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CIKGU EELA (IL) PRESCHOOLERS @ PCE: Latihan B.Malaysia dan Sains. PRA SEKOLAH S K LONG JAAFAR. Teacher Uses LEGOs To Explain Math To Schoolchildren. As if LEGOs weren’t enough of an awesome childhood toy, one teacher has found another awesome educational/developmental use for this super-toy – as a math education aid!

Teacher Uses LEGOs To Explain Math To Schoolchildren

Alycia Zimmerman, a 3rd-grade teacher in New York, uses them to explain fractions, squares and other mathematical concepts. Show Full Text “In the classroom, the tiny bricks are now my favorite possibility-packed math manipulative,” she writes in an article for Scholastic that goes more into depth about these bricks’ potential uses. More info: (h/t: designyoutrust) Thanks for sharing! 3x per week 30,000,000+ monthly readers Error sending email. Profiles of over 300 known dinosaurs! Zoom Dinosaurs. Free Printables - To save you time, here you will find links to all of the posts on this website that contain free printables.

Free Printables -

They are for personal use only. Enjoy! Each of my book lists compiled by cross-referencing multiple, authoritative, published sources contains a link to a printable version which can be used as a checklist. To receive a free, printable extended version of these lists, containing even more recommendations, sign up for my newsletter to receive the password to a special subscriber page filled with several free printables.

Here is a selection of free printable material created specifically for this site. Dinosaur Cards Age Range: Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary Land and Water Form Cards Addition Strip Board Age Range: Preschool, Kindergarten Universe Cards. Art: 40 Paint & Coloring Recipes. This is Page 1...Have fun with all kinds of painting, drawing, textures, materials, and application techniques...

Art: 40 Paint & Coloring Recipes

For more great ideas go to Page 2 PAINT OR DRAW THE MUSIC! (Great for all ages!) Painting or drawing "music" is a fun way to encourage children to creating abstract designs. Many artists, including the great Russian painter Kandinsky, believe that music and art can express the same feelings and ideas.1. WET CHALK DRAWING: By dipping your chalk into wet paint, you can create wonderful works of chalk art that won't smudge like regular chalk. (Grades K-8) You Need: Paper (any color), Colorful chalk (either chalk pastels or blackboard chalk), White tempera paint (liquid), Dish for the paint 1. CRAYON ETCHING - Example is the work of a fifth grade child... 1. Ingredients: Bread, Milk, Food coloring, cinnamon sugar, butter, small paper cups,thin brushes or cotton-tipped swabs Mix “paint by combining food coloring with milk.

CONTINUOUS LINE ART 1. { Printable Circus Craft: Balancing Elephant } 20 Frugal Activities For Kids. Fantastic Foldable Freebies Link Up! How can you transform almost any assignment into an adventure?

Fantastic Foldable Freebies Link Up!

Use foldables! Foldables are so much fun to make, and when students create their own, they seem to take more pride in their work. Lately I've noticed lots of great blog posts by teachers who love foldables as much as I do, so I created this Fantastic Foldable Freebies Link Up. You can learn more and find other great examples of foldables at the bottom of this blog post. Note-taking Foldables Foldables are terrific for note-taking assignments based on informational text. Below you'll find directions for making this rain forsest foldable. How to Make a Rain Forest Foldable: Give each student a large sheet of white construction paper - 12" x 18" was used in the examples above.

Not only are foldables a terrific way to actively engage students, they're also great because kids can store them and refer to them later when studying for a test or completing an assignment. Free worksheets, coloring, learning, toddler, pre-school, cut and paste, crafting. 100 Ways to Avoid TV. This week, we are having a little break from the television.

100 Ways to Avoid TV

I have absolutely no problems with TV in general, and I usually let my kids watch daily (though I do try to limit it to 30-60 minutes a day, and we keep it to shows & DVDs without commercials). I think it is quite useful as a break for us all – me in particular! For us, it works to help everyone chill out for a bit when we are having a rough or fussy time, or to keep the kids entertained and safe while I try to get some work done, shower, or take a mama break and zone out for awhile to work on the blog or other stuff online (I really really need this for my own sanity). I’ve found that in order to curb the requests for TV, I have to schedule it into our day very carefully – not just toss it in willy nilly – because the kids then think any time might be a good time to watch (and will ask ALL THE TIME).

Up until Elsie and Delia eliminated their morning nap (around 20 months or so?) However. Toddler Montessori.

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