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How to Mentor a Kid with Big (Possibly Unrealistic) Dreams. From the mailbag, a series of similar questions: How should I handle my kids’ huge plans that can’t really happen?

How to Mentor a Kid with Big (Possibly Unrealistic) Dreams

Some of my child’s ideas are down-right unrealistic… My concern is that he will feel let down… Children today are suffering a severe deficit of play. When I was a child in the 1950s, my friends and I had two educations.

Children today are suffering a severe deficit of play

We had school (which was not the big deal it is today), and we also had what I call a hunter-gather education. We played in mixed-age neighbourhood groups almost every day after school, often until dark. Radical Unschooling. School is out. I really do look around at times with a little surge of bewilderment, even mild panic, at finding myself here in the middle of the dropout’s dream, and it’s teaching the kids at home that makes it all happen.

School is out

Right at this moment, while other parents are starting the day’s work and other kids the first week of school, I’m in my ragged bathrobe drinking tea and writing these very notes, and lounging on one couch while my daughter Lana, wrapped in an afghan on another, reads a French-Indian War novel called “Flame-Colored Taffeta” and my wife Cindy and son Dan play chess … and when, in the interest of being specific for this article, I wonder out loud what time it is, nobody seems to know. It’s hard to recall the moment just yesterday when Dan’s struggle against mathematics, waged with subtle strength, with a deadpan face and a deft, not quite deliberate obtuseness, made me feel like killing him. Educating Too Early. Image CC by 2.0 emilygoodstein My daughter started preschool a month before she turned three.

Educating Too Early

She was too young. The facility was wonderful, the teachers kind, the activities entirely age-appropriate but she resisted the structure. It didn’t make sense to her that she was asked to learn color words she already knew. No grammar schools, lots of play: the secrets of Europe’s top education system. It’s a warm September afternoon in the Kallio district of Helsinki.

No grammar schools, lots of play: the secrets of Europe’s top education system

Out in the Franzenia daycare centre playground, groups of four- and five-year-olds roam contentedly. “Would you like an ice-cream?” Asks one, having set up her elaborate “stall” on the edge of the sandpit. Kindergarten staff move among the children, chatting, observing and making written notes. There is nothing outwardly distinctive about the centre, though with 200 children, it is the city’s largest. Article. Meet the Arthurs of Marton, a Kiwi family whose nine children are a talented bunch, all home schooled and dedicated to their family.


"But How Do They Learn To Read?" "But how do they learn to read?

"But How Do They Learn To Read?"

"It's the question most often asked by doubters when first learning about play-based education. Most people "get" that play is important for young children, at least to a certain degree, they're not ogres, but they just can't get their minds around the idea that most children, when left to their own devices, will actually learn to read without adult intervention.First of all, from a purely developmental perspective, preschool aged children should not be expected to be reading.

This isn't to say that some preschoolers don't teach themselves to read. I've known readers as young as two. Studies have compared groups of children . . . who started formal literacy lessons at ages 5 and 7 . . . Their recommendation is that the best "academic" education for children under seven is the sort of "informal, play-based" environment we offer at Woodland Park because that is how the human animal is designed to build the foundation for all future learning. Reading Readiness Has To Do With The Body. Sitting down.

Reading Readiness Has To Do With The Body

(public domain by Jusben) Today’s kids sit more than ever. Babies spend hours confined in car seats and carriers rather than crawling, toddling, or being carried. As they get older their days are often heavily scheduled between educational activities and organized events. Article research review. Why Dr. Gordon Neufeld Believes Children Learn More At Home. - Rethinking Parenting. In his recent Rethinking Education TED Talk ‘Relationship Matters’, Dr Gordon Neufeld, Developmental and Clinical Psychologist explores the role close and connected relationships play in our children’s ability to learn.

Why Dr. Gordon Neufeld Believes Children Learn More At Home. - Rethinking Parenting

Neufeld explains that children learn more in the first four years of life informally than in all the rest of their formal education put together! Recovering Children From The School System. Today I saw this message on a Facebook page I belong to.

Recovering Children From The School System

I contacted the mum and asked her permission to share here because this is not an isolated incident. The little man spoken of is on the autism spectrum, and I'm hearing story after story of these wonderful children being broken by the “system”. I'm also hearing many stories of neuro-typical (or what might be called “normal”) children losing their confidence and their zest for life; loving relationships with siblings/parents going cold; children withdrawing into themselves as the system and some of the people within/using the system affect them detrimentally.

Followers of my blog will know that I never intend to bash schools – I am not anti-teachers. There are many different types of school i.e., traditional, alternative, democratic etc, but schools cannot adjust everything to suit the child who is not coping. 18-year-old Claire Dickson is entering into Harvard College this fall. What got her into the most famous school in the world, one with a record-low 5.3% acceptance rate?

Homeschooling, she tells Boston Magazine. Dickson is one of the 2.2. million kids homeschooled across the country. Charlotte Mason Help. Higher Up and Further In. Privacy and Internet Safety Parent Concern. How 'worldschooling' parents are educating their kids. Many of us who are interested in more sustainable ways of living are probably also tuned into alternative methods of education. ‘Lets face it, keeping children sedentary for most of their waking hours is causing harm’ At many schools, kids can’t do this any more. (iStock) In 2015, the New York Times reported that over a four-year period, the number of students in New York City public schools being referred for occupational therapy rose by 30 percent and that similar increases were reported in other cities.

One of the reasons offered was the increase in the number of autistic students who had been mainstreamed into regular classrooms. Another reason was the increased emphasis on academics in early-childhood education, which has led to a lessening of physical activity. Jenn Ashworth: Why I refused to go to school. We were watching Family Fortunes. I was 11 – a late-blooming August baby who looked more like a nine-year-old. A Sunday evening: the end of my first week at high school. Finland Will Become the First Country in the World to Get Rid of All School Subjects - Finland’s education system is considered one of the best in the world. In international ratings, it’s always in the top ten.

However, the authorities there aren’t ready to rest on their laurels, and they’ve decided to carry through a real revolution in their school system. Finnish officials want to remove school subjects from the curriculum. There will no longer be any classes in physics, math, literature, history, or geography. The head of the Department of Education in Helsinki, Marjo Kyllonen, explained the changes: Golden Bay High School prizegiving: high achieving students honoured. Last updated 16:47, November 8 2016. New beginnings for Kaiwaka foodie celeb Amber Rose. Last updated 13:34, November 4 2016. An award-winning toy business run from a country Waikato home - thisNZlife. The Beginner’s Guide to Unschooling : zen habits.

Teenage Entrepreneurs - UNO. Magazine. Everyone is born creative, but it is educated out of us at school. The Profound Ways that Schooling Harms Society: Incredibly, All of This Is Invisible to Our Culture. By Carol Black / Jan 24, 2012. Why Not 'Let' A Child 'Try' School ... if the child wants to? Professionals Are Just Now Discovering What Homeschoolers Know. Classrooms don’t prepare young people for success in life and career. EU027: Ten Questions with Teresa Graham Brett. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS. The 15 Most Fun Activities You Can Do With Children. One-Hour-A-Day Homeschooling - Your Homeschooling Advisors. Kids Learn Math Easily When They Control Their Own Learning. Sue Patterson Coaching. Skipping School: Lua Martin Wells at TEDxCharleston. Registration - Whangarei Home Educators Support Group. Blog. My Deschooling Journey.

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