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AppNeta 5 trends that are changing how we do big data — Data | GigaOM Juju | Charms Scalable application services defined Charms give Juju its power. They encapsulate application configurations, define how services are deployed, how they connect to other services and are scaled. Charms are easily shared and there are 100s of Charms already rated and reviewed in our Charm store. Best practice built in Juju is designed to encourage collaboration on the optimal ways to deploy, configure and connect applications to other services. Charms are vetted and scored to help give you an indication of quality and the very best charms are featured on Inside a Charm Charms define how services integrate and how their service units react to events in the distributed environment, as orchestrated by Juju. Learn more about the anatomy of a Charm › Customise existing Charms Charms are written in a variety of languages although the majority are written as bash or python scripts. Charm your application Creating new Charms is easy. Learn more about writing Charms › Are you an ISV?

Piston On June 12, 2015 Cisco acquired Piston Cloud Computing, a privately held San Francisco based Openstack product company. Piston provides software that enables streamlined operational deployment of large scale distributed systems. Piston's enterprise grade software helps customers automate orchestration and deployment of underlying distributed systems for running applications on OpenStack. Cloud computing has dramatically changed the IT landscape. Cisco addresses the changing needs of its enterprise and service provider customers through its Intercloud strategy. M&A and investments are an important part of our build, buy, partner and integrate strategy.

Why Splice | Splice Machine Organizations are eager to tap into the wealth of data that is at their fingertips, but mere analysis is no longer sufficient. Time is a critical factor when it comes to uncovering insights that can be turned into rapid actions. This makes accessing near-real-time data an imperative for companies who are striving to realize the promise of Big Data by becoming real-time, data-driven businesses. Real-time, analytical applications are emerging to collect, analyze, and react to data without the high costs and poor scalability of traditional databases. Process real-time updatesUtilize standard SQLScale out on commodity hardware As a general-purpose database flexible to handle both analytical (OLAP) and operational (OLTP) workloads, Splice Machine can be used anywhere that MySQL or Oracle can be used, but with the advantage of scaling out with commodity hardware. Learn about Splice Machine Use Cases Learn about Splice Machine’s Key Differentiators

Intelligent Automation for Cloud - Comprehensive Cloud Management Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud unifies cloud management now and provides a framework to scale to future cloud use cases. It includes everything you need—from a platform to a self-service portal tied to automated orchestration for rapid service delivery. This framework can adapt to new use cases such as multicloud and platform as a service (PaaS) to simplify cloud-based service delivery within organizations. Boost Efficiency and Innovation See the benefits of Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud. (4:04 min) Features and Capabilities Production-Ready Cloud Services Cloud usage is advancing and organizations are no longer just provisioning virtual machines and servers. Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) provides these capabilities and more with an extensible framework for cloud management. Ranked Highest in Strategy Cisco earns top marks for strategy in private cloud solutions report from Forrester Research, Inc. Read The Forrester Wave Multicloud Ready

Unified IT Management and Self-Service IT for Enterprises How one startup wants to inject Hadoop into your SQL — Cloud Computing News