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How to Perform a Social Media Competitive Analysis. What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media. Logiciel de Social media monitoring, veille et e-réputation - Digimind. 7 social media analytics tools every marketer should try. The idea behind social media analytics, while being quite new, rests on an age-old principle — you need to understand where you are to know where you are going.

7 social media analytics tools every marketer should try

To paraphrase this, to know whether your social media marketing efforts are paying off, you need to analyze your current performance. Social media platforms understand the importance of analytics, that’s why they all provide users with some form of insight. Considering how many options platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer for data analysis, trying to determine which metrics are actually valuable can be quite disorienting. Moreover, beyond your own data, there is so much more to pay attention to and derive valuable lessons from. You can identify content trends, learn more about your target audience behaviour, your competitors’ strategy, ect.

Download free resource – Essential Digital Marketing Tools Access the Essential digital marketing tools 1. All this data can be exported in CSV files, or in PDF whitelabel reports. 2. 3. 4. How to use UTM tracking links on social media to boost your results. When it comes to social media marketing, you need all the help you can get to stand out and get results.

How to use UTM tracking links on social media to boost your results

The competition is fierce and your budget is limited, so you need to make the most of your time and resources in order to make ensure your efforts are paying off. You need to find out what strategies actually work. Where your audience is online. The Best Free and Paid Facebook Analytics Tools. Unmetric Unmetric is another tool that offers a more complete social analysis than just Facebook, also including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

The Best Free and Paid Facebook Analytics Tools

Track your own pages, your competitors, and compare these to an industry benchmark. The analytics are in-depth and varied, including all the metrics listed for the above tools. The charts include a welcome feature that provides a plain English overview of each one, listing ‘highlights’ and ‘insights’. You can view a breakdown of types of stories posted to your or competitor’s accounts (event, content, advert, employee stories, etc). Facebook Competition Analyzer: Compare up to 5 Facebook Pages on various Metrics. 13 Competitor Analysis Tools to Spy on Your Competition. Let’s talk about a subject that’s honestly a bit uncomfortable to some marketers.

13 Competitor Analysis Tools to Spy on Your Competition

Competition. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in–marketing is a game of competing for the attention of your audience. With so many marketing channels available today, that competition is oftentimes fierce. Think about it. BuzzSumo. Phlanx: Social Media Marketing Platform. Logging to Followerwonk: Tools for Twitter Analytics, Bio Search and More. Dashboard.  Launchmetrics Content. Check Instagram Accounts For Fake Followers. What is This?

Check Instagram Accounts For Fake Followers

If you are here you are probably here for one of three reasons. 1. - You are a marketing professional or a company wishing to advertise their brand. You have shortlisted a few potential Instagram Influencers and now you want to check which one has the highest level of social engagement. So you get the most bang for your buck! 2. - You are an Instagram Influencer and you want to ensure you have the highest possible level of social engagement, not just social reach so your promotional or paid posts return the greatest benefit to your clients so they are satisfied and you increase your revenue and repeat business!

3 - You are suspicious about the number of followers someone has, and where they may have got them from. Kris Jenner - Advertising 310 Nutrition! Flat Tummy Tea Hash Tag Search! Jennifer Hawkins - Advertising Barley Plus! So a way to increase your social reach is to buy instagram followers. Another reason someone might have non engaged followers is because they are bots. Using Instagram Data Analytics Effectively - Social Media Interviews, Infographics & Reports. Social media has become an integral part of everyday life.

Using Instagram Data Analytics Effectively - Social Media Interviews, Infographics & Reports

Everyone from junior high students to world leaders have social media accounts, and companies large and small have discovered the immense value and potential of reaching audiences on these mediums. According to recent studies, the average American spends around 37 minutes per day on social media, with close to half of them using social media as one of the factors in their purchasing decisions. While most companies are now familiar with the major platforms like Facebook and Twitter – which have 99% and 97% respective adoption by major brands – there is still a great deal of potential in the smaller but vital (and growing) social media platforms, particularly Instagram. Want to take a free trial of Unmetric? Click the button below to get started. Instagram’s unique marketing potential Instagram’s unique marketing potential is driven largely by its simplicity. 20 Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers - NetBase.

May 2017 Update: We’ve added even more tools for 2017, check out our updated list of social media analytics tools below.

20 Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers - NetBase

When it comes to measuring and reporting social media analytics, finding the right tool for the job is incredibly important. Luckily, for most social professionals, the industry is overflowing with a variety of analytics platforms ranging in price, user experience, effectiveness and niche.With options abounding, we have compiled a comprehensive list of social media analytics tools to help you determine what’s the best fit for you, your team and your clients.

Before you review the list, we wanted to take a moment to define social media analytics if you’re a little green. (Experts, feel free to skip directly to the tools section) 7 Social Media Metrics that Really Matter—and How to Track Them. What are social media metrics?

7 Social Media Metrics that Really Matter—and How to Track Them

And why are they important to track? As a social media professional, they’re your chance to demonstrate the value of your work, and the impact of the decisions you’ve made. If your boss asks you to talk data, take the opportunity to be a pro and go beyond the surface-level, “vanity” metrics—the likes and shares and retweets. Instead, focus on the data that matters—the numbers that prove your effort has had a positive, bottom-line impact on the business.

The right data will assure executives that their investment in social is paying off. Hashtag Tracking for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 61 Social Media Metrics, Defined. Of all the hundreds of social media acronyms and abbreviations out there, I think “KPI” has confounded me the most.

61 Social Media Metrics, Defined

I think it’s because the phrase “key performance indicator” always sounds like something you need to be wearing a suit in front of a Powerpoint presentation in order to say. Hashtag Tracking for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Social Searcher - Free Social Media Search Engine. 22 Tools and Applications Used by Social Media Professionals - Social Media Week. There are a lot of tasks and tools to choose from when you work in social media.

22 Tools and Applications Used by Social Media Professionals - Social Media Week

These tasks can come in the form of content, visuals, strategy, analytics, or any combination of these. Not only is there great variety in the types of responsibilities, there’s also variety in the needs of each. The laundry list of things to do may include coordination, collaboration, analytics, research, scheduling, social listening, content production, data insights, learning, and organization. So, how do you keep it all under control and focus your efforts? One method is to streamline collaboration and daily tasks, and automate data and listening.

While there isn’t one magical tool or solution, below are some tricks, tips, and tools I’ve picked up over the years that allow you to focus on the stuff that matters most. Collaboration 1. Slack is a messaging tool you can use to collaborate and coordinate with individuals and teams. 2. 3. Have a desk littered with post-it notes? Data and Listening 4. 5. 6. 7. 4 Tools to Replace Topsy (Which is Gone. Time to Move On) Dear Topsy users, We get that you’re sad. Apple shut down Topsy and the world might be over. It’s always hard to lose a loved one, especially when it made your searching binges so much easier. In case you still don’t understand why Apple even bought Topsy to begin with, here’s the jist. Unlike many users’ predictions, Apple didn’t buy Topsy with the intention of using their social content aggregation tool. This move was the beginning of a war against Google. With users increasingly using their mobile devices to run searches (as opposed to desktop), it became clear that this was an opportunity to disrupt the way that users search and shift their attention away from the traditional search engine.

Although there are still many additional theories on why Apple acquired Topsy, the truth is that it’s time to move on (tough love, we know). Renoun​ Renoun is a new tool that allows you search for the most trending and recent content from around the globe, rated by social media performance. KeyHole​ 7 Ways to Track Your Social Media Marketing Activities Social Media Examiner. Are you tracking your social media marketing results? Do you know where to find metrics to help you improve? Tracking social activity helps you attract a higher-quality following, communicate more effectively and provide content that resonates with your audience.

In this article you’ll discover seven ways to track metrics and improve your social media marketing. Discover seven ways to track your social media marketing activities. Listen to this article: Listen now: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | The Top 4 Rated Social Media Management Tools of 2015. I’m excited to say I’ve partnered with G2Crowd to provide a really helpful infographic on the top 4 Rated Social Media Management Tools for 2015. The results come from detailed customer reviews from G2Crowd, and cover a variety of information including user satisfaction, product direction, how easy it is to learn to use the platform, level of support, usability and more. I’ll discuss the findings below as well as looking at alternative tools, what a social media management tool is, the struggle to find the perfect tool and finally more information G2Crowd. Infographic brought to you by Seriously Social and G2 Crowd Share and Embed.

Coca cola's Facebook statistics: Free insights and reports. 69 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools [UPDATE 2013] Last Updated on December 8th, 2019 If you want to know what’s happening with your brand’s social networking sites you need social media monitoring tools. Before you reach for your wallet and start to spend money try out some of the free social media monitoring services. This way you will get an understanding of what is available and if you need any paid services to monitor social media. Listen First!: Turning Social Media Conversations Into Business Advantage - Stephen D. Rappaport. Which Stats Matter: A Definitive Guide to Social Media Metrics. Among the many superpowers I wish I had, one that would be quite useful is the ability to understand social media metrics.

I know enough to get by, and I love learning the new techniques to get more from these numbers—and to make sure I’m seeking the right numbers in the first place. In an effort to understand the little bits I can, I’ve done some research into all the many different social media stats you might track and which ones are worthwhile. Wouldn’t you know it, social media stats aren’t just as simple as looking at the right numbers! There’s a difference between knowing what the stats mean and knowing which stats are meaningful.

Social Media Analytics & Competitor Benchmarking. 19 Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers. 12 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros. #i. Social Media: You Might Be Doing it Wrong. “So…Is that good?” This is a question I hear constantly from social media managers when they’re digging through their data. As the space becomes more competitive, and the level of sophistication around social data has grown, so has the need for greater context…but how do you get to that context? Social Media Analytics & Competitor Benchmarking. The Most Widely Used Influencer & Content Marketing Tool.