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SpaceFinder LA | LA Stage Alliance and Fractured Atlas. SIX DEGREES | Henry Ravelo. Grants. Theaters — Curating Los Angeles. California Shakespeare Theater - Employment. Community Participation Coordinator The Community Participation Coordinator (CPC) is a part-time position dedicated to stewarding community relationships between Cal Shakes and a diverse spectrum of individuals and organizations across the Bay Area.

Reporting to the Director of Artistic Engagement, this position plays a key role in The Triangle Lab, Cal Shakes’ research and development wing, in which we explore how to bring together theaters, communities, and artists to ignite change. The CPC will be the primary person tasked with reaching out to new partners for Triangle Lab and Main Stage programs as well as nurturing Cal Shakes’s existing community relationships. For more information and details on applying, please read the full job description here. Patron Services Associates Know someone who wants to be involved in theater, likes talking to people, and needs a little extra money?

StageSceneLA. A World War I-era interracial love story seen through a 1960s Civil Rights Movement lens gets revived for 21st Century audiences as The Antaeus Company presents Alice Childress’s Wedding Band: A Love/Hate Story In Black And White, a compelling, thought-provoking look at how things were, how they have changed, and how much remains the same. Julia (Veralyn Jones) and Herman (John Prosky) have been “Black And White” lovers as of ten years ago today, though Julia’s new neighbors remain as yet unaware of the seamstress’s against-the-law relationship, Julia having long ago learned that the truth could in fact do quite the opposite of setting Herman and her free. With Herman headed on over for a 10th-anniversary celebratory visit, Julia has no choice but to reveal the truth about her relationship to her neighbors, though even her insistence that “the way you and your husband feel, that’s the way it is with me and Herman. We love each other.

Under Gregg T. The Federal Bar » Events. Private Events The Federal Bar is available to rent in whole or in part. THE FEDERAL design features two distinct mixed contemporary and traditional bars on the ground floor – each has its own style and charm with a flair for the 1930’s and prohibition era. Windows opening to the street pushing light off of the resurfaced industrial brick walls, period furniture with a modern style, adding to the premise upstairs, an expansive room with opulent wood floors, treated windows, intimate booths, cushioned leather chairs, private rooms, and a small but decorative stage. Back lounge parlors, open to the public, with a speak-easy theme and a gorgeous outdoor patio, only add to the charm of this 1926 North Hollywood building.

Premium sound and flat screens tie in the old with the new and abound through the venue. Great space for: Film Shoots | Weddings | Wrap Parties | Benefits | Press Events | Mitzvah’s | Birthdays | Screenings | and more… Second Level Floor Plan PDF Production Specs PDF. So you want to enter a Theatre Festival – but which one? – The Producer's Perspective. So you want to enter a Theatre Festival – but which one? One of my go-to recommendations for my writer consultation clients with new works is to hit the festival circuit. While there are definitely some cons to being one show in a sea of so many others (can’t choose your venue, physical production limited to the set-up/strike time, etc.), the long list of pros usually makes it worth at least submitting the application to see if you get in (and if you don’t, you’ve learned something already – maybe it’s time to do a redraft).

My clients inevitably ask, “Which festivals should I enter and how do I find out the info?” I always rattle off a few, and they jot ’em down, and inevitably I end up wondering, “Why isn’t there a list of the most important festivals online somewhere?” And the way my mind works, if I can’t find something that I think should exist, well, then, I just make it myself. So that’s what I did! This blog contains a list of a bunch of theater festivals around the world. LA THEATRES : LA Bitter Lemons. CommunityWalk Map – Los Angeles Theatre Venues Who said Los Angeles is not a theatre city?

Bitter Lemons is here to prove you otherwise! Listing your venue with address on the map is complimentary. If you would like to add your venue’s contact info, website link and logo to the Theatre map, we can do so for a minimal charge of $9.99/month or $99/yr. Email us at if you are interested. Listing your venue below is complimentary as well. Submit your Los Angeles based theater to by providing us with the following information: Name of Theater Logo in .jpg format Address Contact phone Email Website addressTheme of theater productions (i.e.

Hey Vanity Fair, We Don't Need Movie Reenactments to "Save" L.A. Theater. Click to enlarge Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally in Annapurna. Behold, a good L.A. play! Starring celebrities! Vanity Fair has its head lodged so far up its ass, it's seeing stars. In Jimmy Im's April 10 story on how For The Record (a cabaret/theater show now in West Hollywood) is going to "save" L.A. theater from itself, he opens with fighting words: "Los Angeles is teeming with actors, so why is the theater so bad? " The story then goes on to praise For the Record's "innovative concept" of using the children of Hollywood stars as actors (like Rumer Willis, daughter of Demi Moore) and have them act out songs and scenes from movies directed by Hollywood legends such as Quentin Tarantino and Baz Luhrmann.

"The idea is simple: find a brilliant cast of Hollywood starlets who can sing and act, throw them on stage with handsome, theater-experienced guys and have them re-enact memorable film scenes from a famous Hollywood director. See also: Our Theater Reviews. Exercises « #Trayvon: Can’t Get Right — TCG Circle. (Ed. Note: The following blog salon series will focus on how theatre artists are responding to Trayvon Martin’s death, the trial and verdict, and the subsequent cultural response to those events.

This series grew out of a series of discussion between myself, our Diversity & Inclusion salon curator Jacqueline E. Lawton, The New Black Fest’s artistic director Keith Josef Adkins and TCG’s Director of Communications & Conferences Dafina McMillan. If you would like to participate in this series, please email Gus Schulenburg.) “We’re making this play to show that even when we’re right, we can’t get right.” At Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, each rehearsal process kicks off with the following exercise. On this day, the community is a group of young adults on probation or parole in Jamaica, Queens, many with felony convictions. Jones: A community right is getting a job. “I’m speaking on behalf of the cohort.

“We’re making this play to show that even when we’re right, we can’t get right. A Virtual Stage That Bends Reality and Pushes Theater's Boundaries | Wired Design. Mr. & Mrs. Dream is a modern dance show that eschews a traditional set for interactive virtual reality. Image: Dassault Systèmes The magic box is a mobile virtual reality room that is used to project images and track the dancers' movements. Image: Dassault Systèmes The magic box is made of four screens, six projectors and a main computer that controls it all. Image: Dassault Systèmes Kinect sensors track the dancers' motions, which allow for interactive visuals. Image: Dassault Systèmes The Théâtre du Corps is headed by Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault. Mr. & Mrs. There’s a scene in the contemporary ballet Mr. & Mrs. Though the show was conceived and choreographed by Derouault and his partner Marie-Claude Pietragalla, the brains behind Mr. and Mrs.

When the dancers jump, the meteorites bounce. Fittingly, Mr. & Mrs. Six Week VOICE-OVER Course starting in January! Untitled. Home. About - 99-Seats.