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Transmettre l'Agroécologie

Transmettre l'Agroécologie

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Platform for Art, Culture and the Public Domain ‘…the unfathomable distance between the individual and the geopolitical.’ – Firat Oruc This essay is an exploration of thoughts following an artistic event that happened a year ago, specifically in terms of how it deploys its own forms, intensities and energies that are essentially ungraspable by language. The type of reflection writing enables is therefore specific to its medium. As theorist Rebecca Schneider reminds us in discussing a politics of documentary practices, ‘…media has its specific ways of remembering and will leave their trace on the memory it creates.’ Writing inevitably translates the piece and my relation to it, and writing allows for reflective confrontation with the ambiguities of my position contained in the artistic process.

- Journal - diy bokashi bucket composting Happy Monday! This coming Sunday is Earth Day so this week will feature earth friendly posts. Today I'm sharing my latest eco venture—Bokashi composting. why bokashi composting? No smell. Does not attract insects. YouChange Entrepreneur Foundation YouChange's Views:what is "neo-philanthropy"? YouChange proposed in 2009 that neo-philanthropy is a set of new ideas, methods, practices and models in charity brought about by economic, technological and social development. It will lead social development trends in the future and promote sound social development. It is YouChange’s hope that by advocating and promoting neo-philanthropy charity will be more inclusive, open and integrated for more effective response to social problems. Neo-philanthropy is new cross-sector value creation rather than simply wealth redistribution.

International Dunhuang Project IDP is a ground-breaking international collaboration to make information and images of all manuscripts, paintings, textiles and artefacts from Dunhuang and archaeological sites of the Eastern Silk Road freely available on the Internet and to encourage their use through educational and research programmes. IDP partner institutions which both provide data for and act as hosts to the multilingual website and database are: Major IDP partners providing data include:

Consommateurs - Actualités <div class='noindex'>You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.</div> Skip Ribbon Commands Skip to main content Follow Ideas Island » How to stay at Ideas Island Do you think you should be selected to stay for free on a private island to work on your ideas? If so, let us know a bit more about you. Tell us 1) Who you are (briefly), 2) what ideas/projects you are going to work on 3) why we should pick you and 4) if you are ok to give some money to charity and if not why not. Please note that there is a MUCH bigger chance that you get selected if you answer ALL those questions. Straw Bale Gardens All The Best Tips And Ideas Straw Bale Gardens are the all the go. It’s the easiest and most enjoyable way to grow veggies, herbs, flowers and more! What Are Straw Bale Gardens?

Home Drishtee works with communities in rural India Current Situation / Challenge : These communities are today in a difficult situation as their sustainability is being challenged by growth of manufacturing and large scale industrialization. Sky - Digital Learning Environment meets Content Management System Custom Curriculum Publishing is a tool used with the platform that allows you to organize your district’s digital content into ready-to-assign lessons, units, or courses. These curriculum assets can be easily shared across your entire district or with a select number of schools. Easily Organize and Share By sharing your own digital curriculum assets, you can help support your district’s instructional goals, such as supporting new standards, preparing students for online assessments, integrating technology into core instruction, or implementing project-based learning. Custom Curriculum Publishing helps districts increase the availability of digital content and makes it simpler for teachers to implement in the classroom.

Against the Grain: Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Your Food - Marc Lappé & Britt Bailey Against the Grain is the ideal companion to Mae-Wan Ho's Genetic Engineering. Whereas Genetic Engineering concentrates on the science with little on the politics and the regulatory process, Against the Grain concentrates on Big Business, the social, political impact almost to the exclusion of the science and the implied dangers from the reliance upon flawed science. The focus is on large corporations, in particular Monsanto, and their attempts to control agriculture and the food chain. In the introduction the authors show several maps of the world, large areas are blacked out to illustrate Monsanto's global dominance in various genetically modified crops. By the year 2000, Monsanto expect to have 100% of the US soya crop with their Roundup Ready (ie tolerant of the Monsanto herbicide Roundup) soya. Farmers will become little more than indentured labourers as the sample contract illustrates:

About Us – Bicrophonic Research Institute Over ten years of international projects we have developed the sonic bike to do this. A bike with two mounted speakers on the front and GPS receiver and Raspberry Pi computer on the back. With our bespoke mapping software, different sounds are linked to different places meaning that the interactive music played by the bike changes dependent on where the cyclist goes and how fast they pedal. Not an app and free of the internet, the sonic bike creates an outdoor listening experience for everyone – reaching new audiences on the street or hillside, far beyond the confines of concert halls and galleries. Established by Kaffe Matthews and Dave Griffiths in 2014, the BRI works collectively from a London lab, undertaking multiple projects annually, each one realising new site-specific music made through residential collaborations with producers and communities. Politics, time, cycling possibilities, architecture and finances all bare on each project, making them utterly contemporary.

How to Grow Cucumbers in Small Garden Learn how to grow cucumbers vertically to get the most productive plant. Growing cucumbers vertically also save lot of space, which is suitable for small gardens. Cucumber is a refreshing vegetable, especially if picked up fresh. It is eaten in variety of ways: raw in salad, cooked or pickled. It is easy to grow and only requires a warm, sunny exposure and deep and regular watering. One Foundation We welcome you to join us and make a donation to the Jet Li One Foundation Project. All donations received will be deposited directly into the account of the Red Cross Society of China, earmarked for use by the Jet Li One Foundation Project. The Red Cross will disburse funds and the Jet Li One Foundation Project will oversee all expenditures to ensure accountability and transparency in the use of donated funds for their intended purposes. We invite the media and general public to help supervise this process. While we are always exploring new methods for collecting donations, the best and most cost-effective method for foreign currency donations (including USD) is currently an online donation through the secure, verified, and simple-to-use Paypal system. You can choose to donate using the buttons below or input a donation amount that is most convenient.

Port Forwarding QNAP TS-419P on the Netopia 3347W What is Port Forwarding? If you don't know what Port Forwarding is yet, you might want to start by reading our What is Port Forwarding guide. View Netopia Router Screenshots from our Database

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