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Meilleure musique de 2014

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MOJO's 50 Best Albums Of 2014: The Final Score. IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN, when MOJO’s expert writing team are led into the arena, Hunger Games-style, with an array of improvised weaponry and emerge, bruised, battered but exhilarated, with the definitive, stringently interrogated list of the 50 Best Records Of The Year.

MOJO's 50 Best Albums Of 2014: The Final Score

And in 2014, we have one of the most varied selections in aeons. The Best Metal Albums of 2014. The results are in!

The Best Metal Albums of 2014

You nominated the albums. You voted for the albums. And now the results are in. With thousands of votes coming in, it’s been exciting to follow the process. Some only chose to vote for one album, others picked three. You’ll find the complete list below. This poll has been closed. Les meilleurs disques 2014 - Classique. Retrouvez Jérôme Badini le dimanche à 10h dans On ne badine pas avec le jazz 1) Kris Bowers : "Heroes + Misfits" (Concord) 2) José James : "While You Were Sleeping" (Blue Note) 3) Baptiste Trotignon : "Hit" (Naïve) 4) Jérôme Sabbagh : "The Turn" (Bee Jazz) 5) Norma Winstone : "Dance Without Answer" (ECM) Retrouvez Christophe Bourseiller le dimanche à 17h dans Musicus Politicus 1) Oiseaux-Tempête : "oiseaux-tempête" (Sub Rosa) 2) Compilation "No Seatlle" (Soul Jazz) 3) Arturas Bumsteinas : "Different Trains" (Bolt Records)

Les meilleurs disques 2014 - Classique

Top 100 : les meilleurs albums de l’année 2014. THE VOID, Vol 4: The Top 10 Metal Albums of 2014 + More. THE VOID is a column that aims to explore, expose, and champion the finest in metal and heavy music.

THE VOID, Vol 4: The Top 10 Metal Albums of 2014 + More

Following the template of the old Norwegian webzines that people would host on Geocities long ago, this recurring feature will include interviews, essays, opinions, reviews, and occasional live coverage in the hopes of providing a snapshot of metal culture. It was the year in which metal sought its own identity. The tropes of the past fell away. Heavy music moved about freely; it did not conform to old templates. There is a new guard, and these artists are just that: artists creating art. Just look at what mega-label Relapse is doing, signing heavy but decidedly non-metal acts like Nothing and breaking their own promise of never signing a black metal act with the addition of Amalie Bruun’s solo project, Myrkur, which I chose as my rookie of the year (my Q&A with Bruun follows on the next page).

Les sons qui ont marqué notre année. The Best Albums of 2014. Hit play and full screen!

The Best Albums of 2014

No need to try and figure it out on your own, we’ve got you covered. Me, Matt, Muriel, Sean and Austin have summarized and ranked this year’s albums in this fantastic video for you. Will Foo Fighters make the cut? Does anyone really like Aphex Twin’s album legitimately? Will Pitchfork list obscure albums no one actually likes? All these questions and more, are somewhat answered in eight minutes and forty seconds. Disagree with our list? Loves 2014. If anything can be said about 2014—and a lot can be said and it has been elsewhere—it's that there was a ton of new music to enjoy.

Loves 2014

It was the kind of year where it was easier to revel in abundance than rally around consensus picks for Album of the Year. That said, there are some titles that pop up again and again among the editors' lists. Run the Jewels, Sturgill Simpson, and the War on Drugs, three of the most celebrated LPs of the year, do show up often on AllMusic Loves 2014, but so do the glorious noise of Sleaford Mods, the haunting hippie mysticism of Robert Plant, the hard-rocking power pop of Mary Timony's Ex Hex, Neneh Cherry's Blank Project, EMA's impressionistic The Future's Void, Flying Lotus' progressive You're Dead! , and Angel Olsen's fearless Burn Your Fire for No Witness. Every artist mentioned above gave us reasons to love 2014. Stephen Thomas ErlewineMiranda Lambert - PlatinumEx Hex - RipsJenny Lewis - The VoyagerWilko Johnson/Roger Daltrey - Going Back HomeSt.

Top 50 Albums of 2014. Every year has its share of tragedies and darkness, but 2014 has felt particularly tough.

Top 50 Albums of 2014

On global, national, and community levels, death, devastation, and darkness have plagued the nightly news in a particularly frustrating and seemingly senseless way. Perhaps that feeling is amplified by the omnipresence of technology that has made each and every pain felt by a larger audience and then replayed on an endless loop. It could also be that this has been an especially broken year, a theory supported by the fact that so many of 2014’s best albums are fueled by artists facing harrowing struggles.

The year in music took on issues both massive and personal, whether it’s hip-hop tackling the dangers of gangs and drugs, punk singers fighting against forced identities, or singer-songwriters dealing with the strife of heartbreak and death. Even the big pop songwriters were on that same page; T-Swift’s “Shake It Off” is one way of facing adversity, I suppose. –Adam KivelManaging Editor 50. 49. 48. Consequence of Sound. The Best Albums of 2014. Top des albums de 2014. 20 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far.

INSPIRATION MORIBUND, aural excitement low?

20 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far

Allow MOJO to help recharge those batteries with a nifty guide to the best music released so far this year. From Springsteen to St.