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Camp Creek Blog. I saw a post on Austin Kleon’s blog about this piece by Rachel Nabors: We rarely hear the advice of the person who did what they loved and stayed poor or was horribly injured for it.

Camp Creek Blog

Professional gamblers, stuntmen, washed up cartoonists like myself: we don’t give speeches at corporate events. We aren’t paid to go to the World Domination Summit and make people feel bad. 100 Reasons Why Homeschooling is Good for Families - Abundant Life. I have been homeschooling for nearly 20 years.

100 Reasons Why Homeschooling is Good for Families - Abundant Life

I have been through so many ups and downs I sometimes feel like a human roller coaster. Don’t Homeschool! You Can’t Shelter Your Kid From The Real World! You Say “Socializing”, and I Say Get a Life… The Inside Scoop On Homeschool Social Skills. I have been, more or less, connected to homeschooling since 1982.

You Say “Socializing”, and I Say Get a Life… The Inside Scoop On Homeschool Social Skills

Other than a half day kindergarten that my parents sent me to I never attended traditional school until college. I am that un-socialized, awkward and sheltered homeschooler that everyone fears your child may grow up to be. Ha. Yeah. ((waves)) It amazes me that this is still even ”A Thing”, and that this question even is asked. I don’t think the general public understands why we respond with brushing them off, a blank stare, or some little cute joke to redirect their attention. You are wrong. This blog post is here to give you a little inside information. Let me tell you why we often stumble over our response. When you ask a homeschooling parent how we “socialize”, it is akin to asking where babies come from, or how in the world breastfeeding can be enough sustenance for an infant. You see, adults will tell children that there are NO stupid questions, but we all know the truth.

And it shows. Homeschooling Held Hostage. I remember the day we decided pull our daughter out of school.

Homeschooling Held Hostage

How to destroy a child’s love of learning in 15 easy steps. Photo credit: Richard Phillip Rücker, Flicker Creative Commons 1.

How to destroy a child’s love of learning in 15 easy steps

Make sure he knows learning isn’t about what he wants to do but what he HAS to do. Even if you’re doing “project-based learning,” it’s your ideas that matter. Inspire kids to design, invent, and make an impact by giving them specific tasks YOU thought up and YOU care about! 2. 3. Don’t have kids count regular pencil erasers in the math center — have them count dinosaur erasers! This Really Happy 13-Year-Old Hacks His Education, And Now I Regret I Didn't Do The Same With Mine. Disapproving, Insensitive Relatives Translator (DIRT) Homeschool World - Articles - Combining Work and Homeschool. Many employed or self-employed mothers (writers, publishers, business owners, nurses, and others) are homeschooling their children while working from a few to over 40 hours a week.

Homeschool World - Articles - Combining Work and Homeschool

Some separate work and school, doing each at a particular time; others consider life as school - their children are always learning. "How do you teach your children and maintain the rest of your responsibilities? First of all, we are very content with being homebodies, so we do not spend huge amounts of time on field trips or on other activities that pull us in too many directions," says Deb Deffinbaugh, co-owner (with husband Dan) of Timberdoodle Company. Finding Time "You're going to have to decide what's important.

In order to find the time to combine working and homeschooling, keep a record of what you do - every hour of every day - for a week or two. Scheduling A twelve-month schedule works for some, while others do school during the months that business is slower. Schooling Efficiently Child Care. Is Public School an Option. The growing chaos in society is forcing Christians to rethink even their most cherished assumptions about their relationship with government institutions.

Is Public School an Option

For example, is public education even an option anymore? Should Christian parents send their children to the public schools? That question has emerged as one of the most controversial debates of our times. And yet, every family must come to terms with the issues involved in the public school debate—and fast. Most parents already know that a great deal is at stake in this question. In today’s context, most parents still send their children to the public schools. For the most part, American evangelicals in the twentieth century agreed with this assessment. Then, something happened. A Tradition of Local Control To understand the reason for this vast backlash against the public schools, a bit of historical perspective is required. 15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Mess With A Homeschool Mom. Let’s face it, homeschool moms are tough.

15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Mess With A Homeschool Mom

They don’t hide behind the scenes, but boot up and wade through the trenches of learning muck – all for the good of their children. They make decisions on the fly, are quick on their feet, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Mess with the homeschool mom (or her kids) and you’re bound to get the short end of the stick. 1.