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100 Great CSS Menu Tutorials

100 Great CSS Menu Tutorials
Aug 23 2011 Navigation is such an important part of your website. It’s how your visitors navigate to the main areas of your site and makes it easy for them to find your good content. CSS is of course the perfect language for designing beautiful navigation menus. Today we would like to show you 100 of these tutorials; 75 horizontal CSS menu tutorials and 25 vertical CSS menu tutorials. Horizontal CSS Menu Tutorials 1. View Tutorial | Demo 2. View Tutorial | Demo 3. View Tutorial & Demo 4. View Tutorial | Demo 5. View Tutorial | Demo 6. View Tutorial | Demo 7. View Tutorial | Demo 8. View Tutorial 9. View Tutorial | Demo 10. View Tutorial | Demo 11. View Tutorial | Demo 12. View Tutorial | Demo 13. View Tutorial | Demo 14. View Tutorial & Demo 15. View Tutorial | Demo 16. View Tutorial | Demo 17. View Tutorial 18. View Tutorial | Demo 19. View Tutorial | Demo 20. View Tutorial | Demo 21. View Tutorial & Demo 22. View Tutorial | Demo 23. View Tutorial | Demo 24. View Tutorial & Demo 25. View Tutorial | Demo 26. 27.

CSS3 Bling in the Real World All you disco-dancing designers out there (no more anticipation of alliteration) have been loving the new features CSS3 provides for making websites look cool in an easier, less hackish, and more straightforward fashion. Features like CSS3 gradients, drop shadows, rounded corners, animations, and opacity are giving us the promise of less time spent in Photoshop, fewer horribly nested <div>s, more flexibility, and more fun! Not to mention more time down at the pub, excitedly showing your friends your latest cool experiments on your iPad, while sipping on a smooth glass of ale with an intense air of self-satisfaction and smugness. The new breed of CSS3 shizzle even allows a self-confessed design amateur like myself to produce some fairly tasty looking designs. On both desktop and mobile (and other alternative browsing devices) there are rendering engines out there other than Webkit. Ok, I’m probably not saying anything that you don’t know already. A suitable example? Web fonts#section2

42 Outstanding FREE UI Kits for Web Designers Internet is full of freebies for web designers and developers. Today, we will be covering 42 free UI Kits and templates. All of them are editable in PSD format and mostly covering all of the basic UI elements such as textfield, checkboxes, radio buttons, buttons, drop down menu and some other cover extensive list of elements. Well, you might say, "They're gorgeous! Mac and Windows platforms, they both render the form interface differently, and it's inconsistant in different browsers as well. However, you will need to do a little bit of investigation to integrate it. jqTrasform: jqTrasform is a jQuery styling plugin. They're absolutely something you need to keep it in your graphic/design library.

10 Lightweight and Minimal CSS Frameworks The CSS framework should be based on your current web design projects complexity and functionality requirements, and not be based only on a personal preference, as most web designers tend to do. In this post, we collected 10 lightweight and minimal CSS frameworks. Enjoy! Related posts: 1. 1 line CSS Grid Framework This is the challenge of writing entire CSS layout system with one line CSS class. Source 2. Tiny Fluid Grid ships with an index.html with demo code, and the grid.css containing the CSS for the grid you created. Source 3. A simple, lightweight approach that doesn’t require a PhD. Source 4. Stands for Sensible Standards CSS baseline, (pronounced “sense”). Source 5. A fixed layout, based on the, but with a twist in its philosophy to make it more flexible and faster to play with boxes. Source 6. Source 7. Built with typographic standards in mind, Baseline makes it very easy to develop a website with a pleasing grid and good typography. Source 8. Source 9. Source 10. Source

5 of the Best CSS3 Font Tools Fonts have made the most dramatic visual impact on the web since graphic support was added to browsers. A few years ago, it would be impossible to find a website using anything other than Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Times New Roman or Georgia (or, heaven forbid, Comic Sans). While there’s nothing wrong with standard font stacks, they can become a little monotonous. Internet Explorer has supported web fonts for more than a decade but it’s taken competing browsers a little longer to catch up. However, with great choice comes great responsibility. 1. If you’ve not visited Google Web Fonts, where have you been? You can download any font file but the tool also allows developers to import via an HTML link tag, CSS @import declaration or JavaScript snippet. Did I mention that it’s all free? 2. Font Squirrel is excellent — especially if you’re nervous about handing all font responsibilities to Google. Still not satisfied? 3. Just because a font can be used on the web, it doesn’t mean it should. 4.

12 Cool And Free Google+ Icon Sets Everyone knows that Google is most popular multinational corporation provided internet search, cloud computing and advertising technologies. And Now this time, Google has launched Google+(Social Networking Service) on 28 June 2011. This social networking service has some cool and superb features that make it different to other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc. Now a days, every websites has bunch of social networking icons to connect and share of favorite and interesting articles. Every Social media site has their own social bookmarking button like facebook share button, Twitter buttons, Stumble Upon Button etc with awesome designs. Thanks a lot to readers for appreciate our previous articles. 1) Google+1 Icons 2) Design a Sleek Google+ Icon 3) 4 Free Google Icon 4) Google+ Circular icon 5) Google+ Icons 6) Free Google Plus Icons 7) Google+ 8 ) Free Google Plus Icon Vector 9) Google Plus Icon Sets 10) g Plus Icon 11) Google Free Icon set 12) Google+ Minik Icon Set Related Post

Some Brilliant CSS3 Articles and Tutorials The power of CSS3 never ceases to amaze us. Over the last months, we’ve seen web designers creating and presenting a remarkable CSS techniques and tools. We have collected some excellent CSS3 articles and tutorials presenting powerful and innovative coding techniques for your convenience. Please don’t hesitate to comment on this post and let us know what do you think about these articles and tutorials and do you find them useful. WebKit-wizard Trent Walton, founder of Paravel, explains how he built .net’s latest 404 page using CSS3 animations. A number of powerful new pseudo-selectors enable us to select elements based on a range of new criteria. This tutorial will show you how to create a cross-browser adaptive design with HTML5 & CSS3 media queries. The list of cutting-edge CSS3 techniques is ever-expanding. Even if the desired fonts are not available, the fallback experience should convey the spirit of the design and support the intended message. Tic Tac Toe created using CSS only.

30 Helpful CSS Cheat Sheets Advertisement Human mind can’t remember every thing it is fed with But developers among others can’t afford to forget basics like the one of CSS. Thank God we have access to various CSS Cheat sheets both online and offline. Cheat sheets are like a time saver dose, you need them every now and then. Now you don’t need to remember each step of transition from CSS to CSS3, just click on any of these cheat sheets. This post is collection of some time saving CSS Cheat sheets that will definitely save your time and energy. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our older articles on HTML Cheat Sheets, CSS Print Page Tricks, CSS Grid Frameworks, CSS Typography Tricks, and CSS Page Layouts. This article is divided in 2 major Sections: Most Practical CSS Cheat Sheet Yet More Information on Most Practical CSS Cheat Sheet Yet CSS Cheatsheets CSS2 Help Sheet More Information on CSS2 Help Sheet Core CSS More Information on Core CSS CSS Cheat Sheet More Information on CSS Cheat Sheet