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Shape Type, the letter shaping game

Shape Type, the letter shaping game

10 graphic design cheat sheets I love cheat sheets. They’re not only handy, they’re practically essential for many graphic designers who are expected to know a never-ending list of numbers and codes: standard sizes for various applications, color hex codes, basic web languages, and, of course, myriad keyboard shortcuts for powerful graphic design software. Unless you have a photographic memory (and you do not, my friend), there is no way you can possibly retain so much specific information with error-free recall. Looking up the information every single time is cumbersome and time-wasting. Cheat sheets make it easy for you to quickly reference the information you need so you can stop searching for answers and get back to creating.

20 Revealing Fonts Used in Logo of Popular Websites Are you still figuring out which typeface or fonts used in logo of popular websites? If you have experimented many fonts and they just don’t work, this post is all for you. Revealing the font used on each logo of popular websites is somewhat interesting to follow, either it was modified or just plain used. You need to have a lot of research since finding fonts are somewhat tricky. Top 10 Websites for Designers - April 2012 This latest edition of the Top 10 Websites for Designers includes a new creative critique platform, a fun color picker for the real world and more. In November's Top 10 Websites for Designers you'll discover collections of thought-provoking posters, a flawlessly delivered digital story and more. In October's Top 10 Sites for Designers, check out a showcase of people from all backgrounds in design; a color gradient generator; fun agency site & more.

uSquare Joomla Component - responsive squared grid Details Category: Joomla Components Written by Rex Free Font Rex is a font family with three weights – light, bold and bold inline – that was designed to create unique titles on the fly. It’s all caps font, but there is a difference between both – caps & small caps (see in the examples). Applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos.

30 Examples of Awesome Typography We have made a selection of more than 30 awesome typography examples that will guarantee to make your work look brilliant. Furthermore, if you’re currently working on a project that involves the “art of designing letters” and you lack inspiration, then you shouldn’t overlook the list we’ve prepared for you. Basically, we’ve included all the major styles from handwriting to bold letters or vintage types. 8 Best Flat WordPress Admin Themes for Dashboard Change WordPress dashboard to completely flat interface with these set of flat WordPress admin themes. There are two free admin themes in our collection as i found they are good enough for most cases. You can go for premium if you think they are not cool enough for you. The wp-login page will also be altered by premium dashboard plugins listed below with a custom login page template. Tabac from Suitcase Tomáš Brousil’s Tabac is a versatile type system for books, magazines, and newspapers. An Old Style type with vertical stress, open letter forms, distinct wedge-shaped serifs, a slightly reduced cap height, and a large x-height provides the basis for this expansive suite of typefaces.

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