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Savage Chickens - Cartoons on Sticky Notes by Doug Savage - StumbleUpon

Savage Chickens - Cartoons on Sticky Notes by Doug Savage - StumbleUpon

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The Best Kind of Love - StumbleUpon If You Don't Know Me By Now The Best Kind of Love By Annette Paxman Bowen The world’s best secret islands Looking for a romantic spot that's (almost) all yours? Here’s a list from our brand new Best in Travel 2011 guide to reignite your love affair with desert islands, with picks from across the globe. 1. Torres Strait Islands, Australia

Homemade Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Guys aren't the easiest people to please when it comes to gift-giving, but there's always a way around the problem. The best way to know what he likes and wishes he had, is to pay attention to what he says. He could randomly bring it up in a conversation or point it out if he happens to see it in a store's a window display. But in this case, you are making a gift for him from scratch and not buying him something from a store. Will he like it? Most importantly, is this something he will be happy to receive?

Travel Bar To begin with, you must locate a good suitcase for this project. I strongly recommend a hard-sided suitcase and to avoid anything that is soft or fabric. A lot of the stability of the case comes from the suitcase itself so starting with something sturdy will lead to a successful project. I created this case to hold supplies for a few types of whiskey drinks specifically. 10 Simple Postures That Boost Performance — PsyBlog - StumbleUpon Psychological research suggests simple actions can project power, persuade others, increase empathy, boost cognitive performance and more… We tend to think of body language as something that expresses our internal states to the outside world. But it also works the other way around: the position of our body also influences our mind.

10 places you should visit before you die « Go! from HomeAway UPDATE: Discover the best places on earth and receive personalised travel recommendations with HomeAway’s new microsite Places to See Before You Die, your guide to the world’s once in a lifetime destinations. From great architectural feats to breathtaking natural beauty, the world is full of fascinating places to see before you die. Thanks to films such as The Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, making life lists of things to do before you kick the bucket has become popular with those determined to embrace all the world has to offer while they are still alive. So if you want to enrich your life by visiting diverse and outrageously beautiful places, then here is a list of ten places to see before you die. The Taj Mahal, India Located in Agra, India, the magnificent Taj Mahal is a UNESCO World Heritage site and probably the most recognizable monument in the world.

Homemade Gift Ideas For Boyfriend More homemade gift ideas for boyfriend! Have fun making your boyfriend a memorable gift. Here are some ideas for you: Wooden Face WristwatchMake a $7 watch look like a $1000 watch! The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide - StumbleUpon Referring to this quote: "On our example, this doesn't work because we are going from the United States to England and the English Pound is worth more than the US dollar. Additionally, the Iceland Krona is not worth less than a dollar. However, if we were going the reverse way, this would work. I've used this method when flying to New Zealand since their currency is worth less than the US currency."

5 Superpowers We All Had as Babies (According to Science) To many of us, kids are just a squishy bundle of preciousness that can't even take a decent punch. If there's anything super about them it's their ability to produce a seemingly infinite amount of poop. But you only think this because, like most super geniuses, babies revel in deception because they answer to no god. 50 Ways to Waste a Life post written by: Marc Chernoff Email If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never get it. If you don’t ask the right questions, you’ll always get the wrong answers. If you don’t take a step forward, you’re always going to be in the same place. Life is a journey full of choices. Amazing Places To Experience Around The Globe (Part 1) Preachers Rock, Preikestolen, Norway Blue Caves - Zakynthos Island, Greece Skaftafeli - Iceland Plitvice Lakes – Croatia

22 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Lend me a yuletide ear, ladies: I have the perfect homemade gift ideas for your boyfriend. Power tools, a ski pass and "Call of Duty: Black Ops" can be defined as homemade, right? No?

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