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There are seven main energy centres (chakras) of the body. These chakras are like spirals of energy, each one relating to the others. Using the seven colours of the spectrum, Colour Therapy aims to balance and enhance our body's energy centres/chakras and also to help stimulate our body's own healing process. Colour therapy can be shown to help on a physical level; however there are deeper issues around the colours on the psychological and spiritual levels. Our well being is not purely a physical issue. All life experiences have an affect upon us. The Colours VIOLET/PURPLE governs the CROWN chakra, at the top of the head. Related organ: brain Endocrine gland: pineal gland. Associated problems: depression, Parkinson's disease, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, seniledementia, Alzheimer's, many mental disorders, confusion, and dizziness. Personality Traits: Inspirational leaders, kindly and just, humanitarians, self-sacrifing, visionary, creative, and strong mentally. positive aspects of violet Babies

Chakras All human beings and animals have a set of seven energetic centers along the midline of the body from the feet to the head. This is well known in other cultures, but not in Western medicine or science. A common name used for these energy centers is a Sanskrit word from India - the energy centers. The word means spinning vortices of energy, which is a good description of them. This article is an introduction to these funnel-shaped spinning vortices. They are located at the midline of the body, along the spine, as illustrated below. All are shaped like double funnels joined at the narrow ends except the first and seventh. Every person also has another set of etheric centers. Centers are “closed” in most people. Ideally, the energy centers should begin to open during the teenage years. Factors that promote the opening of the centers. All major religions discuss this, although they may not mention the energy centers. Things are different today, however, in at least three ways: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Coffitivity - Increase Your Creativity! oils and elixirs - Mark Golding Sensual Alchemy for Experience and Pleasure An Apothecary of Formulæ I have experimented extensively with alchemical combinations of essential oils to collate this materia medica. Available Blends ABSOLUTE DETERMINATION (Galbanum, Spikenard & Cassia Bark) For sitting in determined statethe thoughts of which we cogitaterefine, distill and crystaliseand thus we open inner eyes. ALERT FOCUS(Violet, Pettigrain & Frangipani)And with our focus clearly placedalert and bright in open spacethose thoughts and wishes that we dreamare realised and quickly seen. ASSURED DILIGENCE(Cinnamon Bark, Sandalwood & Neroli)For only through our diligencewill that we wish to know make sensethus honouring the sacred pathof letting go of what we grasp. BIG SMILE (Eucalyptus, Neroli & Frankincense)The sweet sensation in your faceas your smile resumes it's placerevealing that which dwells withinyour perfect, funny, silly grin. COURAGE (Clary Sage, Cucumber & Cypress)Oh!