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Woodworking for engineers

Woodworking for engineers

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Porch-Swing Fire Pit - All Leveling and trueing the structure will take a little time and patience. There will probably also be head scratching. Again, there are several ways to do this. My technique might not be the absolute easiest, but it turned out pretty well. Remember those "cheater" beams we made out of the 2x6 boards? Get those out and set them on top of each post.

Screw advance box joint jig version 2 After I built my original screw advance box joint jig I ended up using it quite a lot. But over time, I realized the jig and plans could be improved on a bit. Primarily, I came up with a much better method of mounting the primary gears. With my old jig, I had to make a gear mount block for each primary gear. But over time, I ended up making quite a variety of primary gears to hit some of those odd intervals that I needed for various types of joints. Modern Electrical Outlets and Power Strips Modern electrical outlets and creative power strips from all over the world. Socket Pocket Creative phone-pocket for your electrical outlet. [link] Hang On Outlet

Love. Obsess. Inspire. Yesterday, I was luck enough to be given the chance to guest post over at Buttoned Up (thank you, ladies)! Today, I couldn't be happier to return the favor by pass along some good advice from the masterminds behind Buttoned Up... By Sarah Welch & Alicia Rockmore Is your desk a disaster area? If you find yourself navigating mounds of papers each time you sit down, can never find a pen or pencil when you need one, or simply can’t see the desktop, your desk qualifies! A cluttered work area is likely to contribute to higher levels of stress, either because there is too much information for your eye to process or because each time you approach your desk, you’re reminded of how disorganized you are.

Solar Heated Large Scale Dehydrator - 4 You want to dry on a sunny day with low humidity. Slide out all six trays. It is best to coat the screens with a cooking spray so the sugars in the fruit don't stick. Place the fruit, veggies, meat or meals you want to dry on the trays leaving space between the items. If you are drying a meal like chili, then put the chili on the top screen. Sewing Cabinet Hey Crafters! Are you ready for Day #3 of Crafting Organization Week? I sure am! We’re going to talk Sewing Cabinets or sewing desks. Sewing has grown in popularity in recent years.

12 Free Workshop Storage Plans: Tool Cabinets, Rolling Carts, Under Stair Storage and More Like clamps and free lumber, storage is always scarce when you need it. These free storage plans will help you tame the clutter in your workshop and make you more productive, efficient, and smarter. Or, at least they will make you LOOK like you are ;) Enjoy! –> My 4 Favorite Shop Storage Plans –> 2 Rolling Cabinet/Shop Cart Plans –> 3 Tool Cabinets/Shelves Plans –> 2 Storage Shelf Plans –> 1 Under Stair Storage Plan –> More Free Woodworking Plans –> My 4 Favorite Shop Storage PlansMod Your File Cabinet for the Work Shop 10 Things You Should Put in Your House in 2010 - Products, Lighting, Doors, Roofing, Building Science, Energy-Efficient Windows, Insulated Concrete Forms, Insulation, Cool Roofing, Energy Efficiency The last thing home builders should want is a reputation for turning out substandard houses loaded with the cheapest materials they can find. Sure, the company might make money for a while, but in the end, the negative word-of-mouth will spread faster than you can say "class action lawsuit," and everyone knows where that could lead. Conscientious builders, instead, try to turn a profit but looks for ways to make houses more energy-efficient, more durable, more attractive, and cheaper to operate.

Easy Fill Storage Bag Filler - All Easy Fill - Another Pair of Hands in the Kitchen If you ever have to fill plastic bags for freezing or storage you're more than familiar with the problem: you're holding a pot full of stuff in one hand and trying to hold open a very flexible bag to pour the stuff in with the other hand. The thing is, it really takes two hands to hold the bag open properly and if the pot you're pouring from has any weight to it at all it really takes two hands to do the pouring as well. You need four hands. My wife does a lot of freezing and storing stuff - especially in the summer - and if I'm not around to help it often means a lovely mess in the kitchen when she tries to do this by herself.

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