katetunney Feb 4

I thought that the way Natasha used technology in her performance piece was a good example of how different forms of performance and media can make you interpret the artform. She was able to establish a connection with the audience and the viewer and the experience was something that I had not seen before. by rorymoore Jan 27

I think that the way Nathasa as an artist wants to express herself is outstanding. She created a magic experience for her audience by using technology. It is surpricing me as I wasn't a big fan of using technology in performance arts. She is not only uses it as support, but also as her partner on the stage. This 'partnership' gives a very positive results. Well done Natasha! by patryks Jan 27

I enjoyed Natasha's use of anecdotes and how she related art, science and technology to eachother. Found it very interesting and wanted to find out more... by katieseville Jan 27

I loved her energy and use of technology. It was very interesting to watch and she really kept my interest and the interest of the crowd. by melissahersee Jan 24

I loved Natasha's cool, energetic style. Natasha's performance was as eloquent as her clear, insightful and interesting talk. by maresehickey Jan 23

I love the way she interacts with the technology. I also find it really interesting that she used to be a street performer. by fayemiller Jan 22

Quite interesting how she talked about the connection between art and science. Up wake looked pretty cool, and how it was mainly created through simple technology by helenaburns Jan 22