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Synonyms for "Said" Grammar-Quizzes › Clauses › Subordinate Clauses › Synonyms for "Said" Other words for reporting speech (reported or indirect speech) Say, Tell, Add —complements A comma separates a statement before a quote: He said, "Hello".

Synonyms for "Said"

About "complements" Some verbs require complements to complete their meaning: She spoke. Intelligence/ruse – Page 1 – Chansons libres de droits par ambiances. Uplifting and Inspiring Background Music For Videos & Presentations. Modern Upbeat Corporate Background by E-soundtrax.

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5 sites pour vous créer un avatar à votre image. Article mis à jour le 21 septembre 2020 par Fidel Navamuel Comment créer un avatar en ligne gratuitement ? Il est parfois utile pour s’inscrire sur un site, un forum ou pour personnaliser une leçon de montrer sa bobine pour habiller son profil. Si vous ne souhaitez pas publier votre photo, vous pouvez utiliser un avatar, une sorte de représentation graphique que l’on voit fleurir sur le web et les réseaux sociaux. Des petits utilitaires sympas pour jouer avec sa propre image. Mais tout d’abord commençons par une définition. Qu’est-ce qu’un avatar ? Savez-vous que le terme avatar vient du mot sanskrit avatâra. How To Create Killer Online Exams [Fairly & Effectively]

With quarantine keeping most educators away from their classes for the whole semester, end of semester online exams are inevitable.

How To Create Killer Online Exams [Fairly & Effectively]

Actually, so many higher education institutes have decided to remain online for Fall 2020. Some, like Cambridge, have even gone as far as to remain online for the entire 2020/21 academic year! Even if you’re teaching middle or high school, you’ll likely have to make some online assessments or even online exams. Read on to learn what I’ve learned this past semester, and how I think we can create online exams going forward. How To Create Online Exams Efficiently So, I’ve put together a few rules on what to do, and what not to do in an online exam. The benefit though, is that online exams with big enough question banks can be used year after year.

The “Do”s Of Online Exams First of all, the most important tip is to be prepared way in advance. ECML-Programme > Programme 2016-2019 > Quality assurance and implementation of the CEFR. CristinaSkyBox: Are You Writing Writefully? I still have the habit of carrying a notebook with me.

CristinaSkyBox: Are You Writing Writefully?

In my bags, there will pens, worn out pencils, perhaps the odd rubber (i.e. eraser), or even a pencil sharpener. In F2F classrooms the array of pencil cases, set out as name tags on students' desks always perks my curiosity - why did they choose that particular pencil case? How does it make them feel as learners? Are they demarcating their classroom space or reinforcing their individuality as a member of that particular learning group? Perhaps both. Which leaves me in silent guesses and assumptions of whether pencil cases matter at all. Even though there may be pencil cases in my classrooms, even though I myself still often jot down notes and reminders by hand, the truth is, that most writing is done digitally.

From the 16 different skills which Future Skills Report 2019, highlighted earlier this year, learner autonomy clearly takes a leading role: Mark Fiore Animated Political Cartoons - Accueil. Login.


« Ce que fait un professeur » : le texte génial d'un enseignant qui en avait marre de subir les clichés... Taylor Mali est un poète, slameur et enseignant Américain.

« Ce que fait un professeur » : le texte génial d'un enseignant qui en avait marre de subir les clichés...

Il est entre autres l'auteur d'un superbe texte intitulé « What a Teacher Makes » (« Ce que fait un professeur »). Dans ses performances, il raconte qu'il était à un dîner chez des amis, quand l'une des personnes à commencé à se moquer de lui et de sa profession, lui ressortant tous les vieux clichés et autres blagues lourdes sur les enseignants... Jusqu'à ce qu'il fasse l'erreur de dépasser les bornes et de lui demander : « Sois honnête. Qu'est-ce que tu fais ? » C'est à ce moment-là que Taylor, à bout, s'est levé pour lui clouer le bec. Cette bande dessinée est une adaptation graphique de ce texte, réalisée par Gavin Aung Than, dessinateur Australien, pour le site Zen Pencils. A Strategy for Effective Student Collaboration. Working in teams is difficult, but most teachers recognize that building the capacity to collaborate with others is essential.

A Strategy for Effective Student Collaboration

The most pressing problems facing us, our communities, and our society are complex and multifaceted—they evade simple solutions and tend to require a breadth of knowledge, insight, and creativity that can only be accessed when people come together. But even educators who espouse the virtues of collaboration can struggle mightily to support students in doing it well. Teams Can Be Stubborn Unlike individuals, who have the potential to be agile and learn quickly, teams can repeat the same mistake over and over again, to the frustration of every single member of the team.

That’s because teams don’t learn in the same way that individuals do. When you as an individual touch a hot stove, you’re far less likely to touch it again. For many educators, our instinct is to rush in and save the day when we see teams struggle. Évaluer une carte conceptuelle. The Detectives, an interactive murder story. Résumé Sylvia Kay, une actrice, est mystérieusement assassinée dans un cabaret.

The Detectives, an interactive murder story

6 Alternatives to Reading Logs by @shfarnsworth. Outlawing essay mills ‘will curb rampant cheating’ The government is under pressure from its university standards watchdog to outlaw “essay mill” companies that allow students to cheat.

Outlawing essay mills ‘will curb rampant cheating’

University registrars, academics and the former head of Ucas have backed the campaign by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) to create a “hostile environment” for companies that charge students hundreds or thousands of pounds to write bespoke essays. Such websites are also used by some school pupils, but an overhaul of A levels and GCSEs, the results of which are published today, means schools are now less reliant on coursework. Some companies charge up to £6,700 for work towards a PhD. Experts said endemic cheating meant that some universities were starting to move away from essays to alternative assessment or a greater… Want to read more?

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