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Calendar. Unhinge the universe. For the summer project, our brief instructed us to choose someone from the animation industry who had a significant impact/ inspired us.

Unhinge the universe

Due to my love of his drawing style and character designs, I chose Nicolas Marlet. Marlet became really well known after he worked on Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon. His earlier works like Prince of Egypt don’t show his style as well as his later works. Multiple artists took passes at Po, offering various designs to anthropomorphise the film’s titular panda. Marlet’s approach broke from the assumption that animals needed to look human in order to practice kung fu. Dreamworks production designer Raymond Zibach says “Some of the rules we followed were actually his, like we don’t stick necks straight up out of torsos and then put animal heads on the top or it just looks like a guy in a costume. Appealing characters, strong shapes, charming expressions, winning poses. Inicio - CAFEQUIPOS. Los 10 post-it más originales y creativos. 11 Memorable Viral Facebook Posts (And Why They Worked) New HR-V. 40 Free Branding & Identity Mockup Templates to Download.

This roundup of 40 free branding and corporate visual identity mockup templates will add a whole new level of professionalism when presenting design work to clients.

40 Free Branding & Identity Mockup Templates to Download

Note: Click on the preview image of the mockup template you’re interested in to go to its download page. Related Content Author: Ashlee Harrell Ashlee is a design fanatic and the creator of Vector Chameleon - a design resource site that aims to help designers of all levels with amazing, exclusive, handcrafted resources. Motorvision.

Ya se admiten pedidos de este SUV compacto de Honda que ahora se regenera y recupera la denominación de origen, aunque su diseño y su concepto tienen poco que ver con su predecesor porque ahora tiene una atractiva línea coupé, con cinco puertas y un aire más juvenil y dinámico.


Aunque oficialmente no estará a la venta hasta Septiembre, el concesionario Honda Valdemotor dispondrá en exclusiva durante la 59ª edición de la Feria Internacional de Muestras de Gijón, en Asturias, que se celebra del 1 al 16 de Agosto, de la unidad que estuvo en los Salones Internacionales del Automóvil de Ginebra y de Barcelona, y los precios de los nuevos HR-V, que ya se ofertarán en la Feria, parten de los 19.200 euros, incluido un descuento inicial promocional de 2.000 euros.

Su línea coupé, además de mostrarnos un aspecto moderno y deportivo, con un alto rendimiento aerodinámico y un gran trabajo en el aislamiento acústico, también refleja un aspecto robusto y sólido. Honda. Nos mueve una constante pasión por desarrollar autos que brinden mejores sensaciones dinámicas, regidas por la precisión y la seguridad.


IE8 en lager niet ondersteund. 4 RAZONES PARA UTILIZAR SNAPCHAT EN TU EMPRESA - MERCADO NEGRO. Una de las redes sociales que se ha convertido en el preferido por los usuarios es Snapchat, una investigación de Findasense en seis países de la región reveló que el público adolescente se ha convertido en uno de los más complejos y codiciados por las marcas.


Este mismo estudio señaló que en el Perú, los teens son los que más utilizan Snapchat, esto se debería a que los jóvenes valoran la sensación de privacidad que les brinda el hecho que los mensajes se autodestruyan, les gusta poder controlar a quiénes llega su contenido. Esta famosa red social cuenta con más de 100 millones de usuarios activos al día a nivel global, el 65% de ellos contribuyen con contenido que podría servirle a las empresas para conocer a sus consumidores. Discover FitStar - Inspiring people to live healthier lives. 10 Agencias de Marketing Digital mejor posicionadas en Perú. Web Designers: Roll up Your Sleeves and Sketch! - Envato Tuts+ Web Design Article. Give your tablet pro graphics skills with new productivity app.

Working on a new Illustrator tutorial but your equipment slowing you down?

Give your tablet pro graphics skills with new productivity app

For any artist or designer who wants to upgrade an old tablet to something that more resembles a pro graphics tablet, Tablet PC Mouse is a no-brainer; it massively enhances performance by adding any number of custom on-screen buttons, enabling you to quickly and easily switch between tools without having to plug a keyboard and mouse into your tablet. Since we first looked at it a few months ago it's had a number of improvements; it's now out of beta and available to buy on the Windows Store, and it has a new name: Tablet Pro. It's the perfect way to turn your Surface Pro into a fully-featured graphics tablet, complete with a virtual mouse and gesture commands, a zoom desktop feature and simultaneous pen and touch functionality.

Tablet Pro now works seamlessly with Maya and Zbrush, allowing 3D artists to get in on the action just as easily as 2D artists. Subscription offer. 40 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you. The internet is full of thousands and thousands of awe-inspiring creative resumes and design portfolios.

40 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you

To stand out in this tough market, it's important to make your online portfolio as impressive as you can. It's not just the examples of work that need to blow away your potential clients (although they do help) it's the way they're presented. You don't have to be a superstar creative director or web designer; a touch of creativity and innovative thinking will get you a long way.

And there are plenty of free online tools, such as Behance, to help you build a portfolio without any coding knowledge. 10 Exceptional Promotion Design Projects. The HOW Promotion Design Awards is the only award that specifically recognizes outstanding promotion design work.

10 Exceptional Promotion Design Projects

Submit your designs here! Over the years of HOW’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards, we have seen some brilliant and stunning work. The multitude of talent represented in the competition is mind-boggling, and we are proud to showcase the winning designs. 10 Free Professional HTML & CSS CV/Resume Templates. There are quite literally hundreds upon hundreds of free CV or resume templates readily available to download online, in every conceivable format and covering every possible profession.

10 Free Professional HTML & CSS CV/Resume Templates

Those templates are OK, they are professional enough, but there are two things that they lack: originality and creativity. All of the HTML and CSS resume templates below look fantastic as is, but with a little bit of creative CSS styling, you will be able to design something truly unique and personal that will present your work and education history to your future employers in a manner that is not only professional but, more importantly, will allow your creative flair to shine through. 20 LIBROS PARA DISEÑADORES QUE NO DEBES DEJAR DE LEER - MERCADO NEGRO. Como parte del aprendizaje, los libros nos llevan a complementar las creaciones gráficas, desde libros sobre tipografía hasta de fotografía, los diseñadores gráficos deben tener todos los principios y conceptos del diseño para incorporarlo en sus creaciones, es por ello que te presentamos 20 libros totalmente gratuitos y en español para diseñadores.


Clip-5528828-stock-footage-six-months-old-panda-she-was-born-in-chimelong-panda-center-one-of-the-the-best-panda-zoos-in-the. Español. Making social simple - Thunderpenny. ArtStation. Vectores exclusivos de Freepik. 50+ fresh resources for designers, January 2016. Howdy friends! We’re back again with another roundup of some of the best freebies available for designers and developers. To help you through the post-Christmas blues and kick off 2016 in style we’ve packed this edition with flat, solid, and line icons; brushes and patterns for Photoshop; templates; UI kits; WordPress themes; fonts; snippets; dev tools; design ideas; and lots more. Paginas Web Tijuana. Tríptico. Más de 100 Mock Ups de Bolsas, Flyers, Trípticos, Libros, CD. Gratisography: Free high-resolution photos.

Japan Autos. Facebook Ad Examples - Thousands of Real Ads with 1 click. Hosting Perú - Alojamiento Web - Dominios. The best icons resources — Muzli -Design Inspiration. Super Creative Coffee Cup Moods. By paul0v2 Thu, 01/14/2016 - 06:29 What if you could customize the mood of your coffee cup. Well, Backbone Branding design studio from Armenia did just that. They created a way super creative way to customize your coffee cup, check it out! For more from Backbone Branding visit and The Challenge Above the main identity of the Gawatt take-out coffee-shop, we had a task of creating a limited series of souvenir cups. The Solution We came up with an idea of cups with altering emotions. About the author of this post.

Best Websites Examples for your Inspiration. Splendid Websites that Greet Users with Hello Taglines, slogans and other welcome messages are one of the most common instruments of verbal communication with users in website design. They untiringly mark front pages and set... Incredible Space-Themed Website Designs Planets, asteroids, stars, galaxies, black holes, satellites, aliens, rockets, astronauts, moons: We begin our incredible space odyssey. Let’s take off the ground and... Best Website Designs of 2015 As we wave goodbye to 2015, it’s a good time to look back on some of the great design this year has had to offer.

The Grey Tales. DIY Low Poly Animal Masks for Halloween by Wintercroft. Halloween is just around the corner. It would be appropriate to have some kind of post, that relates to the greatest holiday of them all. At first, I thought I should do a pumpkin carving kind of post. But I couldn’t find anything good enough, so I decided to give that one up. Instead, I thought I might write about something more practical. Something that can help people, and make them look super cool, with a unique costume. Steve and Marianne Wintercroft are a married couple from the UK. Not long after, The Wintercrofts opened their own, very successful Etsy page. The Wintercrofts supply their easy to make, DIY animal masks templates with detailed instructions, that can be Digital purchased and instantly downloaded. 20+ Best Restaurant Mockup PSD Templates - Web Resources Free.

An ultimate collection of 20+ Best Restaurant Mockup PSD Templates designs. This collection of Restaurant design mockup PSD templates are useful for various kinds of Restaurant graphic designing. Mockups are typically designed models to build up any sort of design before the final creation. There are a lot of Free and paid mockup design Templates are accessible on the web that we can utilize them for introducing designs in a powerful and exceptional way.Every designer like to present the designs in its natural environment and Most of the times we might want to use photorealistic mockup design templates to achieve the best result. I think mockup templates are available for most of the creative designs, it can be a logo design, branding design, web design or a product label.

Devices — Facebook Design Resources. Slack. Animated posters bring iconic Swiss design to life. Detroit-based interactive designer Jon Yablonski has brought eight classic Swiss-style posters to life in an animated side-project, Swiss in CSS. Created in homage to the designers who pioneered the influential International Typographic Style, Swiss in CSS adds a new dimension to each iconic poster by animating key design elements. "I was seeking an opportunity to flex my front-end development skills outside of the constraints of a client project, specially in regards to CSS animations and JavaScript without leaning on libraries," explains Yablonski, who works by day as a senior design lead at digital company Vectorform.

Josef Müller-Brockman's Zürich Tonhalle / 1955 poster is the first that Jon Yablonski recreated in the series The most challenging part of the Swiss in CSS project involved figuring out how to structure the more complex posters and then sync the animations. In particular, he says, the CBC Annual Report poster proved problematic because there were so many layers. In a garage « Free wallpapers 1920x1200 download desktop pictures HD. Japan Autos. Japan Autos. Santa appreciated my behavior this year. Did you eat cake after 6:00pm? Did you exercise every morning? Did you use a website promising promiscuous affairs? Did you remember your friends’ birthdays? Did you write your passwords down on a postit note? Free Graphic Design Resources. Mobile UI Design for Beginners - Envato Tuts+ Course. Mobile Device Mockup Templates for Web & UI Designers. Realistic device photos can show off a mobile app while still under development or just after release.

These photos are perfect for marketing and for demonstrating how an application would function on a real device. Since it’s not always possible to move an app onto a real device for testing, the alternative is to use digital device mockups. These often come in the form of PSDs with smart objects for replacing the screen display with an app UI screenshot. This post covers a handful of mobile device mockups for smartphones and tablet devices. You’ll find all the best resources to style and showcase your latest app design projects. Apple iPhone Not much needs to be said about the iPhone. And now you can use these iPhone device mockups to improve your own marketing skills. 11 Web Design Trends for 2016.

Are you ready for 2016? Let’s bring on the web design trends. The new year will come with plenty of new techniques and trends, but the dominant theme is likely to be a continuation of things we have started to see at the end of 2015. More video, vertical patterns, Material Design-inspired interfaces and slide-style sites will grow in popularity. And it’s not hard for you to make the most of these concepts. Brusher Free Font. Search results helvetica neue. Fabricator - Build your UI toolkit. Custom T-Shirts - Design Your Own T-Shirts Online - Free Shipping! The Top UX Predictions for 2016. It’s that time of year again, where we present our annual UX predictions for the coming year. Will there be an increased focus on mobile? Will experiences be more tailored to the individual user?

May The Force Be With You GIF. Tubik Studio 2015. Year in Review. Routes iOS UI Kit Screens - Designmodo Market. Halo 5: Guardians Visualizer. Incredible Space-Themed Website Designs. Royalty Free Music - Sound Effects - Stock Audio. Can a company logo design impact on a business success? - Freepik Blog. Social.svg.min. » A Responsive Guide to Type Sizing Cloud Four Blog. Kill’em ​All Web Design Trends that Should Die in 2016. The Best of 2015 at Speckyboy. Spafax » Content on the Go.

Behance. אדובי - כל קיצורי הדרך - קריאייטיבלוג. Security Check Required. Muzli choices in the design world for 2015 — Muzli -Design Inspiration. 30 Modern Packaging Design Examples For Inspiration. 30 Modern Packaging Design Examples For Inspiration. Jude Bautista Gallery. Animated Storytelling: Creating Animations & Motion Graphics. Surf Anonymously & Maintain Privacy. Download free Segoe UI Semilight font, segoeuisl.ttf, Segoe UI Semilight Regular free for Windows. Incredible Space-Themed Website Designs. Mujer no tenía dinero para los regalos de Navidad de su hijo y decidió ser actriz porno. Siete actrices del cine para adultos que son más inteligentes que tú (VIDEO) 15 APIs developers need to know. Test de Personalidad Gratis. 10 Photos Of Carrie Fisher Promoting “Return Of The Jedi” At A Rolling Stone Magazine Beach Shoot, 1983.

Olinda Castañeda hizo topless y se convirtió en una sexy mamanoela [FOTOS] Vector Logos Free Download - כרטיסי הביקור הקריאייטיבים ביותר לשנת 2015 - קריאייטיבלוג. Lightsaber Escape. Seasonal Icons: Winter Inspiration and Free Packages. Seasonal Icons: Winter Inspiration and Free Packages. Search Marketing Archive - AdsUpNow. 16 Web & Graphic Design Trends To Watch In 2016. News for Designers (314) - 50 CSS Tools, Javascript Charts, Flexbox Polyfill, Coding Etiquette. Star Wars - CSS Animation. Man At The Window. iPhone 6s Psd Rose Gold Mockup. Unheap - A tidy Repository of jQuery Plugins & JavaScripts. Spotify Star Wars. Untitled.