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100+ eTextbooks Online for Higher Ed

100+ eTextbooks Online for Higher Ed

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Open-education partners hope to save students $10 million by 2015 Taking aim at the high cost of commercial textbooks, Rice University-based publisher OpenStax College today announced a partnership with open-education pioneer Lumen Learning that is projected to save students $10 million over the next two years by facilitating the adoption of free, online textbooks by colleges and universities. The new partnership will combine OpenStax College's free textbooks with Lumen Learning's support services to help higher education institutions and faculty members successfully transition to using readily available "open-educational resources" (OER). "Although a growing number of free, high-quality educational materials are available, many instructors and academic leaders are uncertain about how to begin taking advantage of these resources," said David Harris, editor-in-chief of OpenStax College. OpenStax College provides peer-reviewed, open-education textbooks that meet the scope and sequence requirements of many college courses. Lumen Learning OpenStax College

Racism in the English Language Racism in the English Language Robert B. Moore strategy: textbook costs to zero Holding a whiteboard, the University of Maryland, College Park students scrawled their complaints and posed for a picture. "My name is Justin and I spent $114 on ONE textbook," a student wrote. "My name is Jeff and I spent $736 on textbooks," wrote another.

Towards a Model of Intersemiotic Translation Themainmethodologicaldifcultyisrelatedtothecomparisonbetweenradicallydifferentsemiotic systems. As we know, a translation is not committed only to ‘semantics’ (Campos,1972), to which ‘meaningful dimensions’ of semiotic processes are usually attributed. Itseems theoretically natural to describe an interlinguistic translation by establishing directcorrelations between comparable semiotic layers of organization – morphological-morpho-logical,phonetic-phonetic,rhythmic-rhythmic(seeJakobson&Pomorska,1985).However,an intersemiotic translation does not exhibit the same principle of corresponding layers (seePlaza, 1987).Here we propose an approach based on Charles S. Peirce’s model of sign process, to provide a preliminary conceptual framework to the phenomena emphasizing hierarchical properties and aspects. Intersemiotic Translation Model Translation as Semiosis or the ‘Action of Sign’

College Textbooks May Become Free at the University of Maryland A successful student campaign in the University of Maryland served as a catalyst for changing the way college textbooks are sold on campus by making them free. Students wrote on a whiteboard explaining the costs of their textbooks some claiming they paid over one hundred dollars for one book while another student paid near a thousand dollars for a semester of books. Stories like this are common across the country where college prices are rising exponentially. The University of Maryland has taken the student’s complaints into consideration and have begun a pilot program to transition all needed course material to an open source electronic textbooks. Open source textbooks are not protected by copyright and therefore available to all who have an internet connection. A projected $160,000 will be saved by a total of 1100 students.

Contradiction and Overdetermination Contradiction and Overdetermination Louis Althusser (1962) Contradiction and Overdetermination Written: 1962;Source:Notes for an Investigation, part III of “For Marx”Translated: by Ben Brewster;Publisher: Penguin Press;HTML Markup: Andy Blunden. In an article devoted to the Young Marx, I have already stressed the ambiguity of the idea of ‘inverting Hegel’. It seemed to me that strictly speaking this expression suited Feuerbach perfectly; the latter did, indeed, ‘turn speculative philosophy back on to its feet’, but the only result was to arrive with implacable logic at an idealist anthropology.

Adding Some TEC-VARIETY: 100+ Activities for Motivating and Retaining Learners Online Abstract Many ideas and events led to the development of the TEC-VARIETY framework and the 100+ activities for motivating and retaining online learners described in this book. Much of it has its roots in the mid-1980s, long before most educators had ever heard of fully online or blended learning. At the same time, the activities take advantage of the recently emerging technologies as well as innovative pedagogical practices of the twenty-first century. Chapters on learning relevance, engagement, collaboration, and interactivity as well as ones on learner autonomy, curiosity, product generation, and so form the centerpiece of this book. In addition, there is a chapter on how to support and motivate more hesitant or novice online instructors.

Marxism and Humanism. Louis Althusser 1964 Louis Althusser 1964 Part Seven. Marxism and Humanism 16 OER Sites Every Educator Should Know Open Educational Resources | Feature 16 OER Sites Every Educator Should Know By Dian Schaffhauser07/02/14 Open educational resources not only save students from triple-digit (or more!) textbook costs, but they also allow instructors to mix-and-match content for a more personalized, engaging learning experience. Here are 16 resources that offer a wide range of content and tools to help implement OER in just about any course.

Philosophy as a Revolutionary Weapon by Louis Althusser 1968 Louis Althusser 1968 Written: February 1968;First Published: in L’Unità, 1968, this translation first published in New Left Review, 1971; Interview conducted by Maria Antonietta Macciocchi;Transcribed: by Andy Blunden. 1 Can you tell us a little about your personal history? What brought you to Marxist philosophy? In 1948, when I was 30, I became a teacher of philosophy and joined the PCF. 20 Best Websites To Download Free EBooks We understand that reading is the simplest way for human to derive and constructing meaning in order to gain a particular knowledge from a source. This tendency has been digitized when books evolve into digital media equivalent – E-Books. It would be nice if we’re able to download free e-book and take it with us.

160 Free Textbooks: A Meta Collection Free textbooks (aka open textbooks) written by knowledgable scholars are a relatively new phenomenon. Below, find a meta list of 200 Free Textbooks, and check back often for new additions. Also see our online collection, 1,700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities. 6 Tips for Using Open Educational Resources Open Educational Resources | Feature 6 Tips for Using Open Educational Resources By Dian Schaffhauser08/27/14 1) If you're new to OER, start small, advised Erik Christensen, chair of the Natural Science Department for South Florida State College. Add a supplement, create a new activity, substitute a chapter or a homework set.

Picture This: Free Images for Use on the Web By Bonny Clayton, Your Web Chick Navigating the Web for photos to populate your website, company newsletter, or other marketing tools can be like tip-toeing through a minefield. You might emerge on the other side completely unscathed, but one wrong step can blow up into a legal morass. Just about everyone has, shall we say, appropriated an image from another website at one time or another. If you’re illustrating a report or PowerPoint presentation, there’s no problem. But if you use that photo for external marketing – in other words, put it out there as your own, without permission of the website or copyright holder – you can get hit with a copyright infringement suit.