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Oasis Academy Immingham. The Show My Homework App is a any easy way for students to stay organised on the go!

Oasis Academy Immingham

To download the App, simply visit the Google Play Store and search for Show My Homework, or click the link below! To log in, you will first need to search for your school and select it from the menu. Then simply sign in using your login details as normal. Login. Ych-demo.test.yourcareuniverse. Folder outline icon. Untitled. Don't Panic! (About Meaningful Use Stage 3) Part 1: Interoperability & EHR Function Measures On March 20 2015, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released Stage 3 of their Electronic Health Record Incentive Program.

Don't Panic! (About Meaningful Use Stage 3)

At the same time, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) released the 2015 Editions of the Health Information Technology Certification Criteria, Base Electronic Health Record Definition, and ONC Health IT Certification Program. Untitled. Hl7 sample. Implementation Guide for CDA-Consolidated CDA Templates.

Overview This guide contains a library of CDA templates, incorporating and harmonizing previous efforts from Health Level Seven (HL7), Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), and Health Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP).

Implementation Guide for CDA-Consolidated CDA Templates

Versions For finalized, citable versions of the text, please see the table below. New Technology: email marketing and query builder. On July 18th, we are releasing some of the most innovative and exciting software from our 2015 Technology Roadmap.

New Technology: email marketing and query builder

The email marketing service has been completely updated with a new user interface for the dashboard and many new features. At the same time, an update to our query builder (used for building advanced email marketing recipient lists, or simply downloading data) is also coming onstream. Please make sure that you join one of the many webinars we are hosting from July 9th to be ready to use the new tools (information about the webinars is available from your account services manager or the client support team.) As a sneak preview, these are a few examples of some of the new screens you will see in your dashboard after July 18th. the 'Campaigns List' list page in the dashboard used to view and manage email campaigns the new email editor with options to preview in email clients, mobile and tablet building templates using 'bricks' to add content areas.

Five Ways That Apps Can Keep America From Getting Fatter. While the politicians, insurance companies, and health care providers debate the social and economic problems of health care, ripe opportunities for improvement are going unnoticed.

Five Ways That Apps Can Keep America From Getting Fatter

What's lacking in this process is a strong shot of creativity and a dose of good design. With this in mind I caught up with Dave Cronin, Smart Design's new Director of Interaction Design to discuss the possibilities. Dave's extensive background in designing medical products and services has helped Smart fortify our health care design practice. Our discussion ranged from ways to improve health care, from the individual viewpoint to home and clinical settings to the health care ecosystem.

With subject matter too lengthy for a single post, over the coming weeks we'll offer several perspectives in a series of articles focused on improving health care through design. 56% of Americans Want Connected Health Devices to Monitor Their Health. SB Admin 2 - Bootstrap Admin Theme. 10 Apps To Help You Get The Health Care You Need. The Huge, Neglected Opportunity For Proactive Medicine. Americans more proactive in personal health care. Americans at least say they're trying to pay more attention to their health issues these days, and their focus is largely on their weight and what they eat, a new poll finds.

Americans more proactive in personal health care

The evidence is from a national survey, out today, conduced for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). The survey of 1,219 adults found 58% say they're paying more attention to personal health issues than in the past, and eating a healthy diet (57%), maintaining a healthy weight (54%) and reducing stress (45%) are their top concerns. The need for more attention to weight is certainly there.

About a third (35.7%) of U.S. adults are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Being a Proactive Patient— Consumer Health Coalition. The Experts: How to Improve Doctor-Patient Communication - WSJ. HealthTech Acquires Perioperative Solutions Provider Acuitec LLC. NASHVILLE, TN – HealthTech Holdings Inc.

HealthTech Acquires Perioperative Solutions Provider Acuitec LLC

(HealthTech), a health information technology company, today announced the acquisition of integrated perioperative solutions provider Acuitec LLC. The transaction supports HealthTech’s strategy of investing in technology companies that create value for providers and patients across the healthcare industry. Electronic Health Records: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Written by George Palma, MD, Medical Director, Simpler Consulting | October 14, 2013 With passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, electronic health records have been widely adopted across healthcare organizations large and small.

Electronic Health Records: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

While there are many benefits to EHRs — improved accessibility to patient data, increased charge capture and improved preventative health — there are inherent problems in adopting this technology. People Icons - Medical Stock Vector 98425391. All Images Refine Your Search.

People Icons - Medical Stock Vector 98425391

Standards Implementation & Testing Environment - Common MU Data Set. The 64 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2013. (Be sure to check out the most recent version of this list: The 65 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2014.)

The 64 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2013

We love our phones. A lot. They do pretty much, like, everything. They take pictures, shoot video, play music, run games, and about a million other things. Eligible Hospital and Critical Access Hospital (CAH) - Stage2_MeaningfulUseSpecSheet_TableContents_EligibleHospitals_CAHs.pdf. Iconset:healthcare-and-medicine-kit icons. Standards Implementation & Testing Environment - Common MU Data Set.

How to Create a Personal Health Record. We encourage you to begin tracking your health information in whatever format works best for you, even if the choice is paper. However, if you plan to share information in your PHR with various healthcare providers, we recommend using digital media or a software format. It will be easier to format your information quickly, accurately and securely regardless of which or how many healthcare providers need to access it.

PHR information should always be stored in a secure manner just as you would store other confidential personal information such as financial information. Our health information experts discuss the benefits and risks involved in selecting the appropriate PHR. 20 people silhouettes walking Vector. Freepik All Files 20 people silhouettes walking Free Vector previous next Like Free Download. Panasonic HX-A500 wearable 4K camcorder claims 'world's first' If you like your extreme sports in extreme detail, the HX-A500 -- which Panasonic reckons is the world's first 4K 25p wearable camcorder -- is about to take to the slopes. The waterproof A500 shoots eye-wateringly high resolution 4K video at 25 frames per second while attached to your head or clipped to your body. It comes in two parts: a 31g (1.1oz) camera bit and a 119g (4.2oz) body unit with a 1.5 inch, 115,200-dot colour LCD screen.

Clip the camera on your clothes, attach it to your helmet or place it anywhere you want; or combine camera and body into one with an included case for shooting one-handed. You can shoot your adventures on the slopes, the beach, or the waves with the A500, as both units are dustproof and waterproof, happily swimming down to 3 metres for 30 minutes. Slightly less wearable new cameras that shoot 4K video include the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 camera and Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. How to Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI) (with Calculator) Steps. [INI-8080] Health tracker - Weight [M] - Medhost Project Management. Panasonic HX-A500 becomes world's first 4K wearable camera. Quick tip: make your own iPhone usability testing sled for £5. iPhones are wonderful things for many reasons, but you can’t run screen-recording or screen-sharing software in the background during research sessions. Walking people silhouettes set- Free Vector Download. Country road pictures - country path wallpapers 11.

Personal View - Logon. Smile More, Worry Less! Calculating Ideal Weight. In the past, life insurance tables used average weights to determine the appropriate weight for your height. But as the population grew heavier, those weights were no longer healthy. Today a healthy weight can be estimated using a number of different formulas. It is important to understand that no formula can predict ideal body weight accurately.

There are simply too many differences in body types (including bone structure or frame size) and body composition (percentage of muscle vs. fat).