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Inhabited sculpture This article was originally published in Domus 966 / February 2013 Recently, Belgian postwar modernism has repeatedly been explored on an international scale. It was the subject of several articles published in specialised journals, and the public has been exposed through exhibitions and monographs to the work of Belgian architects who were previously unknown outside their national borders. Although this country and its people are rarely brought up in the context of architecture or design, the 1950s and '60s represent the extraordinary growth of applied art in Belgium. At that time, design and architecture found widespread application across the entire society, and architects found great potential to experiment with radical modernist ideals in the mass production of housing developments and villa neighbourhoods. Meanwhile, many other artists dedicated their entire careers to the pursuit of a clean form of modernism, used to create unexpected architectural spaces.

Shaw, Jeffrey: Corpocinema Jeffrey Shaw«Corpocinema» «This was an expanded cinema performance presented in a series of open-air performances in Rotterdam and Amsterdam in 1967. The basic structure was a large air-inflated transparent PVC dome onto which film and slides were projected from outside.These projections were made visible by physical events and performed actions that created temporary conditions materializing the projected imagery within and on the surface of the dome.

Aubrey Beardsley illustrations for Salome by Oscar Wilde English This portfolio contains unbound plates of the 16 designs used for the 1907 edition of Oscar Wilde’s Salomé by John Lane, plus an additional plate entitled ‘Salomé on Settle’, printed on Japanese vellum. It is fuller and more explicit than the censored versions of the drawings published in 1894. Who made these images? Aubrey Beardsley (1872–1898) was a fashionable young London illustrator, whose first commissions had been from the publisher J M Dent for a version of the medieval poet Malory’s Morte d’Arthur. Un annuaire de liens pour supprimer vos comptes de sites webs. Can't find what you're looking for? Help make better. facile Informations non disponibles Connectez vous, allez dans les parametres, cilquez sur supprimer mon compte. Confirmez en cliquant sur je supprimer mon compte.

Offices Osakidetza, coll-barreu arquitectos The river of Bilbao is not the only area where urban renewal is taking place. In the center of the old town, the Basque Government has commissioned the young Basque architect Juan Coll-Barreu to design a 'vital' building, dominantly present on the corner of Calle Licenciado Poza with La Alameda de Rekalde. The works of this architect are characterized by their adaptive nature, like a glove fits to a hand. All conditions and circumstances are taken into account: first the urban context, the client's wishes, the functions of the building, the climate, and finally the project itself. After winning the design competition, this was the first project for him in a complex urban situation: 'In this design process, everything was a challenge'.

The Alter Bahnhof Video Walk Production Manager Christoph Platz Production Annika Rixen Zev Tiefenbach Aubrey Beardsley English draughtsman and writer. He was brought up in Brighton, in genteel poverty, by his mother. She gave her children an intensive education in music and books, and by the time he was sent to boarding-school at the age of seven Beardsley was exceptionally literate and something of a musical prodigy. He was also already infected with the tuberculosis that eventually killed him. Early in 1894 Beardsley was appointed art editor of the Yellow Book. The Vibrant Role of Mingqi in Early Chinese Burials Liubo board and pieces, Han dynasty (206 B.C.–220 A.D.), 1st century B.C.–1st century A.D. China, probably Luoyang, Henan Province Earthenware with pigment, bone; L. 14 1/4 in. (36.2 cm) Purchase, Eileen W. Bamberger Bequest, in memory of her husband, Max Bamberger, 1994 (1994.285a–m) Burial figurines of graceful dancers, mystical beasts, and everyday objects reveal both how people in early China approached death and how they lived.

DO IT at e-flux Dear friends, It is a great pleasure for me to present do it at e-flux. I met Hans Ulrich Obrist several years ago during a talk about interdisciplinary art practices. Mackmurdo, Arthur Heygate Object Type This is a dining chair, as suggested by its shape and practical leather upholstery, which is a copy of the original covering. The chair combines two completely different styles. While the legs and seat are both based on Georgian furniture of the 1780s, the serpentine design of the back is highly innovative. People A.

Rirkrit Tiravanija — Collections Rirkrit Tiravanija was born into a diplomat’s family in Buenos Aires, raised in different parts of the world, and settled in Bangkok to attend high school. Upon graduation, he continued his studies in Canada and the United States, and now divides his time between New York, Berlin, Bangkok, and everywhere in between. Peregrination—touted as the defining condition of our “global” age in which inhabitants lead “nomadic” lives—comes naturally for the artist. Constant motion, however, does not constitute a raison d’être in itself, but rather suggests a state of being. In his art, mobility is a catalyst for the formation of communities, networks of acquaintances, and lasting friendships within them. It is only to be expected, then, that “convivial” is an adjective that appears so frequently in writings about Tiravanija’s art.

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