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CSS Examples

CSS Examples

Nifty Navigation Tricks Using CSS We’ve just released the new 3rd edition of the SitePoint book The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, by Rachel Andrew. To celebrate, we’ve updated this popular article, comprising chapter 4 of the book, with content from the new edition. It’s also available in PDF format, and includes 3 more chapters from the book.Unless you limit yourself to one-page web sites, you’ll need to design navigation. In fact, navigation is among the most important parts of any web design, and requires a great deal of thought if visitors are to move around your site easily.Making site navigation easy is one area in which CSS really comes into its own. Older methods of creating navigation tended to rely on lots of images, nested tables, and JavaScript – all of which can seriously affect the usability and accessibility of a site. How do I style a structural list as a navigation menu? Solution The navigation in the figure below is marked up as a list and styled using CSS, as you can see here.

Refraction Description: Refraction is a template to inspire and amaze. Utilising transparent overlays over professional and artistic background images produces staggering results, all matched with the perfect colour combination. Its easy to radically change the design with just an image and colour. CSS Syntax CSS Buttons: Tutorials and examples Creating buttons with CSS is one of the most experimented-with web design techniques around. Examples and tutorials abound. The biggest recent trend in CSS button design seems to be eliminating images, especially background images, from buttons. Below we’ve collected more than twenty tutorials, examples, and tools for creating CSS buttons, most of which use CSS3. Included are buttons to suit virtually every design style. If you have other tutorials or examples you’d like to share, please do so in the comments! Tutorials and articles Rediscovering the button element A really helpful article discussing the button element in CSS, which is often overlooked by designers. Beautiful CSS buttons with icon set Here’s another article that talks about how to create buttons with icons, though using span classes rather than the button element. Build kick-ass practical CSS3 buttons Beautiful Photoshop-like buttons with CSS3 Better button and navigation interactions Super awesome buttons with CSS3 and RGBA

Interactive Experiments on the open CSS only menus Latest Demonstrations A CSS ONLY click action tree menu v321-01-2017A third responsive multi-level tree menu with slide action A CSS ONLY click action tree menu v216-12-2016A second responsive multi-level tree menu with slide action A CSS ONLY click action tree menu17-11-2016A responsive multi-level tree menu with slide action A CSS ONLY click action concertina menu14-11-2016A responsive multi-level concertina menu with bounce A CSS ONLY click action slide in menu29-10-2016A responsive multi-level slide in menu A CSS ONLY click action flexbox menu13-05-2016An accordion menu using flexbox and order animation. A circular menu with bounce09-03-2016A CSS only circular menu with bounce animation using cubic-bezier animation timing A responsive swipe-momentum menu24-02-2016A responsive swipe action momentum menu suitable for all the latest browsers and OS. A responsive multi-level menu14-05-2015A responsive multi-level menu suitable for all the latest browsers and OS, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Web Templates - Download free xhtml css templates CSS templates are designs that use CSS (Cascading StyleSheets) not only for general formatting and styling, but also for positioning and sizing all page elements. This approach to Web design cleanly separates your content (ie. your HTML) from the way it's to be presented, giving you the ability to safely change one without messing up the other. If you can't find what you're looking for here, check out our premium templates. Showing results 1 - 12 of 552 free designs MinimaxingSerious FaceCoffeelikeNameless GeometryRuggedBlack QueenVacant SnowdriftRed TweetThree Zero GammaProyectoReverse ObscurityFaux Mocha Premium designs from just $4 Premium Template Premium Template Premium Template Premium Template Premium Template Premium Template Premium Template Premium Template

HTML / XHTML Standard Event Attributes CSS Layout Generator This is really just a step in the right direction, you still have a lot to do before your site is ready to go live. If you are just starting out, learning to do it yourself, by hand, in a simple text editor can be very rewarding, although it won't be easy. Below is some information that will help you on your journey, good luck. Layout Hints These simple tips may save you from having to use complicated hacks on your site. Column Padding Overflowing Content in Fluid Layouts To avoid content escaping or overflowing the columns there are a couple of things you can do. Rounding Up For help with styling your template, or to let me know your thoughts on the CSS layout Generator join the CSS Forum community.

HTML5 Responsive Video Player Skin No 01 Universal Black Skin No 02 Universal WHITE Skin No 04 Futuristic Electric Blue Skin No 05 Futuristic Chrome Skin No 06 Elegant MINIMAL Create a 3D Ribbon Wrap-Around Effect (Plus a Free PSD!) With the holidays are right around the corner, I though it might be fun to create a tutorial on the popular 3d Wrap-Around Ribbon effect that has been popping up so much this year. This is a great way to add depth to your designs, and it's pretty darn easy to complete. I'll show you some examples of it in action around the web, walk you through the creation techniques in Adobe Photoshop, and then explain the different approaches to coding it. Examples of The 3D Ribbon in Action Before we dive into the tutorial, let's take a look at a handful of sites that are using this effect. The Tutorial Alright, now that we've seen a few examples of just how creative you can get with this effect, let's dig into the tutorial. Step 01: Getting Started Create a new document in Photoshop. We want to create some separation right away, so start out by making the background dark, and draw a light colored rectangle on top. Step 02: Creating the Basic Shapes Step 03 Step 04 Step 05 Step 06 Step 07: Layer Styles

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