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AUMEO: Worlds 1st Tailored Audio Device. The Hong Kong startup community — It constantly amazes us how helpful and supportive the startup community is here.

AUMEO: Worlds 1st Tailored Audio Device

Thanks for all the stories, beers, tips and advice. Q: Is it just louder? A: Well, no. Louder is just louder. What Aumeo provides is tailored audio. Like all things biological, there are variations in everyone's hearing. Here's a typical case: Joe has a much stronger ability to perceive low tones than high tones on his left ear. Without Aumeo, our friend could just jack up the volume so his left ear can hear the high tones more clearly, but at the same time he's increasing the sound level of the low tones as well, maintaining the distortion of his perceived music. AUMEO: Worlds 1st Tailored Audio Device. The Hong Kong startup community — It constantly amazes us how helpful and supportive the startup community is here.

AUMEO: Worlds 1st Tailored Audio Device

Thanks for all the stories, beers, tips and advice. Geek Out V2: The Worlds Most Powerful Compact Amp. When you plug Geek Out V2 into your computer's USB port, you're replacing that crappy sound card with pure awesomeness.

Geek Out V2: The Worlds Most Powerful Compact Amp

You can now play any music on the market today— not just low grade MP3's. We're talking ultra-high-resolution files all the way up to 32/384 kHz and DSD 128. Geek Out V2 provides the right amount of power for any headphone, anytime, anywhere. Geek Out V2 is designed with the same principle in mind that we used when we first introduced our original Geek Out, it had to do real 32 bit / 384 kHz PCM audio and DSD128 natively. Literally meaning, you can play any music file format in existence.

Geek Out V2 is designed to give you the most accurate, real to life, playback of your favorite music. Reproduce even the tiniest details in your music, making the experience of listening to music more like real life. The Master of Adaptability. Prizm, le music player connecté et intelligent. Marque : PrizmProduit : PrizmDate de disponibilité : Juin 2015Prix : 169€ Prizm est une streaming box qui permet de connecter et rendre intelligente son installation audio domestique.

Prizm, le music player connecté et intelligent

L’appareil se présente sous la forme d’une « pyramide multimedia » qui dispose d’une connectivité Wifi, Bluetooth, mini-jack et optique. Un solution pratique pour connecter simplement n’importe quelle enceinte. L’appareil peut se connecter à Spotify, Deezer et SoundCloud (d’autres services sont à venir), mais il va plus loin qu’un boitier streaming classique, il diffuse la musique de manière intelligente. En effet, Prizm ne joue pas tout à fait de la musique de manière aléatoire, il apprend les goûts musicaux de ses utilisateurs en puisant dans leurs playlists et en mémorisant les utilisations et s’adapte au contexte. Il est possible d’interagir avec le boîtier connecté en touchant ses différentes faces.

Caractéristiques Galerie. Geek Wave: A No-compromise Portable Music Player. Introducing Geek Wave: Something Different Apple has completely abandoned iPod, the original portable music player.

Geek Wave: A No-compromise Portable Music Player

Their vision is to integrate music playback into the iPhone. That's great for everyday music listeners, but what about those of us who don't want our music interrupted when a phone call, email, or text comes in? What about those of us who want the highest quality sound? We know when you start mashing up devices, compromises have to be made. We're trying to save the portable music player, and we're not alone. Geek Wave is the evolution of the portable player.

Whether you're just looking to replace that old iPod you've been carrying since the early 2000's or you're a hardcorde, dyed-in-the-wool audio aficionado, Geek Wave mixes work with play, and is ready to party. Our crowdfunding vision. HiddenHUB - Wireless HD Audio, Timeless Design. The HiddenHUB is the first truly smart speaker.

HiddenHUB - Wireless HD Audio, Timeless Design

It does things no other speaker system can do; it detects when you’re home, adapts the audio to the shape of your room, and surrounds you in the most immersive sound experience. Adaptive Sound Technology The HiddenHUB is always thinking and always on the job; it brings the concert hall to your living room. With its intelligent sensors and proprietary logic board, the HiddenHUB analyzes a room’s layout and dynamically adjusts its audio profile to fit that space.

It distributes the frequencies and individually regulates each driver’s power in order to evenly fill every corner of the room with rich sound. Le multiroom monte le son. Tendance de cette année, le multiroom est un système audio sans fil modulaire et hyper connecté.

Le multiroom monte le son

Simple à utiliser et pilotable depuis une application mobile unique, il offre la possibilité de partager et de diffuser toutes ses sources musicales dans toutes les pièces de la maison, séparément ou ensemble. Profitez de toute votre musique dans chaque pièce, sans fil Le multiroom c’est d’abord un système modulaire d’enceintes sans fil qui se connectent facilement à votre réseau Wifi domestique. Certains systèmes nécessitent néanmoins une passerelle réseau (ou bridge) à brancher sur votre routeur ou box internet pour fonctionner. En fonction des pièces à sonoriser, vous pouvez ajouter et combiner des enceintes plus ou moins puissantes. The Core wireless speaker system. A compact speaker with ‘better than stereo’ sound.

The Core wireless speaker system

Wireless. Multi-room. Portable. Truly liberating. Introducing a wireless sound system designed to be the core of your musical universe. Bring a universe of wireless musicinto every part of your life Stream an infinite selection of music through Bluetooth: The Core can play any music your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC can access, from online streaming sites or your personal music collection, no wires or Wi-Fi required. Take it wherever you want: The Core fits in your hand and has a 12-hour battery life. Fill every room in your home with beautiful music: By pressing one button, you can connect up to nine Cores to fill your home with multi-room stereo sound.

The Core in the press "Physical Impossibility? "I've been waiting for nearly a month to tell you about the Core from Mass Fidelity, the most exciting audio product since the invention of the iPhone “This gadget is so versatile it can double as a soundbar for your TV. Hear the difference. Om Audio. Featured in: "This Death Star has a sick sound system.

Om Audio

" "We've seen levitating pens, levitating lamps, levitating loungers and even levitating fish -- now there's a Bluetooth speaker to add to the mix. " "A team in Oakland, California, takes audiophiles into new territory by delivering a speaker that levitates - no, really, it levitates. " "This is a floating Bluetooth speaker.