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Dinosaur Printable Craft Triceratops or Eoceratops Present herbivorous and horned dinosaurs - the plant eaters and other educational themes listed in the activities column. The easy horned dinosaur craft, resembling a Triceratops, can be adapted for children two years old and older, with or without brass fasteners that allow the head and legs to move. Decide on a sequence that best meets your needs. Review all printable materials and learning themes. Science/Social Studies: Activity #1: Science -Animals: Basic Dinosaur, Herbivore and Triceratops Facts Free Printables - To save you time, here you will find links to all of the posts on this website that contain free printables. They are for personal use only. Enjoy! Each of my book lists compiled by cross-referencing multiple, authoritative, published sources contains a link to a printable version which can be used as a checklist.

Pterosaur Wings Pterosaur wing origins It has been said that pterosaurs appeared suddenly in the fossil record with no apparent precursors. Unfortunately, this is the belief of those who still believe pterosaurs are archosaurs. No series of archosaurs has ever been put forth that demonstrates a gradual evolution of pterosaurian characters, hence the paradigm mentioned above. List of dinosaurs Scope and terminology[edit] There is no official, canonical list of dinosaur genera. The closest is the Dinosaur Genera List, compiled by biological nomenclature expert George Olshevsky, which was first published online in 1995 and is regularly updated. The most authoritative general source in the field is the second (2004) edition of The Dinosauria. The vast majority of citations are based on Olshevsky's list, and all subjective determinations (such as junior synonymy or non-dinosaurian status) are based on The Dinosauria, except where they conflict with primary literature. These exceptions are noted.

Dinosaur File Folder Games Search: Dinosaur File Folder Games Dinosaur Sequencing CardsThis is a set of printable dinosaur sequencing cards for children to order in smallest to largest, and largest to smallest. For older children, put numbers on them, or write a short dinosaur poem they can put into order and read back to you. Teacher Uses LEGOs To Explain Math To Schoolchildren As if LEGOs weren’t enough of an awesome childhood toy, one teacher has found another awesome educational/developmental use for this super-toy – as a math education aid! Alycia Zimmerman, a 3rd-grade teacher in New York, uses them to explain fractions, squares and other mathematical concepts. Show Full Text “In the classroom, the tiny bricks are now my favorite possibility-packed math manipulative,” she writes in an article for Scholastic that goes more into depth about these bricks’ potential uses. More info: (h/t: designyoutrust) Thanks for sharing!

Perhaps the Propatagium IS the Longus Metacarpal Extensor in Pterosaurs Flexion and Extension in Pterosaur Wings Workers have been looking for evidence of a wing finger extensor muscle/tendon in pterosaurs without much success. For some the longus metacarpal extensor would be the most likely wing finger extensor in pterosaurs. The flexor digitorum longus has been promoted as the most likely wing finger flexor in pterosaurs. Both of these muscles originate on the distal humerus in most tetrapods and terminate on the proximal phalanges.

Giant Dinosaurs Get Downsized Some dinosaurs were the largest creatures ever to walk on land, including the classic long-necked, whip-tailed Diplodicus, but a new study suggests it and its many extinct brethren weighed as little as half as much as previously thought. A new equation for calculating dinosaur mass based on skeletons found that scientists have been overestimating the girth of many dinosaurs. In some cases, the new calculations show that certain dinosaurs probably weighed about half what they were thought to weigh. Art: 40 Paint & Coloring Recipes This is Page 1...Have fun with all kinds of painting, drawing, textures, materials, and application techniques... For more great ideas go to Page 2 PAINT OR DRAW THE MUSIC! (Great for all ages!)Painting or drawing "music" is a fun way to encourage children to creating abstract designs.

List of extinct mammals A large number of prehistoric mammals are extinct, such as Megafauna. See List of prehistoric mammals. This is an incomplete list of historically known extinct mammals, their dates of extinction, and former range. Mammals included are organisms which have been described by science, but which have subsequently become extinct. Many of these animals have become extinct as a result of human hunting, for food or sport, or through the destruction of habitat.

Fantastic Foldable Freebies Link Up! How can you transform almost any assignment into an adventure? Use foldables! Foldables are so much fun to make, and when students create their own, they seem to take more pride in their work. Lately I've noticed lots of great blog posts by teachers who love foldables as much as I do, so I created this Fantastic Foldable Freebies Link Up. You can learn more and find other great examples of foldables at the bottom of this blog post.

100 Ways to Avoid TV This week, we are having a little break from the television. I have absolutely no problems with TV in general, and I usually let my kids watch daily (though I do try to limit it to 30-60 minutes a day, and we keep it to shows & DVDs without commercials). I think it is quite useful as a break for us all – me in particular! Barry's Dinosaur Info is back General » Dinotopian Discussion » Post by dwaggie on Jan 7, 2007, 10:54pm {*style:<i>Cladograms from UK DINOSAURS </i>*} {*style:<i>It had large powerful jaws awith serrated, sharp teeth.