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Microscopes, Chemistry Supplies, Biology Supplies

Microscopes, Chemistry Supplies, Biology Supplies

Scientific Ethics | Process of Science Enlarge In science, as in all professions, some people try to cheat the system. Charles Dawson was one of those people – an amateur British archaeologist and paleontologist born in 1864. By the late nineteenth century, Dawson had made a number of seemingly important fossil discoveries. Not prone to modesty, he named many of his newly discovered species after himself. For example, Dawson found fossil teeth of a previously unknown species of mammal, which he subsequently named Plagiaulax dawsoni. His most famous discovery, however, came in late 1912, when Dawson showed off parts of a human-looking skull and jawbone to the public and convinced scientists that the fossils were from a new species that represented the missing link between man and ape. In 1949, Kenneth Oakley, a professor of anthropology at Oxford University, dated the skull using a newly available fluorine absorption test and found that it was 500 years old rather than 500,000. The role of ethics in science

Find suppliers for research chemicals Emali: Planets For Kids - Solar System Facts and Astronomy Replacing Reducing Agents Via Organic Electrochemistry | How to Make Methamphetamine Hydrogenators are suspicious (source: DEA list of chemicals). This is the second time through. I am going to do it differently. h ell, what the… Last time, I come out with nothing but a title. jjj esus. Naof uck you. Ph uck. I know that I am basically going to get you to a picture of the cup. I got a bad feelin’ about this. I’m not just going to beat you on how to make M3HT. [inserting 4-5. word count went from 314 to 411…what is ‘word’ blue for . Like this: Like Loading...

Research Chemicals, Buy Online, UK & Worldwide Suppliers - MegaChems Британский совет: 8 лучших сайтов и приложений для тех, кто учит и преподает английский Ежегодно Британский совет выдает лучшим образовательным ресурсам на английском языке премию ELTons. «Теории и практики» выбрали 8 самых интересных номинантов и победителей последних лет — эти сайты и приложения пригодятся как преподавателям, так и тем, кто занимается языком самостоятельно. Этот сайт может пригодится тем, кто хочет интегрировать в свои уроки обсуждение актуальных событий. Раз в два дня преподаватель Шон Бэнвиль выкладывает новые учебные материалы по мотивам новостей: например, недавний выпуск посвящен феномену Hello Kitty — оказалось, что она девочка, а не кошка (как мы теперь знаем по словам ее создателя). Уроки разделены на две категории: попроще и посложнее. Учитель английского языка и создатель сайта Film English Киран Донаги не сомневается в том, что именно с помощью видеоматериалов можно сделать уроки ярче и интереснее. Дислексия — это избирательное нарушение способности овладеть чтением и письмом.

Electrochemistry Encyclopedia -- Industrial organics Return to: Encyclopedia Home Page – Table of Contents – Author Index – Subject Index – Search – Dictionary – ESTIR Home Page – YCES Home Page ( Norman L. Weinberg Consultant East Amherst NY, USA E-mail: (May, 2002) Thousands of electrochemical reactions of organics have been catalogued to date. The essential difference between chemical and electrochemical processing is that the reactor is an electrolytic cell powered by a current source . There are many other differences seen in organic electrosynthesis compared to conventional organic synthesis. Advantages and disadvantages of electrosynthesis There are advantages and disadvantages to organic electrochemical processing. Electrosynthesis certainly has disadvantages too. Considering the advantages, critics question why there are so few commercial scale organic electrosyntheses. Chemical industry's attraction to electrosynthesis Engineering considerations Mass transfer Heat transfer

The Chemical Suppliers: Customer Reviews Update, March 19: I've added a few more suppliers to the list, and broken out a third category for the mixed reviews. And I note in the comments that someone claiming to be Kathy Yu from 3B Chemicals is threatening me with legal action. The IP address resolves only to AT&T Internet Services, but there does appear to be someone from that name who works at 3B. I hope, for her sake and that of the company, that this is someone impersonating her, because whoever is leaving these comments is doing 3B no favors. And since I am reporting opinions, both my own and those of other contributors that I have no reason to doubt, and am doing so without malicious intent, I will cheerfully ignore all legal threats. OK, here are the lists of good companies and not-so-good companies, based on my experience and those of readers. I should note up front that I'm not listing the Big Guys, since (while they can have their ups and downs), you generally know that they're going to send you something.

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Homemade Hydrogen Gas - How to Make Hydrogen Gas It's easy to generate hydrogen gas at home or in a lab using common household materials. Here's how to make hydrogen safely. Make Hydrogen Gas - Method 1 One of the easiest ways to obtain hydrogen is to get it from water, H2O. Make Hydrogen Gas - Method 2 There are two simple improvements you can make to improve the efficiency of hydrogen gas production. Make Hydrogen Gas - Method 3 You can get hydrogen gas by reacting hydrochloric acid with zinc. Zinc + Hydrochloric Acid → Zinc Chloride + HydrogenZn (s) + 2HCl (l) → ZnCl2 (l)+ H2 (g) hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) zinc granules (or iron filings or strips of aluminum) Hydrogen gas bubbles will be released as soon as the acid and zinc are mixed. Homemade Hydrogen Gas - Method 4 sodium hydroxide (found in certain drain clog removers) aluminum (included in the drain removal products or you can use foil) Aluminum + Sodium Hydroxide → Hydrogen + Sodium Aluminate 2Al (s) + 6NaOH (aq) → 3H2 (g) + 2Na3AlO3 (aq)