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David Bowie - Life On Mars?

David Bowie - Life On Mars?

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KAKAO Game Partners Forum Brand eXperience Design on Behance KAKAO Game Partners Forum Brand eXperience Design CLIENT DESCRIPTION KakaoTalk is service that anyone can send a text message for free in anywhere in the world. People can send not only a text message but also photos, movies, and contact numbers with it. KakaoTalk is now broadening its business to diverse contents based services New bionic lens could keep your vision 100% perfect for the rest of your life. A new medical invention claims to keep your vision 100% perfect for the rest of your life. An optometrist from British Columbia, Canada, believes to have invented corrective eye lenses that will revolutionize healthcare around the world. Dr. Garth Webb created the Ocumetics Bionic Lens that can make you see three times better than 20/20 vision.

Thom Yorke Plays New Songs, Performs With Patti Smith and Flea at Pathway to Paris The UN Climate Change Conference is taking place in Paris. To coincide with the conference, Pathway to Paris held a concert at Le Trianon featuring Thom Yorke, Patti Smith, Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist Flea, and more. In addition to performing older material, Yorke performed two new tracks. He and Flea also joined Smith for a song. Watch him perform the new song, reportedly titled "Silent Spring", and jam with Smith and Flea below.

'I need a drink': British woman lands in Sydney after 21,000km flight in vintage biplane A British aviator has touched down in Sydney, completing her 21,000km solo flight from England in a vintage open cockpit biplane. “I need a drink. And I need a hairdresser,” Tracey Curtis-Taylor said as she climbed out of her 1942 Boeing Stearman, Spirit of Artemis, to cheers and applause at Sydney airport on Saturday. The 53-year-old pilot has flown across 23 countries, making 50 refuelling stops, since she set off from Farnborough in Hampshire, southern England, in October. Her mission was to emulate the pioneering British aviator Amy Johnson, who became the first woman to fly solo from Britain to Australia in 1930. Curtis-Taylor’s route took her across Europe and the Mediterranean to Jordan, over the Arabian desert, across the Gulf of Oman to Pakistan, India and across Asia.

Teen wins $400,000 for his video explaining Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Have trouble wrapping your head around Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? Can’t understand why space travelers experience the passage of time differently? Maybe this teenager’s 7-minute explanation will clear things up for you a bit. Poll Results: Listeners Pick Their Favorite Albums Of 2015 : All Songs Considered Top row, left to right: Cover art for Wilco, Kamasi Washington and Grimes; Middle row, left to right: Sufjan Stevens, Chvrches and Kendrick Lamar; Bottom row, left to right: Father John Misty, Joanna Newsom, Courtney Barnett Courtesy of the artists hide caption toggle caption Courtesy of the artists You never entirely know what you're going to get when you ask listeners to rank their favorite albums of the year. But the results of All Songs Considered's 2015 listener poll may be the most diverse we've seen in ten years of doing these lists.

Dassault Systèmes’ modest proposal: Change the way we make everything The biggest software company you’ve never heard of has set an ambitious goal: It literally wants to transform the way we design and build everything. Dassault Systèmes will probably get a hearing from its customers. The $2.3 billion Paris-based maker of 3D design, 3D digital mock-up and product lifecycle management (PLM) software is little-known outside its niche market, but in the engineering and CAD/CAM field it’s a giant. Its 12 brands span the product design, modeling and production planning process and are used by 190,000 companies worldwide, including all the major auto manufacturers. Bernard Charlès, Dassault Systèmes’s CEO since 1995 has a knack for big ideas and a track record of making them pay off.

Toro y Moi Chazwick Bradley Bundick (born November 7, 1986), better known by his stage name Toro y Moi, is an American recording artist and producer. His music has taken on many forms since he began recording, but he is often identified with the rise of the chillwave movement in 2010 and 2011.[1] His stage name is a multilingual expression consisting of the Spanish words toro and y (meaning "bull" and "and", respectively), and the French word moi (meaning "me").[2] Early life[edit] Chazwick Bradley Bundick[3] was born on November 7, 1986 in Columbia, South Carolina,[4] to a Filipino mother and an African-American father.[5] He attended Ridge View High School, where he formed the indie rock band The Heist and The Accomplice with three schoolmates.[6]

Gorilla vs. Bear x 2015 year-end mix Here’s our annual year-end retrospective, a definitive 80-minute mix of the songs by which we’ll remember 2015 (it also doubles as a very emotional and hopefully serviceable misty-eyed New Year’s Eve soundtrack). Thanks for hanging with us this year, see y’all in 2016. mp3: [download all monthly mixes from 2015] Key youth subcultures from Lenin to our day Narodniki (Populists)Flourished in the 1860s-80s. Values: equality, education, justice, social progress, self-sacrifice, building an ideal world. Values rejected: aristocracy, privilege, conservatism.

The dA–Zed guide to British subculture From the Grime kids spitting bars on Channel U to the Casuals showing off on the terraces and the ravers of Madchester dancing all night, subculture is in Britain’s blood. But in the high street imitations of the various tribes’ style codes, it’s easy to forget that these movements were often borne from politics – take the way Reggae travelled from Jamaica to form the beats beloved by the Ska kids, or the squatters’ rights that allowed art school collectives like !WOWOW! to transform a Peckham department store into a space that would define a generation of London creativity. While Nigel Farage rants about the dangers of immigration and David Cameron continues Thatcher’s legacy with Right to Buy, we take a look at the ways the youth, subculture and political resistance have formed Britain over the last half-century.

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