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OurBlook Roundup: Journalism Will Survive in Digita is a website that gathers opinions from today’s top leaders in the hopes of collaboratively finding tomorrow’s solutions. It is funded by Paul Mongerson, a retired CEO who has a long history of philanthropy in the journalism world. In December 2008, those of us who run the site launched a future of journalism interview series. To date, we have collected over 100 interviews with well known journalists and new media experts. When looking for similarities between the interviews, there’s an underlying sentiment that newspapers have a lot of catching up to do.

The Story Congratulations! Nothing enhances your entertainment experience like a huge flat-panel TV. And while the size was definitely a selling point, it's also a dangerous one. Me and my data: how much do the internet giants really know? To briefly state the obvious, the internet giants are seriously big: Google is not only the world's largest search engine, it's one of the top three email providers, a social network, and owner of the Blogger platform and the world's largest video site, YouTube. Facebook has the social contacts, messages, wallposts and photos of more than 750 million people. Given that such information could be used to sell us stuff, accessed by government or law enforcement bodies (perhaps without warrants, under legal changes), or – theoretically, at least – picked up by hackers or others, it's not unreasonable to wonder exactly how much the internet giants know about us. US users of the sites are out of luck: there's no legal right under US law to ask a company to hand over all the information it holds on you. Users do have some say in how much companies are allowed to take, usually contained in the terms of service.

VICE Watch the NYC festival LIVE from June 3-5 on VICELAND and Live Nation TV. Daytime feed streaming daily right here from 4P-9P ET, featuring CHVRCHES, Joey Bada$$, Matt and Kim, and more. Detailed schedule to be announced soon. Watch the headlining acts, including The Strokes, Robyn, The Killers, and Death Cab For Cutie, exclusively on VICELAND at 9P each night. Freebies Welcome to the Freebies Pages. Here you will find all the vectors, brushes, textures and all the different resources available on the blog and sorted by similarity. About the license is Creative Commons 3.0, that means that you can use them in personal and commercial projects as long as you give me the proper attribution. Icons by snap2objects or Mauricio Duque for example or a link back to the Facebook fan page. In case you are not able to give the attribution you should drop me a line asking for quote in the release of that license. So here are the efforts of more than 4 years in trying to bring original and useful freebies to you.

How Twitter turns Journalism on its Head? How valuable can social networking/micro-blogging service/platform like “Twitter” way of communication, that too restricted to 140 characters be for crucial journalism? [Image Credit: In Twitter, gone are the “What are you doing?” days. It is asking “What’s happening?” these days, well… at least for almost a year.

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FrontPage Editing - a note about editing Users of this page are free to edit the contents as they see fit. Just take care not to cut out lots of code after you have made your changes! However you can add yours freely.... Thanks. Attending? How the Internet is Affecting Traditional Journalism [SURVEY] In a survey conducted over May and June this year, PR network Oriella asked media moguls how the Internet was affecting their business, their publishing formats and even the quality of the content issuing forth from their newsrooms. In a survey of 770 journalists across 15 countries, the company determined that, while media creators are slightly more optimistic than they were last year about maintaining revenues vis-a-vis the rise of online ad budgets, many are still worried about whether traditional media formats can succeed in the long run. "Concerns about the viability of journalists’ traditional media channels (print, radio or television) have intensified," the report reads. "When asked about the future of their respective publications, over half of those polled believe that these channels may well fold and be taken off the market... This is a sharp rise from last year, when only one in three journalists surveyed believed this would happen. [img credit: joshuatree]

Apostrophe Copywriters Meet the family. Words work in so many ways - in magazines and brochures, on billboards, in scripts, and even on websites and social media. So it’s a good thing we have writers who specialise in each. Take a look below for a brief bio on the clever little Apostrophes that make up our collective. type: Customers Consistently Achieve High ROI With Information Builders Organizations From Numerous Industries See Significant Financial Benefit From Utilizing Business Intelligence Leader’s Solutions Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI), information integrity, and integration solutions, today announced that its customers are attaining substantial return on investment (ROI) from implementing the company’s solutions. By deploying Information Builders’ comprehensive BI, data integration, and predictive analytics technologies, these organizations are increasing operational efficiency, improving customer relationships, and realizing significant financial benefits. Many Information Builders customers have attained high ROI by using Information Builders software and services. Here are just a few: Plus Relocation Services, Inc.

Michael Koretzky: College Journalists Are Good at Consuming Multimedia but Bad at Making It. Why? Earlier this year, I judged a prestigious national contest that chose the best college newspaper website in the country. It was a tough decision. Usually, when a judge says he had trouble selecting a winner, all the entries were so damn good it was hard to tell the difference. But in this case, nearly all the entries were so damn boring it was hard to tell the difference. The contest I judged is SPJ's Mark of Excellence.

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