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Touch Gesture Icons

Touch Gesture Icons
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Free vector icons - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Thousands of Free Icons Initializr - Start an HTML5 Boilerplate project in 15 seconds! Creating Different CSS3 Box Shadows Effects - Iceweasel In this tutorial we are going to be creating box shadow effects with just CSS. Below is an image created in photoshop of different box shadows effects. These used to be the only way of creating this effect but thanks to CSS3 we can now do all this with just CSS. View Demo page to see what we are going to create CSS Box Shadow Effects Demo CSS Box Shadow We are going to be using the CSS box shadow property which is one my favourite CSS properties which you will see in this tutorial how easy you can use it. The box-shadow property allows you to easily create multiple drop shadows on box elements by specifying values for colour, size, blur and offset. The box-shadow property accepts 2-6 options, the required options are horizontal offset and vertical offset, the two optional options are spread distance and colour. box-shadow: inset horizontal vertical blur spread colour; Examples Browser Support All of the major newest browsers support box-shadow property. The box-shadow property is no different.

Banque de photos gratuites Critical render path and pagespeed: An in-depth look Since most webpages have many different components, it is not always possible to just remove everything to make a page load faster. If you have ever wondered "What else can I do to make my pages fast?" or "How does Google expect pages to load in one second?" What is the critical render path? Google defines the critical path as "the code and resources required to render the initial view of a web page". critical - absolutely neededrender - display or show (in our case our webpages are "rendered" when they can be seen by a user)path - the chain of events that lead to our webpage being displayed in a browserinitial view - also known as "above the fold", the initial view is the part of a webpage visible to a user before they scroll So in other words the "rendering path" is the chain of events that occur to make your webpage appear on a browser, and the "critical rendering path" would be having only the absolutely necessary events occur to render only the initial view of your webpage. The path

Select2 3.3.2 - Iceweasel Gets or sets the selection. If the value parameter is not specified, the id attribute of the currently selected element is returned. If the value parameter is specified it will become the current selection. val method invoked on a single-select with an unset value will return "", while a val method invoked on an empty multi-select will return []. Example: alert("Selected value is: "+$("#e8").select2("val")); $("#e8").select2("val", "CA"); Notice that in order to use this method you must define the initSelection function in the options so Select2 knows how to transform the id of the object you pass in val() to the full object it needs to render selection. Gets or sets the selection. data method invoked on a single-select with an unset value will return null, while a data method invoked on an empty multi-select will return []. Reverts changes to DOM done by Select2. Opens the dropdown. Closes the dropdown. Notifies Select2 that a drag and drop sorting operation has started. change val added object

Freemages, banque de photos gratuites et Libres à télécharger, images gratuites sous Licence Creative Commons et Licence Art Libre ZURB Ink: Responsive HTML Email Framework Ink is an open source framework that will help you quickly build responsive HTML emails for all major email clients. Even in outdated and notoriously problematic ones like Outlook 2000. Ink just launched today. This open source project is by ZURB, creators of the popular front-end web development framework, Foundation. Ink helps solve a major pain point: Creating a simple HTML email that works halfway decently in the countless of desktop and Web email apps out there is already a big — and often a very frustrating — undertaking. But with more than 40% of emails being viewed in mobile devices, sending out responsive HTML emails is, on the other hand, crucial. How will Ink solve your responsive HTML email misery? Ink’s Notable Features Here’s a quick rundown of interesting things I found in Ink. Five responsive email boilerplate templates out of the box, which will definitely be useful to new users of the framework (the screenshot below is the Newsletter template). Author: Jacob Gube

Customize checkboxes and radio buttons with iCheck (jQuery and Zepto) plugin - Iceweasel iCheck plugin works with checkboxes and radio buttons like a constructor. It wraps each input with a div, which may be customized by you or using one of the available skins. You may also place inside that div some HTML code or text using insert option. For this HTML: <label><input type="checkbox" name="quux[1]" disabled> Foo </label><label for="baz[1]">Bar</label><input type="radio" name="quux[2]" id="baz[1]" checked><label for="baz[2]">Bar</label><input type="radio" name="quux[2]" id="baz[2]"> With default options you'll get nearly this: <label><div class="icheckbox disabled"><input type="checkbox" name="quux[1]" disabled></div> Foo </label><label for="baz[1]">Bar</label><div class="iradio checked"><input type="radio" name="quux[2]" id="baz[1]" checked></div><label for="baz[2]">Bar</label><div class="iradio"><input type="radio" name="quux[2]" id="baz[2]"></div> By default, iCheck doesn't provide any CSS styles for wrapper divs (if you don't use skins). Options These options are default:

premasagar/cleanslate Am I Responsive? - Iceweasel Why I Choose Stylus (And You Should Too) The world of front end web development has been steadily increasing its uptake of what we call "CSS Preprocessors", which extend the functionality of regular CSS. Arguably the two most well known, with the greatest user base, are LESS and Sass/SCSS. However there is a third preprocessor that hasn't received quite as much attention, and that's Stylus. Today we'll be discussing why Stylus is awesome, why I choose it, and why it might just become your new CSS hero. Why LESS and Sass Are Awesome Before we get into the specifics of how Stylus works, I'm going to start with my own take on the predominant strengths of LESS and Sass / SCSS, and why I choose neither even though they both rock. All Three Rock Each of the three preprocessors include the use of variables, mixins, nesting and extending, along with varying degrees of logical operations and functions. LESS: Other Reasons It's Great And one more big plus for LESS is the fact that most people find it quite accessible to use. A Stylus Project