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A Jazz Improvisation Primer This is the online version of my text, A Jazz Improvisation Primer. Here you can find information on almost every topic relating to jazz improvisation, from jazz history to music theory to practical advice on playing in a group. A German translation, by Edgar Lins, is online, at There is also a Hungarian translation at provided by Makrai Balázs. A Portuguese translation by Cláudio Brandt can be found at And now there is a French version at Portions of this text are available in Italian, courtesy of Roberto Betti, at

Explore ... Discover ... Play: Thing 66: Directory 2.0 The world of the new web can be daunting. Sometimes the information overload of the newest, shiniest sites can paralyze even the most veteran web user. There are two great sites out there that can help you navigate and organize your 2.0 and beyond journey. One of them preselects and organizes sites and one allows you to customize your 2.0 search portal experience. Decorative stainless steel sheets in addition to improve home appearance Stainless steel is a metallic combination of 10% chromium and other metals like aluminum, iron or copper that vastly used in different industries like automotive construction, chemical & fuel tankers and food processing equipment with a broader choice of selection with more than 100 different grades. Stainless steel sheets are the most used component of stainless steel that has changed the face of industries and metallurgy with the variations of design and textures for the unique appearance of the area it applied on. When it comes to home improvement stainless steel sheets are certainly a revolutionary metal that used in order to give a seamless surface or for a complete makeover of a structure. Uses of Stainless Steel Sheets

Lenny Tristano Scales Home Page [from JPSL No. 9] Jazz teacher Dan Delaney has turned me on to these powerful exercises invented by the important blind pianist and teacher Lenny Tristano, who had a direct influence on Lee Konitz, Warne Marsh, Billy Bauer, and many others. By practicing these scales in contrary motion in 12 keys you'll develop an ability to finger improvised passages readily, even in seemingly awkward ways. The contrary motion sharpens the mind and develops the instinct for "grabbing" the right notes of the scale in both hands without thought. I recommend studying these scales as Dan Delaney presents them, mastering one form before going on to the next.

5 Amazing Methods to Find Similar Websites Based On Your Preferences Ever wondered how many other great websites are on the Interwebs that you would like but you’ll never find out about? Well now you can finnaly fill up your RSS reader with lots of websites you will certainly enjoy, recommended to you by similarity algorithms. Smart, ha? Inspired Magazine made a research and presents five amazing services that do just one thing – get you similar websites based on your preferences! Web inSuggest * the Inspired pick Material Selection: Know The Difference Between 304 & J4 A BETTER PROPOSITION: Contrary to the popular belief that 304 grade is better than J4 grade due to addition of Nickle, it is the addition of hardness which makes J4 grade more” scratch resistant and durable”. The main difference between J4 & 304 is the difference in their chemistries, especially the percentage of Ni. 304 contains a minimum of 8% Ni and J4 has a minimum of only 1% Ni. The chromium content is also slightly lower, but as seen from the PRE, this is compensated to a large extent by increased nitrogen. Ni content in stainless steel is one of the most frequently discussed aspects when one talks of stainless steel. It is commonly believed that the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is from Ni and higher Ni content means better corrosion resistance.

Piano Lessons - Index Welcome to We deliver unique online video piano lessons created by Dan Delaney, a well-known Jazz musician. Our course work is divided into months, with lessons in 8 different tracks every month. Each month comes with sheet music and 6 minutes of video instruction for each track. This totals almost an hour of video instruction and 20 pages of written instruction and sheet music every month that unlock Dan's piano methods. Our videos are instrumental in using our curriculum.

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