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BonzoBox is the fast way to organize and visit the websites you use the most. When you bookmark a website with BonzoBox you get to decide where to put it on your BonzoBox homepage. Then we take a picture of the website and keep the picture updated for you. You can organize your websites by topic, keep notes on a site, and of course if you want to keep a site private, you can. Sign Up Now for $2.50You only pay once. Learn More. — or — Try it First

Speedtile Matematik - välkommen! — LukiMat På denna webbtjänst finns grundläggande information om lärande och inlärningssvårigheter i matematik. Matematik är en färdighet som utvecklas stegvis, både då barnet på egen hand utforskar och lär sig, och genom undervisning och övning. Matematiken består av en stor mängd olika kunskaper och färdigheter. På denna webbtjänst erbjuds forskningsbaserad information om barns kunskaper och färdigheter i matematik. Tyngdpunkten i innehållet är lagd på de färdigheter som utvecklas i förskolan fram till årskurs två. Innehållsförteckning för delen om matematik

SpeedyMarks - My Visual Bookmarks SpeedyMarks Best Free Bookmark Syncronizer Most browsers have a built-in bookmark manager allowing users to bookmark a webpage location and organize bookmarks into folders so that they are easier to find. Usually they also allow users to export bookmarks to a html file so that it can be imported into another browser. These are the basic bookmark functions provided by the browsers, lacking the useful features of a bookmark synchronizer. Only2Clicks thinkery: Take Notes, Save Webpages & URLs For Later While Browsing With the massive amount of information online, sometimes we just can’t keep track of all important and interesting content that we come across. This is where thinkery can help you out. This handy web application makes life easier by letting you focus on the important content, and access it instantly at any later time. Basically, thinkery is a bookmarklet available for all browsers (and an extension for Chrome) that allows you to quickly capture anything that comes to your mind, and save content that you come across on the web for future reference. With it, you can quickly save all important URLs to your thinkery account.

4+ Free XMarks Alternatives To Sync Your Bookmarks There are a few XMarks alternatives out there, that you can use as a replacement to XMarks. None of them are identical to XMarks but rather, have similar options or achieve the same end result. The first step when making the move from XMarks to another service is to export your bookmarks. Log into your account, go to tools, and select “˜export bookmarks to HTML,’ and make a note of where your bookmarks file is saved. Google Bookmarks (Firefox & Chrome, Multi-platform) One option when moving away from XMarks would be to use Google Bookmarks. Web Directories List 108 sites found in Directories Aviva Directory Searchable web directory of quality internet sites. One time fee for prompt site review. Jasmine Directory Featuring businesses, companies, products, advertising companies and services.

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