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Podcasts and Downloads - A History of the World in 100 Objects

Podcasts and Downloads - A History of the World in 100 Objects
A History of the World Special 18 May 2011 Thu, 19 May 11 Duration:28 mins Peter Lewis tells a story of love, separation and hardship, through the object he added to the BBC History of the World website: a portrait of a private soldier's sweetheart, painted secretly for his Uncle Bryn in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Download 13MB (right click & "save target as / link as") 100 Solar-powered lamp and charger 22 Oct 2010 Fri, 22 Oct 10 Duration:14 mins A lamp that runs off sunlight. Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum, looks at the final object in the series: a solar-powered lamp with a charger that can bring cheap light and power to people around the world with no access to the electric grid. Simple, cheap and clean – is this the revolutionary technology of our future? With contributions from Aloka Sarder, a mother and adult student in West Bengal, and Nick Stern, expert on the economics of climate change.

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Free History and Geography Printables Welcome to Day Four of iHomeschool Network’s Print-a-Palooza, an extravaganza that will no doubt require you to stock up on printer ink! Please enjoy this collection of free history and geography printables from bloggers all around the world. Feel free to linkup your own printables! Coming Thursday: science printables

The Universe - Curriculum Center An activity you can use in the classroom In the 1920s astronomer Edwin Hubble used the red shift of the spectra of stars to determine that the universe was expanding. By carefully observing the light from galaxies at different distances from Earth, he determined that the farther something was from Earth, the faster it seemed to be moving away. This relationship has become known as Hubble's Law, and it's just one piece of a bigger puzzle known as the Big Bang theory. Developed over many years and by many people, the theory states that about 15 billion years ago the universe was compressed into an infinitely small space, known as the primordial atom. It exploded in a sudden burst of energy and created a small, superdense, extremely hot universe that began to expand in all directions.

Drive Thru History iTBN Home Filter by: None Free India Learning Packet - Homeschool Den This year we are again studying world cultures in our homeschool. We are focusing on Asia and just started our unit on India. I made a packet for the kids to add to their history notebooks which covers the geography of India, some basic facts (population, capital, etc.) and things like that. It’s 20 pages long and includes answers to the various sheets that the kids and I will be going over. If you are interested you are welcome to download the India Learning Packet Topics - You're almost done! You will soon receive an activation email. Once you click on the link, you will be added to our list. If you do not receive this email, please contact us.

15 YouTube Channels of Fun Science for Kids Amazingly, YouTube has become a good source of educational materials. We have been using YouTube more and more for fun learning materials. We shared 6 YouTube Channels for Hands-on Science Experiments You Can Do at Home. Today we share YouTube channels of fun science facts, explanations, and news. Bill Nye: although the channel has not been updated for couple years, the content already there is enough for kids to explore. The World's People and Places Upload TED-Ed Loading... Working... ► Play all Learning American History Through Movies & Free Timeline Movie Homeschooling I could not find a chronological list of movies of American History so I made the one below. First I created a timeline from 1630 to 2000 into 12 eras and listed the most important people and events.

Mr. Beat's Social Studies Channel Did Nader play the role of spoiler? In my first video collaboration with my friend Will from Political Junkie, I provide evidence why Ralph Nader absolutely did not spoil the presidential election of 2000. If anyone did, it's probably George W. Bush. Please check out Will's counter argument video here: subscribe to his wonderful channel: Sources: