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Code Standards

Code Standards
Overview This document contains guidelines for web applications built by the Creative Technology (front end engineering) practice of Roundarch Isobar. It is to be readily available to anyone who wishes to check the iterative progress of our best practices. This document's primary motivation is two- fold: 1) code consistency and 2) best practices. By maintaining consistency in coding styles and conventions, we can ease the burden of legacy code maintenance, and mitigate risk of breakage in the future. By adhering to best practices, we ensure optimized page loading, performance and maintainable code. Pillars of Front-end Development ◊ General Practices ◊ Indentation ◊ For all code languages, we require indentation to be done via soft tabs (using the space character). Readability vs Compression ◊ We prefer readability over file-size savings when it comes to maintaining existing files. The first component of any web page is the tag-based markup language of HTML . Template ◊ Doctype ◊ HTML5 Doctype

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blockquote (HTML element) Description The blockquote element is a mechanism for marking up a block of text quoted from a person or another document or source. It may be just a few lines, or it may contain several paragraphs (which you’d mark up using nested p elements). The W3C recommendation states that web page authors should not type quotation marks in the text when they’re using blockquote—we can leave it to the style sheets to take care of this element of presentation (just as it should be when the q element is used for short, inline quotations).

Best Practices for Google Play App Distribution Google Play is the central place where you upload apps for distribution. However, it is necessary to follow certain best practices not only for popularity but also to receive positive reviews for your app. According to Google, you should make use of two-step authentication for your Google account for better security and transfer the apps to a separate account other than your personal Gmail account. Moreover, you should grant only minimum level of access to your team members instead of sharing passwords. As a final step you should monitor the list of members who have been granted access and delete them if they are no longer involved with the project. Keystore is an important element in Google Play and is required every time you publish an update.

Kanban development oversimplified: a simple explanation of how Kanban adds to the ever-growing Agile toolkit Agile development is a value system — not a process. The Agile Manifesto is a short, 4 lines, set of phrases that indicate what’s important to those practicing Agile development. These statements are the “mom and apple pie” statements for agilists.

Speeding Up Your Website’s Database - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Website speed has always been a big issue, and it has become even more important since April 2010, when Google decided to use it in search rankings1. However, the focus of the discussion is generally on minimizing file sizes, improving server settings and optimizing CSS and Javascript. The discussion glosses over another important factor: the speed with which your pages are actually put together on your server. Most big modern websites store their information in a database and use a language such as PHP or ASP to extract it, turn it into HTML and send it to the Web browser. So, even if you get your home page down to 1.5 seconds (Google’s threshold for being considered a “fast” website), you can still frustrate customers if your search page takes too much time to respond, or if the product pages load quickly but the “Customer reviews” delay for several seconds.

Making Wrong Code Look Wrong by Joel Spolsky Wednesday, May 11, 2005 Way back in September 1983, I started my first real job, working at Oranim, a big bread factory in Israel that made something like 100,000 loaves of bread every night in six giant ovens the size of aircraft carriers. A Quick Start Some people have trouble absorbing a new technology by reading the sort of “top down” approach provided by this book. This section is a very short introduction to Subversion, and is designed to give “bottom up” learners a fighting chance. If you're one of those folks who prefers to learn by experimentation, the following demonstration will get you up and running. Along the way, we give links to the relevant chapters of this book. If you're new to the entire concept of version control or to the “copy-modify-merge” model used by both CVS and Subversion, then you should read Chapter 2, Basic Concepts before going any further.

Configure Web Deploy : Joining the Web Hosting Gallery (with WebMatrix Support) : Hosting Guidance Configure Sites for Web Deploy Publishing At this point, your server is configured with all the software required to support WebMatrix publishing. The Web Deploy 2.0 installer created all the necessary Management Service Delgation Rules to allow non-administrators to deploy applications and databases. It also started the Web Management Service. Now we need to configure individual sites for Web Deploy publishing. Run iPhone Apps Directly From Your Browser With Pieceable Viewer Part of i/o Ventures first cohort, Pieceable is launching its first product today, the Pieceable Viewer. As you can see above with the Yelp app or here with apps like Hipmunk or Foodspotting, the viewer allows you to run and test out embeddable iPhone apps from your web browser. Developers can publish their apps directly to the service and the Pieceable team will create a web page that displays a fully functional copy of the app. Developers or anyone who needs to share an app can then send a link to whomever they’d like to give the demo to. “It ends up being the easiest way ever to share an iPhone app on the web,” CEO Fred Potter tells me.

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code by Joel Spolsky Wednesday, August 09, 2000 Have you ever heard of SEMA? It's a fairly esoteric system for measuring how good a software team is. No, wait! Don't follow that link! Great Tools, Resources and Guides for HTML5 and CSS3 It is very important for web designers to update and upgrade their website from time to time to boost the effectiveness of their site and most especially to protect their business from destructive attacks done by hackers. With the development of HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, web designers and web developers are now able to improve their websites effectively and easily as these tools bring many new syntactical features. HTML5 is a better version of HTML4 that is helpful in building websites. It includes features like separate background threads to do processing, video implantation without separate plug-in or codec, canvas element to present graphics and images on the fly, can have applications to access email offline, etc. CSS3 is the latest style sheet format used for adding style to web pages in different markup languages. These two versions are predicted to make the work of web development simple.

A Deeper Look at Signals and Slots Scott Collins2005.12.19 What are Signals and Slots? There's a short answer and a long answer. We're going to have the most fun walking through the long answer, but for those who don't want to wait: The Short Answer: What They Are

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