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Freshdesk - Online customer support software and helpdesk solution

Freshdesk - Online customer support software and helpdesk solution

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Break Bad Habits in Five Days Break Bad Habits In Five Days Tasha Quit Eating Sugar Nagina Quit Biting Her Nails Marty Quit Smoking And Pavlok comes with a 6-MONTH, 100% money back guarantee Thanks For Signing Up! We’re delighted you’ve joined us here at CoSchedule. We’ll give you our best content each week, and help you be better at content marketing. In the meantime, we have a couple of free downloads we’d like to give you (it’s almost your birthday anyway, right?) Kinobi Will Use Kinect To Teach You Yoga, Dancing Or Maybe Even Surgery YouTube makes it easy to find instructional videos on practically any topic. There are 18,600,000 search results for “how to” on the site at the moment. Obviously not all of them are relevant, but that’s a staggering number.

Digital Marketing Master Invalid quantity. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more. The quantity you chose exceeds the quantity available. Please enter your name. Evidence-based program: blood & biomarker analysis, research, algorithm, scientific team Take a closer look at how InsideTracker works It starts with your blood... Gil Blander, the founder of InsideTracker, has done extensive research into biological markers in the blood.

Blogger Pooint: how to download a documents from free. Docstoc trick Pages 20 January 2014 how to download a documents from free. Docstoc trick How to download a file from free:free file downloads "Docstoc is the premier online destination to start and grow small businesses. Resumes Are Bullshit. HireArt Is Better. HireArt, a newly launched Y Combinator-backed company, is working to solve a major problem that all employers face today: resumes are bullshit. Job candidates often like to fluff up their experience, and sometimes they even outright lie about their abilities. Other times, potentially great employees are overlooked because they have unorthodox backgrounds that don’t match up with what an employer thinks they need in terms of experience. Sometimes these kinds of things are realized during the in-person interview. Unfortunately for many employers, they often don’t discover how much a particular candidate may have oversold themselves until they’ve been hired and can’t perform to expectations. With its new applicant screening system, HireArt thinks it may have a solution: have the employees actually do the work first.

Social Media Analytics: 6 Steps to Measuring What You Care About The inspiration for the title of this post came from a talk that my friend Kami Huyse, COO of Zoetica, gave to the PRSA – Digital Impact conference NYC in May 2010. While an amusement park like Sea World could measure success by coaster rides, you may have something different in mind for your business and the metrics of success you have. I was part of a panel measuring results: Guide to Google Analytics, Affiliate Metrics and more at the recent Affcon 2010 Summit with Wade Sisson and Brad Geddes. My discussion was on social media analytics, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts. Jeremiah Owyang defined social analytics as “The practice of being able to understand customers and predict them using data from the social Web.” Shel Israel wrote in a post on Global Neighborhoods, “There is great danger in measuring the wrong things.”

WriteThat.Name’s New Chrome Extension Updates Your Address Book Or CRM With Contact Info Found Online After a little bit of a rough start, the automatic address book updating service WriteThat.Name has become one of my preferred “set it and forget it” tools for keeping things organized. Built by Paris-based Kwaga, WriteThat.Name is one of those under-the-radar technologies that doesn’t get a lot of media attention, but is slowly approaching profitability with more than 40,000 paying users and revenue growth of more than 15 percent month-over-month. For those who missed it the first time around, the company last year launched a service that tackles an area in need of more attention and solutions: the address book. Initially, I’ll admit I was not thrilled with Kwaga’s product.

Free Marketing Resources We have dedicated a lot of time in creating a number of valuable resources for you and your business. Click on any of the images to get instant access to the guide or video of your choice. Guides Videos Trouble waking up? This ejector bed should fix that If you're one of the 7 billion people in this world, you probably have trouble waking up in the morning. An impetuous inventor from the UK has just solved this problem. YouTuber Colin Furze built what he's calling a "High Voltage Ejector Bed," and the name pretty much says it all. Furze built a metal frame which resembles a Murphy bed, except instead of folding backwards to be flush with a wall, it pushes the bed forward away from the wall. Ever feel like you’re just going through the motions with your social media strategy? You aren’t alone. Marketers are finally understanding the bigger picture: how many ‘likes’ you get doesn’t necessarily translate to more sales. As a result, savvy social media strategists are measuring engagement metrics—how often their audience members interact with posted content and each other through their channels. Twist Aims To Replace Those Annoying Texts About Running Late, Raises $6M Led By Bridgescale As many of my friends and colleagues will tell you, I’m someone who’s perpetually running late. As a result, I’m constantly sending out text messages that offer some variation on, “Running 5 minutes late, sorry!” A new startup called Twist promises a smarter, easier approach to sending those messages.

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