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10 Free Server & Network Monitoring Tools that Kick Ass

10 Free Server & Network Monitoring Tools that Kick Ass
By Ben Dowling When you have a website or a network, it’s helpful to be aware of any issues as soon as they occur. There are open source and freeware server/network monitoring tools that will supervise your infrastructure for any issues that may arise. These tools are meant to aid you in avoiding being taken offline and evaluating if your resource needs has outgrown your infrastructure. In this article, we review our top 10 server/network monitoring tools. 1. Monit not only monitors your server, but also attempts to remedy problems by taking predefined actions for certain situations. If you have more than one server that you need to monitor, then you can use M/Monit– an extended version of Monit that provides a simple way to monitor multiple machines. There’s also an iPhone app available for M/Monit to help you conveniently check on your network without lugging around a laptop around. 2. When you have a cluster of machines, it’s difficult to see how the whole cluster is doing all at once.

GMail POP3 Checker for Greasemonkey and Chrome (Automatically!) | Daniel Slaughter GMail POP3 Checker for Greasemonkey and Chrome (Automatically!) Introduction I realize this script does not exist anywhere on the internet, and since I wrote this a while back and have been happily using it for quite some time I’ve decided to make it public. It’s quite a simple script. Donate Did this script change your life? Download Click here to download this fancy script! If you’re feeling generous and appreciate the work I’ve done, and will continue to do, please consider donating (see above). Please let me know if you have any other feedback pertaining to this script that may come in handy for future releases. Installation Directions FAQs When I view the Settings/Accounts page and click the “POP3″ link it doesn’t tell me it’s checking my mail, why? Change Log October 3, 2013 Quick update to account for the new Gmail layout without the black-bar. April 12, 2013 Applied a patch that was causing Chrome version 27.X+ to not load the script correctly. February 15, 2012 February 12, 2012 Sorry!

Syncless Follow some of us on Twitter: @Syncless @Wysie_Soh @kelltainer @ZwodahS Update May 22, 2010: For those who have tested the network drive, please post in the discussion group and let us know =). Syncless 2.1 is up. added Minimize On startup options. Network Drive For those having problem regarding network drive, try mapping the network drive to a drive letter and set the respective permission. "Syncless is a work of beauty combined with superb functionality. "You won't find a shortage of file syncing applications, but Syncless is the first we've reviewed that supports tag-based synchronization. "Overall we liked the concept of tags for file sync and Syncless proved to be a really useful application." - Life Rocks 2.0 Syncless comes under international spotlight - Why Tagging? Why Syncless? What makes Syncless so unique is the way synchronization is performed. The concept of tagging has been applied by notable applications in various interesting ways. Why Another Sync Tool? Click to open expanded view Only 8 left in stock. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a service Amazon offers sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's warehouses, and Amazon directly does the picking, packing, shipping and customer service on these items. If you're a seller, you can increase your sales significantly by using Fulfilment by Amazon. Want it tomorrow, 20 June? Find wire on all types of connected operating Ethernet switch /Router/PC terminal Verify LAN cable condition. £16.80 & FREE Delivery in the UK on orders over £20. Frequently Bought Together Product Information What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item? Look for similar items by category

USB Flash | VCritical You are currently browsing articles tagged USB flash. VMware ESXi 5 Scripted Install to USB Flash VMware vSphere 5 adds the ability to perform a scripted installation of VMware ESXi 5 to a USB flash drive or SD card. Hyper-V? VMware ESXi 4: SD Flash in BL460c G6 HP Blades incorporate an SD slot that can be used to easily deploy VMware ESXi from flash. The VMware ESXi 4 64MB Hypervisor Challenge While completely unsupported, it is possible to build a small 64MB flash drive that will boot and run VMware ESXi 4. If VMware ESXi 4 is so small, why is it so big? Although VMware ESXi 4 requires a 1GB flash device to install, the core hypervisor functionality is fully contained in less than 60MB. A very flashy hypervisor: Hyper-V Server R2 If your server OEM supports it, you might be able to get the free Hyper-V Server R2 to boot from a flash drive someday. Create ESXi 4 USB flash drives with Workstation

PowerShell Robocopy script with e-mail notification » Michel Stevelmans I wrote this PowerShell script to synchronize two folders with robocopy (each located on another physical hard disk) so I have a backup in case one hard disk fails. The script will send the robocopy output log file as an attachment to the specified e-mail address. # PowerShell Robocopy script with e-mail notification # Created by Michel Stevelmans - # Change these values $SourceFolder = "C:\SourceFolder" $DestinationFolder = "C:\DestinationFolder" $Logfile = "C:\Robocopy.log" $EmailFrom = "" $EmailTo = "" $EmailBody = "Robocopy completed successfully. If you want to use gmail, you have to use a different approach because gmail requires authentication, a different port and SSL. The script below will allow you to let PowerShell use gmail to send the e-mail notification.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional 32 bit Power your business with Microsoft Office Professional 2010, a comprehensive software and support package to help you run and grow your business. It’s all here: powerful e-mail and scheduling tools in Outlook, sophisticated information and data management with Excel and Access, and professional-caliber marketing tools in Publisher. And it comes with one year of technical support, ready to use when you need it. Includes WordExcelPowerPointOutlook with Business Contact ManagerOneNotePublisherAccessInfoPathSharePoint Workspace Features Manage business and personal finances efficientlyUse built-in templates in Excel 2010 to help you construct a budget and track expenses right away.Gain insight from your data quickly with Sparklines, Slicers, and other powerful analysis tools.

BlueStacks Lets You Run Android Apps on Windows 7 Updated: 12/16/2013 Home » Tools » BlueStacks Lets You Run Android Apps… This is so cool. A virtualization solution that lets you run Android apps fluidly on Windows 7 systems, or even Windows 8. If you are currently looking for a way to port Android apps on Windows system, looking no farther, this App from BlueStacks is all you need. The BlueStacks App Player runs like a desktop widget at the top right corner of your desktop after installed. It works on Windows 7 machine and it’s free. Isn’t it cool? Explore Top 10 Microsoft Sponsored Web App Web is a large part of our future, it’s evolving faster than any other technologies out there. Despite the continue decline of IE usages, Microsoft is still devoted in investing resources in making the web a better place for all kinds of people. Here are the top 10 collections of Microsoft sponsored web app, that showcases of the endless possibilities of what web technology can achieve. (note: all of the selected web apps are all viewable from 10. Touch enabled build for the up coming Windows 8 and IE 10 releases. 9. Way out Wars is an interactive music discovery game for The In Song online music store. 8. The powerful new technologies in Internet Explorer and HTML5 through Japanese Chinese traditional culture “Shodo”. 7. Worlds biggest Pac Man. 6. The beauty of the web shines with Disney’s Tron:Legacy site, a rich graphic novel brought to life using HTML5. 5. 4. 3. 2. Who doesn’t know this game ?! 1.