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Grow Productivity by 50% with a Hosted Social LMS There is a dichotomy in business today. On the one hand, companies today have never had greater access to the tools and resources needed to enhance worker productivity. On the other hand however, employees have never had more diverse and disparate sources of information as they do now. Modern workers may be required to spend up to 50% of their work time in non-productive activities like learning new processes, searching for archived data or reviewing the latest methods for accomplishing a standard job task. This is the inefficient side of rapid business change.

25 Trends Disrupting Education Right Now 25 Trends Disrupting Education Right Now by Terry Heick Disruption doesn’t sound like a pretty word, but in the long run, it can be a beautiful thing. Disruption is about shifting power. Eroding patterns. Breaking the system. E-Learning End Users Have Spoken Recently, I conducted an emerging technology survey related to e-learning and the results show that end users are utilizing technology more then ever before and are seeking product features that LMS and content authoring tools, do not offer at this current time. With an increase in e-learning sales a, projections of 7.1 billion dollars (USD) by 2015 and an increase in competition in the space, it is time for vendors to act. The days of sitting back and waiting to see what others do, no longer exists. Tablets 60% of respondents said they do not own a tablet, but 40% say they do. Of those 40%, iPad and iPad2 represent 51% of the total market.

Jeux Serious Game Classification Jeux Ajouter un nouveau jeu 3290 Jeux Vignettes Détails Taxinomie Gameplay Mots-clés Classer par : Titre Année Support Auteur Editeur Pays History of eLearning Technologies If you are using a learning management system (LMS) at your company, or access your college courses on your iPad, one famous quote rings true: “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once and awhile, you might miss it.” - Ferris Bueller OK, there may be better quotes, but anytime I get to work in that quote, I take the opportunity. I think you get the point.

20 Ways to Seduce Your Learners With Irresistible eLearning Courses 20 Ways to Seduce Your Learners With Irresistible eLearning Courses Are you tired of reading all kinds of tips and tricks that don't work to grab your learner's attention? It's time you do something about it and start captivating your learners for real. Grab your learners attention instantly--just remember these 20 things:

accord accord n. a combination of three or more notes that blend harmoniously when sounded together Accord 50 Ways to Integrate Technology - Ways to Anchor Technology in Your Classroom Tomorrow Using Free Websites as Learning & Teaching Tools 1. Have students use Spelling City to learn their spelling words, vocabulary words, or site words through games, practice, and quizzes. Spelling City is a free resource for teachers. 2.

See Award-winning eLearning in the Best of SolutionFest Webinar on April 3 Meet several Award-winning eLearning solutions in the Best of SolutionFest Free Webinar from The eLearning Guild on April 3 at 10 AM PT. You do not have to be a member of The eLearning Guild to attend this webinar. At Learning Solutions 2013 Conference & Expo, attendees packed the house to see more than 35 conference participants demo their latest eLearning projects during the first annual SolutionFest. Attendees had the opportunity to see a wide variety of solutions to common eLearning challenges, while participants shared information about the tools, technologies and processes used to build them. Winners were selected in eight (8) different categories based on attendee votes. Meet several of this year’s winners in the free Best of SolutionFest Webinar from The eLearning Guild on April 3 at 10 AM PT, and learn about their award-winning eLearning solutions in the following categories:

Are You Using These 3 Ways to Identify the Objectives of Your Online Training Program? Not all elearning courses are created equal. Some seek to share information and build awareness while others may focus on action or changing behaviors. When building elearning courses, I usually separate them into two buckets: information or performance. The objective of an information-based course is performance support and not performance activity. Top 10 Must Read eLearning Blogs There are hundreds of eLearning blogs at the eLearning universe. The truth is that the most of them are waste of time. However, there are some eLearning blogs that worth to spend time and read remarkable eLearning articles. The most of you know that I am extremely passionate about eLearning.

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)? Wikipedia defines a learning management system (LMS) as: “A software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, classroom and online events, e-learning programs, and training content.” What that means is that the right learning management system can help you better reach your training/education goals whether they are focused on continuing education, eLearning availability, synchronous or asynchronous learning, mobile learning, certification programs, or even eCommerce and more, learning management systems are designed to provide the features you need to make sure your unique learning goals are met and a positive ROI is achieved. An LMS is a branded, secure extension of your organization’s training/education effort to deliver content and materials in an easy, professional, managed and accessible manner – for users and administrators. Here is a good video discussing LMS pricing. Per Wikipedia,

Here Are Some Free E-Learning Templates to Speed Up Your Course Design At a recent workshop I was showing some tips on creating elearning templates. I decided to finish up the template I started in that session and make it available for you to use as you wish. There’s a version created in PowerPoint and published with Articulate Studio ‘13 and a version created for Articulate Storyline. General Structure of the Free E-Learning Template There are three main sections: objectives, modules, and resources.

5 Smart Habits for the E-Learning Professional People ask me all the time about success and what that reality looks like. It seems like a simple question, but think about it for a moment. What does success look like for the typical E-Learning professional? Is it someone with a full calendar of events and classes? Is it a person who is well thought of? Is it a bit of both?