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6 outils pour créer vos infographies facilement via

6 outils pour créer vos infographies facilement via

Related:  Infografica A Dumbass’s Guide to the Super Bowl [infographic] January 31, 2014 by infographicworld Don’t know much about football? We can help. We may not be able to turn you into a loud-mouthed pundit, but here are the basic elements you need to know to watch Sunday’s Super Bowl for something other than the commercials.

Social Consumers and the Science of Sharing [INFOGRAPHIC] If you're buying a car, do you check Facebook? Or do you read up on Kelley Blue Book values and scour the company website for every spec, from horsepower to miles per gallon? What about music — do you check Top 40 radio charts or scope out what your Facebook friends are actually listening to on Spotify? Social media has infiltrated the purchasing funnel, helping consumers make informed decisions, from what to have for lunch to where to go on vacation. Depending on the decision, sometimes you turn to your social graph, and sometimes you turn to Google. Niice: A search engine for designers, powered by Behance, Dribbble and Designspiration Headlining our list of 20 useful tools and resources for Web designers, Niice is a visual search engine built to inspire you. Powered by Behance, Dribbble and Designspiration, Niice pulls in content from these sources (more will be added soon) and displays them in a simple, easy-to-consume grid. For example, if you were to search for “black and white script lettering,” you’d end up with results like these: On the opposite end of the spectrum, a search for “orange elephant” yields the following: The site, which was created by ARMSTRONG & CO in Northern Ireland, features nice subtle touches throughout its design, including the way text links appear on hover to reveal what source an image came from.

10 Useful Web Tools for Creating Online Quizzes and Polls February, 2014 Following the visual I posted here a couple of weeks ago featuring the differences between formative and summative assessments, somebody shared with the link to this Listly list that comprises dozens of interesting web tools to create online assessments. I have already reviewed some of the tools mentioned in this list in separate posts here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning but I also found out new tools I did not know about. I am re-sharing the whole list created below and I invite you to spend some time sifting through its content. Enjoy Infographic of the Day: Which Burger Chains Dominate the U.S. La America is littered with fast food restaurants. But which ones dominate in each region? You might be surprised. WeatherSealed analyzed location data for eight of the country's major burger chains, and mapped the results--with a twist: Each individual restaurant location has equal power.

25+ Creative Infographics That will make you Look Twice Infographics, provide a great way to visualize a topic that would be hard to understand when reading. Infographics are present to us in media sources like magazines, television, books, posters, signs, and anything else that has complex information. Let’s be honest, we tend to get bored with reading too much text and it’s rather difficult to understand descriptive information especially if they signify numbers or statistics. To make things easier, we use graphs, illustrations and flowcharts to make them visually appealing yet, at the same time, easy to understand. So here is a creative showcase of well designed infographics for your inspiration.

2011 "Crowdsourcing Industry Landscape" [INFOGRAPHIC] Summary Examples of crowdsourcing initiatives are organized under's seven top-level industry categories: - Crowdfunding - Cloud Labor - Collective Creativity - Open Innovation - Collective Knowledge - Community Building - Civic Engagement We have also included a selection of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding tools that support collaboration, communication and sharing amongst distributed groups of people. All sites are listed in’s Directory of Sites (see sites main menu) where you are able to click-through and read detailed information on each site. Description [INFOGRAPHIC UPDATED 23 May 2011] We are pleased to publish our 2011 Crowdsourcing Industry Landscape. Rethink the Airline Boarding Pass You’re standing in an airport. For many, airports can feel overwhelming. In a busy, fast-moving environment, knowing where you need to be, at what time and how to navigate the airport labyrinth is crucial.

flipgrid questions en lignes The website located at and the mobile application called “Flipgrid” (the "App" and, together with the website, the "Site") and the services offered through the Site (the "Services") are copyrighted works belonging to Vidku, Inc. ("Flipgrid", "us", "our", and "we"). Certain features of the Site or Services may be subject to additional guidelines, terms, or rules, which will be posted on the Site or Services in connection with such features. All such additional terms, guidelines, and rules are incorporated by reference into these Terms. In the event of a conflict between the additional terms and any provision in these Terms, the additional terms will prevail, but only with respect to the Service to which the additional terms apply.

Cool Infographics book by Randy Krum published Randy Krum, who runs, has just had his book, Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design published by Wiley. With over 100 examples from infographic designers around the world, he covers the “how-tos” of Infographics that starts from information discovery and creating the story to spreading the word through smart SEO techniques. The Amazon Kindle version is now available, and other book sites will have an ebook version available in a couple weeks.

10 Awesome Free Tools To Make Infographics Advertisement Who can resist a colourful, thoughtful venn diagram anyway? In terms of blogging success, infographics are far more likely to be shared than your average blog post.

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