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CristinaSkyBox: Are You Writing Writefully? I still have the habit of carrying a notebook with me. In my bags, there will pens, worn out pencils, perhaps the odd rubber (i.e. eraser), or even a pencil sharpener. In F2F classrooms the array of pencil cases, set out as name tags on students' desks always perks my curiosity - why did they choose that particular pencil case? How does it make them feel as learners? Are they demarcating their classroom space or reinforcing their individuality as a member of that particular learning group?

FREEBIE Google Classroom Digital Escape Math Digital Escape Room Math Review This Digital Classroom Escape is an interactive activity which promotes peer collaboration and problem solving. Standards based math questions, challenges, and puzzlers combine to create the perfect blend of learning and fun! This Digital Escape covers the following: key skills from 3rd grade

65 Awesome Classroom Doors For Back-to-School When it comes to classroom doors, some schools go wild with decorations—and others are forbidden to do so by the fire marshal. If you fall into the former category, you’re going to love the ideas below. And if door decorations are a no go because the fire marshal (or someone else being the fun police), check out these great bulletin boards! 1. Write It Out What a wonderful way to display your students’ names! Unit 4: Starting and finishing emails Here are some important points to consider when starting and finishing an email. Formal or informal? We write a formal email when we want to be polite, or when we do not know the reader very well. A lot of work emails are formal. We write informal emails when we want to be friendly, or when we know the reader well.

Escape Room Sight Word Mystery Video by Teacher's Brain - Cindy Martin Want to be that teacher every student remembers because of those engaging lesson? Check out the video HOOK. This is an example of how to hook the students before using the escape room designed just for K-1 Classrooms with a focus on sight words. Do you think your class can solve the mystery, break into a box and out of the classroom? *No need for expensive locks either! The Infographic Syllabus Template The idea of turning a syllabus in to an infographic has been around for at least several years. This year my colleague made one for herself in a not-free, not-collaborative, tool, so even though we normally share all of our materials, there was no easy way for her to share her version with me. I did a bit of searching for templates, but I mostly found links to paid services.

fluentu How many times have you done that same old restaurant role play? How about the one where people are waiting in line? The post office one? Role plays help your students overcome the stage fright they experience when using English. How To Create Killer Online Exams [Fairly & Effectively] With quarantine keeping most educators away from their classes for the whole semester, end of semester online exams are inevitable. Actually, so many higher education institutes have decided to remain online for Fall 2020. Some, like Cambridge, have even gone as far as to remain online for the entire 2020/21 academic year! Even if you’re teaching middle or high school, you’ll likely have to make some online assessments or even online exams. Read on to learn what I’ve learned this past semester, and how I think we can create online exams going forward.

Free Christmas Mystery: The Case of the Missing Christmas Cookies - Mystery Unit Help Santa figure out who stole the Christmas cookies! The Case of the Missing Christmas Cookies - Mysteries without Murders is a collection of mysteries to be used in reading workshops. This product is a sample containing 1 mystery from the collection, inference activities, suspect cards and directions to lead your own mystery workshop. Students read the mystery provided, and collaborate in groups to solve it by answering inference questions. Perfect for holiday fun!

Catch the Flipgrid fever! 15+ ways to use Flipgrid in your class Bring the back row in class to the FRONT row! Flipgrid, a FREE video discussion platform, gives all students a voice. Here are more than 15 ideas on how to use it in class. This post is by Karly Moura, a teacher on special assignment (TOSA) in Mount Diablo USD in Concord, California. Check out her blog at and follow it by email to get her excellent posts delivered right to your inbox! ********Updated September 2018********

7 Questions Talking Bingo with Role-play Cards worksheet This took forever to put together, but it was SO worth it! Includes 3 Bingo cards and 17 Role-play cards. I make everything in Open Office and then convert to Doc.. so check that everything looks right before using.