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Catch 1.0 - level of indirection - level of indirection. Since Catch first went public, two and a half years ago, at time of this writing, I've made a point of describing it as a "developer preview".

Catch 1.0 - level of indirection - level of indirection

Think of it as you might a Google beta and you won't go far wrong. I did this because I knew that there was a lot that needed doing - and in particular that some of the public interfaces would be subject to change. While I have tried to mitigate exposure to this as much as possible (as we'll see) I had wanted to reach a point that I could say things have stabilised and I'm happy to call it a true 1.0 release.

That time has come. Ten C++11 Features Every C++ Developer Should Use. This article discusses a series of features new to C++11 that all developers should learn and use.

Ten C++11 Features Every C++ Developer Should Use

There are lots of new additions to the language and the standard library, and this article barely scratches the surface. However, I believe some of these new features should become routine for all C++ developers. C++11 FAQ. Texas A&M University | Look College of Engineering | Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering | Parasol Lab | My TAMU homepage home | C++ | FAQ | technical FAQ | C++11 FAQ | publications | TC++PL | Programming | D&E | bio | interviews | applications | glossary | compilers Modified May 12, 2013 This document is written by and maintained by Bjarne Stroustrup .

C++11 FAQ

Constructive comments, corrections, references, and suggestions are of course most welcome. Currently, I'm working to improve completeness and clean up the references.


Effective GoF Patterns with C++11 and Boost. Cppcheck. Cppcheck is a static analyzer for C and C++ code.


It is open-source, free, cross-platform and easy-to-use. The project's website: Open Multi-Methods for C++11, Part 1. Introduction This article is the first in a series about open multi-methods for C++11.

Open Multi-Methods for C++11, Part 1

In this installment, I will explain what they are, how they fit in the object-oriented paradigm, and make controversial statements. Subsequent articles will present a new library that implements open multi-methods, using the facilities provided by C++11 (in particular, variadic templates). C++ Concurrency in Action. C++ Concurrency in Action is a reference and guide to the new C++ 11 Standard for experienced C++ programmers as well as those who have never written multithreaded code.

C++ Concurrency in Action

This book will show you how to write robust multithreaded applications in C++ while avoiding many common pitfalls. About the Technology Multiple processors with multiple cores are the norm these days. The C++11 version of the C++ language offers beefed-up support for multithreaded applications, and requires that you master the principles, techniques, and new language features of concurrency to stay ahead of the curve. About the Book. C++ Reading List. C++11 multithreading tutorial – part 2. C++11 multithreading tutorial - part 2 Posted on February 27, 2012 by Sol The code for this tutorial is on GitHub:

C++11 multithreading tutorial – part 2

C++11 / C++0x Documentation « Punch Card. You want to improve your “old” C++ code base by allowing new features or bug fixes to be enhanced with C++11?

C++11 / C++0x Documentation « Punch Card

The questions you will face on the way are manifold. First, what exactly allows me C++11 to do? Where is some documentation? What is the purpose of those features. Compared to languages like Ruby or Python the C++ standard library and language itself is not too well documented online. C++11 FAQ. C++ Concurrency in Action. Just Software Solutions - Custom Software Development and Website Development in West Cornwall, UK.

My book, C++ Concurrency in Action contains a detailed description of the C++11 threading facilities, and techniques for designing concurrent code.

Just Software Solutions - Custom Software Development and Website Development in West Cornwall, UK

The just::thread implementation of the new C++0x thread library is available for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, g++ 4.5.2 and g++ 4.6.1 on Windows, g++ 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 and 4.6 on Linux, and g++ 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 on MacOSX. Order your copy today. C++ Concurrency in Action and Just::Thread Discounts. C++/C++0x/C++11 reference - Cppreference.

BLOG: Thinking Asynchronously

Concurrency Tutorial - Part Four.