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10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using

10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using
Editor's note: A version of this article previously appeared at Social media is everywhere. It's in our homes, places of worship, schools and, of course, our businesses. Everywhere you look, people are using social media and are talking about it. And it seems that every week a new type of social site pops up. And as the number of social networking sites grows, so does the number of services that are created to measure, track and monitor those services. To help you cut through the clutter, here are the 10 must-use social media tools that can not only help you make sense of your social media efforts but make them more effective. 1. With it, you can get a snapshot of your month-to-month content with the calendar feature. Who should use it and why: Any business owner who manages a multi-author website should give EditFlow a look. 2. 3. If you'd like to be an affiliate, you can use ArgyleSocial's white label brand and resell the social media platform to your clients. 4. 5. 6.

10 Tips for Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Business Policy. It can be a dirty word, especially in social media communities. Why? Poorly written social media policies restrict, deter and deaden social media engagement–the exact opposite of what businesses want. 19 Tools for Pinterest Pros By Bliss Hanlin, Community Manager at eModeration (and Pinner extraordinaire) As Pinterest growth skyrockets, so follows the number of tools available to help us manage our content, understand our metrics, and be better pinners. Below are just a few of the tools and services now available for use with Pinterest that are especially handy for brands, marketers, and Pinterest devotees. (Are we crazy for Pinterest? Little bit! For more from eModeration on Pinterest, try our look from a legal standpoint at the new Terms of Use going into effect April 6, our Everything Pinterest guide, and of course, eModeration's boards on Pinterest.)

17 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using (and Why) Everywhere you look there is social media. It’s in our homes, businesses, places of worship and schools. And everywhere you look people are using it and talking about it. And it seems that every week there is a new social site launched. To make matters worse, for every social site launched, there seems to be two or more services created to measure, track and monitor that service. What’s a marketing professional to do?

The 6 Types Of Social Media Users The 6 Types Of Social Media Users At this point, no single customer engagement channel can deliver marketers a complete picture of consumer behavior. Google knows what you’re interested in, but not what you’ve done. Facebook knows who your friends are, but not what you buy. Pinterest knows what you share, but not how you act on it.

Sign ups for events, ... 1. Build a Custom Sign Up Choose a design theme and enter the dates, times and slots for which you need people to sign up! 2. Invite Your Group Use our email invites or send people the link yourself. 4 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Visibility Have you noticed less interaction on your Facebook page in the last few months? Getting your updates to appear in the coveted news feed is more challenging than ever. I don’t have answers as to how the elusive Facebook algorithm works. What I do have are some suggestions on how to ensure that your page posts are being seen by your fans to give your page the maximum visibility.

Websites With Seamless Social Media Integration May 18 2012 Well, its official: social media is here to stay. While it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing social landscape, a basic understanding and implementation of the different platforms available can get big results. Companies of all sizes are taking advantage of the free publicity and word-of-mouth that social media can offer them. One of the most logical ways for companies to capitalize on this trend is to integrate their social media campaigns with their websites. The 20-20-60 approach to job hunting Photo credit: violetkaipa, Shutterstock If you’re job hunting, you might have your own rhythm that looks something like this: Refresh Idealist. Search.

Who Googled You? This Website Knows After a date, a pitch or a job interview, there's a good chance you're going to get Googled. Online reputation manager BrandYourself now helps you figure out who is searching for your name. The startup, which helps individuals control Google results for names through SEO, launched a new feature on Tuesday that shows users where visitors to their BrandYourself profiles work and where they're located. BrandYourself built a database of organizations' publicly-available IP addresses in order to create the feature.

Free Downloads From The Social Media Management Handbook I. Social Media Strategy: How organizations can address the high-level, strategic aspects of social media. Chapter 1: Managing both the power and business risks of social mediaChapter 2: Developing a social media strategyChapter 3: Measuring social media ROIChapter 4: Selling social media within the organization II. Marketing and Sales in Social Media: Making social media a vital part of the marketing and sales process. Chapter 5: Using social media to listen to the voice of the customerChapter 6: Integrating social CRM insights into the customer analytics functionChapter 7: Leveraging social media to drive product developmentChapter 8: Marketing and selling to social communities