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Guardian Membership Foundation Partner. What's On - A Season of Five Plays with over 100,000 tickets at £10. Gielgud Theatre. The Gielgud Theatre is a West End theatre, located on Shaftesbury Avenue in the City of Westminster, London, at the corner of Rupert Street.

Gielgud Theatre

The house currently has 986 seats on three levels. History[edit] Early years[edit] The theatre opened on 27 December 1906 as the Hicks Theatre in honour of actor, manager and playwright Seymour Hicks, for whom it was built. Designed by W.G.R. National Theatre. Donmar Warehouse. Shakespearean London Theatres. The Fortune replaced the Rose as the main Philip Henslowe/Edward Alleyn playhouse.

Shakespearean London Theatres

Located between Whitecross Street, and Golding Lane, at Fortune Street, Clerkenwell, this outdoor playhouse opened in 1600, staging plays by Christopher Marlowe, George Chapman, Thomas Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy, and Thomas Dekker’s The Shoemaker’s Holiday. When it burned down in 1621 it was immediately replaced by a second Fortune, which staged plays until the outbreak of the civil wars in 1642. Read more about this location... Narrative contexts In 1611 Thomas Dekker and Thomas Middleton put on a collaborative effort entitled The Roaring Girl at the Fortune, a play that created a major stir by dramatizing the real-life behaviour of one Marion Frith (popularly known as ‘Moll Cutpurse’).

Site of Burbage's The Theatre and the Curtain Theatre, Curtain Road Shoreditch. Early theatres - History of theatres - Exploring Theatres - Resources - The Theatres Trust. Early theatres The first buildings used for theatrical performances in Britain were amphitheatres introduced by the Romans, who copied theatres from ancient Greece.

Early theatres - History of theatres - Exploring Theatres - Resources - The Theatres Trust

These were semi-circular structures, constructed of wood initially and later rebuilt in stone. They were open to the air with banked seating surrounding a raised stage. Shakespeares Globe. Shakespeare's Globe. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford apon Avon - Elizabeth Scott (1932) ASC Staunton VA. The History of Theatre According to Dr Jack: An Outline of Theatre History: Origins through English Restoration. The Origins of Theatre storytelling mimesis ritual Egypt: Abydos Passion Play - Ikhernofret Stone 1868 B.C.

The History of Theatre According to Dr Jack: An Outline of Theatre History: Origins through English Restoration

Greece: Festival of Dionysu: from dithyramb to tragedy The Theatre of Ancient Greece Social and Historical Background a “Golden Age” in Athens: democratic government philosophy art & architecture theatre Thespis and the City Dionysia (534 B.C.E.) Plays and Playwrights: Tragedy Aeschylus (c. 523 -- 456 B.C.) Prometheus Bound The Oresteia -- trilogy (458 B.C.) Aeschylus introduces 2nd actor reduces size of chorus incorporates spectacle (possibly introducing scene painting) Sophocles (c. 496 -- 406 B.C.)

Oedipus Rex (c. 430 -- 425 B.C.) Theater Tickets. Welcome to Soho Theatre On Demand. The Wind in the Willows — Productions — Royal Opera House. 26 November 2014—17 January 2015 Vaudeville Theatre The Vaudeville Theatre in the West End hosts choreographer and director Will Tuckett’s hugely popular and critically acclaimed Christmas production of Kenneth Grahame’s classic tale.

The Wind in the Willows — Productions — Royal Opera House

When to see it Introduction Follow the riverbank adventures of reckless Toad and his long-suffering friends, Ratty, Mole and Badger. Background Will Tuckett brings The Wind in the Willows to life through action, dance, song, music and puppetry. The escapades of the reckless Toad and his long-suffering friends Ratty, Mole and wise Badger, are brought to life in a magical, riverside setting. About Us - V&A Victoria and Albert Museum MoC. Punch and Judy Alec R Brooking FRPS. Little Angel Theatre. Regent's Park Open Air Theatre.

Adelina Patti Theatre

The Theatres Trust. Jisc National, Academic and Specialist Library Catalogue. British Library catalogues. OpenISBN - ISBN Search & Free Book Data Download. The online resource for visual arts - Collections. The VADS image catalogue provides access to the following collections: African and Asian Visual Artists Archiveinfo | images Basic Design Collection: Bretton Hallinfo | images Central Saint Martins:Museum & Study Collectioninfo | images Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Northern Italian Sketchbookinfo | images Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Irelandinfo | images Crafts Study Centre: University for the Creative Arts at Farnhaminfo | images.

the online resource for visual arts - Collections

Duxford Radio Society. BVWS - British Vintage Wireless Society. 1066 Pianos - Workshops - From our workshops in Cambridge, England. From our workshops in Cambridge, England.

1066 Pianos - Workshops - From our workshops in Cambridge, England.

With more than 10,000 square feet of space devoted to our line of work, our workshops are among the few largest still in existence. Furthering our commitment to quality, all work is carried out at our family workshops by our very own Cambridge artisans, technicians and craftsmen. Engineered to be exceptional. From initial concept through to their execution, a 1066 piano is designed to be truly exceptional. In the 1066 Workshops irreplaceable, time-proven experience combines with computer-aided design (CAD) to dramatic effect.

Finely attunedto perform. Our master technicians fulfill the original designer’s vision with their outstanding ability, experience and technical knowledge that enable the impressive dynamic response for which a 1066 piano has become internationally renowned. Exquisitely tailored. As with an bespoke tailored suit, your piano should be a ‘perfect fit’ for you — and you alone. Virtuoso. The invisible self-play system. BBC Radio 4 - The Film Programme. The Cinemile. S.I. Martin - Author. Radio Garden – French Radio London. Cover and Introduction to his Dictionary - Samuel Johnson [1747] Entymology & Derivation - Samuel Johnson. Syntax - Samuel Johnson. Phrases & Quotations. Meaning What matters is what something is, not what it is called.

Phrases & Quotations

Origin From Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, 1600: 'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.What's Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot,Nor arm, nor face, nor any other partBelonging to a man. A story, much favoured by tour guides and as such highly suspect, is that in this line Shakespeare was also making a joke at the expense of the Rose Theatre. See other phrases and sayings from Shakespeare.